1. Not really, a person doesn’t really wear their old jersey around like that

  2. I think he’s saying the alumnus sent it to coach Washijo

  3. Play beach and you’ll be in the youngest 1/4 of players lol

  4. Britain has a national volleyball team, but it is not very good. Because the 2012 Olympics were held in London, the host country gets an automatic spot, so the team was present. Outside of that, they rarely qualify for events and so are not usually seen

  5. MY MAN I RESPECT YOU. You aren’t sinking as low as you could, swinging as far back as you could, and both those things will affect consistency and explosiveness. But by god there ain’t nothing wrong with just tossin that thing up and COMPLETELY BOMBING IT OVER

  6. It’s a good dive, but you shouldn’t need it. Everyone is standing completely upright, then getting into a loaded position, then moving. Transitioning between the first two states wastes a second. That second is a solid 1-2m of coverage a lot of people seem okay with giving up. Be in a loaded neutral state if there’s even the chance of a ball going into an area you can reach. I think you could’ve got a very controlled touch on that ball

  7. When should I look at the ball, do I glance at the pass look where I want to set then the ball then set or is it any different.

  8. Never look where you’re going to set it. If you can, look at the other set of the net to look at the positioning of the blockers. But it’s just a net in a rectangle. You should just have a sense of space in terms of where you are and where the net is relative to you. Then just put the ball where you want relative to the net.

  9. Thanks I appreciate it, what drills can I do to improve this awareness? Or is it something I'll naturally gain when I play more and more volleyball

  10. You’ll get a sense of it as you play as well, but you can definitely get reps for it. I like to throw balls into the ground so that they’d land all over the court, and run to get my feet under the ball and set to a position on the net. Alternatively, you can toss a really high ball somewhere random on the court, get under it to pass it with a platform straight up, and then set it like before. If you play beach, you’ll learn it really quick too, and I find looking for on-2 bump attacks helps with knowing exactly where I am on the net

  11. Hoshiumi is the best answer no matter what, but if you could have him play oppo it would be the best imo

  12. He's a great utility attacker, so you definitely want him as outside or opposite - he can make a point happen with a high, out of system toss, so put him on a pin and he can bail you out. If you put him as outside, he would probably replace Tanaka. While he's better than Tanaka at any individual skill, you're just getting slight upgrades at everything. It's as if Tanaka just got a big level up.

  13. The entire Nekoma team sounds like the same 40 year old man talking 😭

  14. Youre hitting behind you, so your legs are staying back so you can catch yourself after you’re off balance from hitting like that. Hit in front and you’ll be able to kick forward more

  15. I am loving it so far, seems like Two of the sisters met eachother, so I'm excited to see their interaction and how they interact with eachother( with Asa being confiused on what the heck is happenin lol) But seeing this, i definitely think Nayuta is most definitely gonna play a big role in part 2.

  16. I thought the new horseman was for sure death, considering she reversed Yuko’s death

  17. Your leg kick up is kinda weird. I feel like it’s more natural to have my legs kicked forward when I’m contacting the ball so that I can generate power through my whole body, but your legs are up and your knees are scrunched forward when you’re contacting. I think it’s because you’re deliberately kicking your legs up, because your jump doesn’t seem explosive enough for that to happen naturally, so I’d say firstly you’re better off not kicking your legs… it does make your jump look higher though

  18. It’s better than nothing, but it’s pretty disproportionately tailored for shoulders and neck. I personally think having a developed chest and back help spread the load you’re putting on the volleyball heavy muscles, so I’d mix in a lot of bench, pull downs, and different rows

  19. Do you understand the words that are comin out of my mouth

  20. I train with men all the time, I was more constant when I was in college. So a "male" playing with "women" is not something to worry about in any way.

  21. “In any way” is a bit questionable. 70mph with the steepness you can get from a womens net is pretty dangerous. Pretty casual players can wail a ball straight down on someone, and that’s pretty hard to react to. A good, male-physicality player I would give pause about

  22. This specific rule is heavily reliant on local preference. Old school guys still don’t even like clean, squared attacks, new school guys argue that as long as it’s clean, it’s exactly as you said, and there’s guys who think everything under the sun in between. It’s something I always get clarified at the beginning of the tournament by the organizer, or have a brief conversation with the refs before the game. That, and also whether a slightly spinny set that gets out of the hands fast counts as a double.

  23. I’d donate $50 towards S5 instead of pirating the 2 movies like I’m now planning if that was an option

  24. Really hard to look for areas of improvement from a highlight reel. We don’t improve from when we’re playing well, we improve from when we’re playing poorly. The goal is not to take when you win and win harder, the goal is to take when you lose and win.

  25. They're all essentially complicit at this point when they're failing to call out the fascist tendencies of those influencing the party's current direction. Excluding Liz Cheney, maybe, and look what happened to her. Those that do try to distance themselves still cling to empty platitudes like the party of values. What values, exactly? They have no platform anymore other than some variation of Let's Go Brandon.

  26. Saying everyone in one party is complicit in the worst of it serves to divide imo. There’s plenty who are ignorant, or deeply stubborn, or maybe just overvalue certain things in conservatism. To say those people are complicit is a little too much “you’re either with me or against me” to develop dialogue, no?

  27. You are used to seeing dishes neatly composed as individual scoops of food. Human aesthetic is pretty consistent, in my opinion. Do you ever see a painting where it has a green corner, a red corner, and a yellow corner? A pleasing painting is the same as a pleasing dish. Mostly negative space, and then colors, contrast, and shapes that compose an overall visually interesting thing. For something like this, I would put the big rib in the middle, and get creative with how you want to decorate with the other things around it. Maybe 2 crushed potatoes nestled slightly under at an offset, brussels around one half, etc. Also you'll learn different elements tend to contribute different things for you to put together a more well-composed plate. As in, a glossy sauce, some micro greens, more interesting, distinct shapes. Roast veggies look nice, but putting 3 together in the same plate is hard to do, even if they are pretty veggies in and of themselves

  28. To add to him being a monster, we get the implication that that third image was a result of him telling Lev and Yamamoto to leave that seam slightly open, taking advantage of Hinata being pretty good at making those kinds of hits, which I’m pretty sure is the only case in the series of a libero commanding the block to manipulate a hitter like that.

  29. Was that what was implied? Didn’t Kageyama say “did he funnel us there? No, he made us do the work for him” to say that it wasn’t the case?

  30. Karasuno barely stopped Nekoma’s attacks anyway. It was more about whether the Nekoma defense was stifling the Karasuno attack enough. Yamamoto is an important part of Nekoma defense. I’m not sure they’re that much stronger with Aran, and certainly not in the part that matters vs Karasuno

  31. How old are you? I’m starting to get the same issues at 27. Surprised it’s not muscular soreness or joint problems, it’s just my feet and toes hurt

  32. You don’t have a ball and you’re considering dropping out of a class for volleyball? You don’t need to make hard and fast decisions, I guarantee your time commitments aren’t so airtight that you can’t pursue both to a meaningful degree

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