undoubtedly the best photo I took at my sister's wedding

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13 states in the US require that women seeking an abortion attend at least two counseling sessions and wait 24–48 hours before completing the abortion. The requirement, which is unnecessary from a medical standpoint and increases the cost of an abortion, led to a 17% decline in abortion rates.

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WCGW rollerblading

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  1. Well when a majority of the high paying jobs in the area require MD or PhD after your name a majority of the people are going to struggle.

  2. Need to find a gym that offers MMA. Yeah you're training multiple martial arts, but they aren't going to be the best to train you as a complete MMA fighter and they'd have to have other guys interested to spar and drill with you with MMA rules.

  3. Beer, weed, and body odor. Anything else is just conjecture.

  4. They should try not to wear bright green vests with their company on them if they're trying for undercover. A firm pressed tie die is better than this.

  5. Never trust a person in a clean, pressed, dead shirt.

  6. Thanks for your comment! I have found the German equivalent and will pick some up for them in the morning. He really is such a darling!

  7. Damn y'all don't have 24/7 places? I need to move there, lol. One thing about covid I enjoyed was how quiet it'd get. Reminded me of Sundays growing up because most things were closed, now most things are opened all day and night. I'd say get it to him as quick as possible or take him to a vet. It can help prevent things like swelling airways and what not that these guys can't handle. If he seems fine otherwise maybe wait it out, I'd mostly pay attention to mood and breathing. My dog has had some stings where he'd get blotchy and swollen around the area of the sting, and was fine. Just walked with a big lip and a club foot a few times.

  8. & If you like calm and quiet Sundays, Germany may be the place for you! I am not originally from here so it was initially an adjustment but it is actually quite nice to have a day of peace and rest. 💖

  9. Lol, I enjoyed when everyone was forced to spend the day with friends or family because most things were closed.

  10. Going to take a guess and say it's probably spoiled.

  11. The face of a 20 year old told they can't have any alcohol....

  12. Lol, but you don't understand how much more fun he'd be with the kids doing kid activities.

  13. Well that also sounds like a lot of fun if you're stoned outta your mind. Was he just like one of the kiddos?

  14. Run a manufacturing company in an industry where people lose finger's limb's or lives frequently.

  15. Bahaha so you said it yourself, they really offered nothing. They weren't getting into Nato before, there wasn't even a vote planned. They've been the most corrupt European nation for how many years? You really think negotiations are a return to how it was before you invaded? If that's what you think this is over you clearly haven't been following along 🤣. Clown world we live, Jesus Christ.

  16. Ukraine promised not remain ldnr (its own land by the way) and Crimea by force, and not to join nato or any other millitary alliance, that mainly what russia wanted. But russia wanted to install its puppet there and... well reasons of invasions that given by russia are changing from week to week, so i don't remember what else they wanted back then

  17. Also not even close to what Russia wanted, but good try,. continue to listen to the mainstream media instead of what actual Russians are saying, but then again I'm sure you haven't even searched for what Russians are actually saying other than what's been supplied to you on western media outlets 🤣. What a clown.

  18. What kind of used ya looking for? Newer with a good warranty? Drivers village or any other certified Used car dealer. Just something to get ya from point A to point B? There's a bunch of them around a quick Google search will find for ya.

  19. kind of something i can keep for awhile that’ll get me for a to b. Something not too hard to keep up with.

  20. Oh that'll depend on what you're willing to pay/trade in. I'd just Google used car dealers in the area and find one with good Google and Yelp reviews.

  21. Wait next video man will have an eye patch and a hook for a hand.

  22. I'd like to know as well. Nothing a billionaire can do in office would make him more money than what he's already doing. Unless he passed some massive legislation that really helped one of his business sectors, I don't see how he gained a net positive from being president, if anything he lost possible business deals and partnerships. You think it's better to have the Clintons as enemies or friends showing up to your wedding?

  23. Relying on Russian oil comes to mind, lol. What are they laying a litre these days?

  24. You mean kind of like if I go out drinking it's a bad idea for me to stick my.... Keys in the ignition???

  25. Wait people still rollerblade?

  26. Seems like alot, but they said 11 people, so for me that adds up, probably didn't get pics of all the food.. I hope?

  27. Unless there were beers involved, I've never been to a place I could eat $50 worth of BBQ. I can feed a family of 4 for under $50 at our local spot....

  28. No. 100% French Bulldog. Her ears never came up.

  29. Almost makes him even better!

  30. Lol, probably followed my great great whatever grandfather Marshall Ney, into battle. Didn't go well for them and he lost em the war, but hey not many others can say they are a descendant of a Marshall of France....

  31. Shouldn't it go from raw to cooked? How'd you do the reverse? I need that grill!

  32. This has had 6 days of refrigerated dry brine (nitrate salt and about 20 herbs) 36 hours of refrigerated drying after washing the raw porkbellies. Then about 6 hours of indirect smoking at 110C with cherry and plum wood to an internal of 70C. Though you could eat it straight away i treat it as a half product so it always gets fried if that answers your question.

  33. It was a joke mate! Looks amazing and now sounds even better!

  34. You know what toilets are when tripping.???

  35. I'm glad today as an Native American I can wear my hair long and be proud and not have anybody force me to to bow down to their religion or their way of life. I feel for my all my native brothers and sisters for all the hardships.I feel so much anger, and sadness, for the ones that were murdered ,and tortured,abused and were forced to assimilate in these so called religious schools and missions that they were mistreated in the name of god. I feel for all my brother and sisters that still suffer today with alcoholism,with no jobs,no running water and living on the rez and are forgotten about.

  36. What about the other native tribes that were doing the exact same thing if not worse at similar periods in time???

  37. I know my dad has to take his Cadillac in just to change the headlights, lol. Also 1 child you don't need much different than what you already have. Most of my friends waited until 2-3 kiddos before they made the move to a larger SUV or Minivan. Even with 1 kiddo, wouldn't need much more than a sedan at least until they get older and have friends and they all want rides place. As long as you can get your stroller and basic needs in and out quickly and easily, continue to stack!

  38. Possibly CoreLife Eatery? They have a few locations around Syracuse, all really good.

  39. Beat me to it🤣. I didn't know they liked Southern Fried Christian Chicken.

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