Christian preacher says all gay people “should be lined up against a wall and shot in the back of the head”

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  1. Dry ice is CO2 - frozen solid. Rather than using compressed gas, this refill method just puts solid frozen CO2 into the tanks, re-seals the tanks, and then waits for the solid to melt.

  2. Yes, I’m aware it’s frozen co2, just don’t see how you get something frozen into the tank. I didn’t know about that method.

  3. Anything is possible with science, it's always just a matter of time and sometimes luck.

  4. Well, for one of us to get in on it, yeah.

  5. I mean research money to create the treatments.

  6. Dr. Graham Conway is one of my sources. Feel free to look him and hes a pro electric guy btw, enjoy.

  7. It's entertaining watching you do your mental gymnastics, with the equivalent of "Do your own research" as your answer.

  8. I don’t remember but it was the mid point. I had high estrogen levels at that point as well, it was told due to alcohol consumption which I am not addicted to

  9. Yeah, bet you need TRT and aromatase inhibitor.

  10. I really don’t want to do that, no way out for me other than drugs? I have given up alcohol and I can try and have a nutritious meal

  11. Well, I mean, you can call testosterone a drug, but it’s a hormone your body needs… But trimming body fat down to a reasonable level, exercising and good nutrition/ supplements go a long way.

  12. Texas would retain some nukes? How so? They belong to and are completely controlled by the federal government. Only through hostile action could they retain anything.

  13. In a democracy, the government is also the people. You know, government of the people, by the people, for the people?

  14. Michelle Obama once suggested healthy school lunches. Complete control!

  15. yes exactly, we have become capex disciplined since 2014. 2020 hit oil and gas hard and then laid off even more, shut in even more. Biden seems to think there's faucet you can turn on and off. O&G companies are not going to increase capex until they are confident in the govt. When you have a president who is ESG focused and bashing/calling out energy companies, why would you risk increasing your spending. Not happening. Glad Exxon wrote back to him.

  16. We need to just get off oil. Quit the effing delays, get off oil. Build more nuke plants, solar, wind & geothermal. Stop this stupid roller coaster once and for all.

  17. Update: Turns out I went septic, and into atrial afibrilation. Just got out of the hospital tonight; I had gone to the urgent care center Saturday, pulse was 158; She said I had viral syndrome, so I didn’t go to the hospital. She almost killed me, woke up early Monday and knew something absolutely wasn’t right. Wife took me to the ER, pulse very high, bp 34/25 (not a typo). That night I apparently also went into Kidney failure, I’m just very lucky we had a competent ER staff. So disappointed with the urgent care. :( Lucky there’s no permanent damage, on a ton of meds and possibly blood thinners for life.

  18. So I went to the ER Monday morning. Turns out I was in Afib, arrived with a BP of 35/24, about 150 pulse. They waited no time treating me, still here. Apparently it was initiated by some kind of bacterial infection; so they have been filling me up with IV drugs and antibiotics. I guess the plan is to knock out the infection, find oral meds to replace IV meds Then send me home and follow up, but not sure.

  19. Can you better describe the exact pains, where you're feeling them, and at what level for each spot?

  20. Body aches and pain that are typical with a fever. Extreme fatigue, heart rate variability.

  21. I thought things like steak were reserved for a couple day after?

  22. Time to break your fast, get some hot broth/light soup in you, and as others said, don't take that much ibuprofen. It's OK to want to persevere, but it's not smart to be stubborn when your body needs energy and care.

  23. It broke overnight. Going to keep going, feel ok.

  24. Ya want to sleep with my wife as well?!? No. I do not other than what’s in my head.

  25. Lots of water, maybe get some snake juice electrolyte mix; I don’t know why, maybe it’s the electrolytes but this time around I’m getting far less dizziness and hunger. Also, have something to occupy every waking minute; I started a new game of Skyrim, it helps.

  26. As much as Bernie is warning them, I still think Dems will take a dive in November and blame it on the "hippies". Democrats are dumb, but they're not so dumb they'd lose majorities in Congress if they really wanted to keep them. They don't want majorities right now. The big money is in taking a dive to raise enough cash to keep the WH.

  27. I don’t think it’s so much dumb as they are in corporate pockets. Perhaps not to the level of Republicans, but still there.

  28. And people like this are gaining power throughout the country…

  29. Unions made sense in a time when everyone worked for the only company in town for 40 years and rarely moved from their home town.

  30. Give me a break. We need unions now more than ever.

  31. Yeah that’s what I was going to say. People forget that, while the govt is far from perfect or altruistic, these regulations and others were put in place for a reason. We tried the whole, „let corporations self-regulate“ thing. Love canal, anyone?

  32. Yeah, I can see if we let the airlines completely self regulate, for one of thousands of examples. Maintenance? Too expensive. Repairs? Only when absolutely necessary.

  33. Hell even the refs already in place are Essentially set by airlines. Just in 2020 we had that max-8 catastrophe. And nothing meaningful has really come out of it.

  34. Of course, the most important thing is voting in the right people. Those who don't believe in Government will not put competent people and good safeguards against corruption in place.

  35. Mehh.. theres a lot of growth hormones being released during a water fast.. so

  36. Sure, while that may be true, there's not much protein for it to work with. From what I've read, it's mostly acting to spare protein, so the body uses fat first.

  37. Calorie deficit doesn’t matter. I made an elaborate two part post about this. Also evidence of increased levels of things like growth hormones in a calorie deficit so I don’t think it matters. But a lot of bro science might tell you otherwise. And for the love of God don’t do Angion in a calorie deficit. Your dick will explode.

  38. Well, it is rather extreme calorie deficit. I'm eight days in, supplementing with electrolytes of course. Hoping for 21 to get some of that deep healing (I'm 61, lots of freaking useless pain I could do without).

  39. Voodoo is an American religion. Mix of vodun and Christianity.

  40. Not very bright, are you? I see, because it's Africa there absolutely must be some kind of bigotry "or something maliscious" in my comments?

  41. Agreed. I’m just wondering why it’s more important on TRT than not.

  42. Since injectables bypass the liver, it won’t make it worse.

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