1. Yea it's funny to say Keffals, but she ain't writing transphobic books or going on Dr.Phil spouting hate

  2. Vote for the representatives that want to strengthen and uphold our democracy

  3. Not really, you come onto my property and refuse to leave after I ask you, bet your ass I will defend myself, no sane person just trespasses and refuses to leave for no reason. And SPD sure won't be quick to help resolve the situation either

  4. Oh gotchya, when did he make that promise again? Wasn't it before Dec 2007? So your argument is that when Obama took office after the economy has been crashing for almost a year he should've still focused on abortion rather than recovering the economy? Where there even enough pro-choice Dems in Congress during his majority? 🤔

  5. People blame inflation and gas prices on him, our education system sucks and people refuse to understand the boring reality and opt for the sensational media drama instead

  6. No he is absolutely responsible for gas prices and atleast partially for the inflation getting so bad

  7. Nice try Snowcone, yes we love your descriptions, keep up the good work bud 👍

  8. She tweeted out support for the Roe repeal. That's not how you get dem support.

  9. Amid all the spam, is that website suggesting he was murdered?

  10. TL:DR "The Washington Post reports that Stenger “died of natural causes.” "sources claim Stenger was fighting cancer"

  11. 4 million more people voted for Hillary in the primaries over Bernie, you all need to understand that and get over it please

  12. "Bernie supporters who overwhelmingly voted Hillary" how old were you in 2016?? This is delusional

  13. Fuck yea! Y'all wanna meet up at a bar somewhere??

  14. VOTING THIRD PARTY IS WHAT COST US THE 2016 ELECTION AND IS THE REASON WE ARE IN THE SITUATION TODAY, I get that it's frustrating, but our government is unfortunately strictly bipartisan, DEMAND CHANGE THROUGH THE DEMOCRATS.

  15. Apathetic Americans who didn't vote got us in this situation btw, I know it's easier to point and blame a Boogeyman for all your problems on Reddit but please understand that

  16. True, but up till recently the filibuster as very rarely used and didn't mean much, generally just when it came to civil rights. I don't think it's the boogeyman you think it is.

  17. I don't think the filibuster is a Boogeyman, I think it's good actually that if our Congress can't agree on a vote or something that they are then forced to debate and discuss the issues in order to come to an agreement. But it's def been abused just for obstruction in order to limit progress, vote those losers out of office

  18. "My understanding right now is that [the nomination] has not been submitted"

  19. 100% honestly Lazlo reminds me a lot of my dad but just not a Trump loving Republican version lol especially me being so far in the closet growing up in Kansas it was nice to hear words of guidance and support on the radio everyday after school

  20. Hey guys if you're depressed, just be alone 🤗 problem solved

  21. "EHHHHH EY OH EY OH EHHHHHH EH OH EY OH" or whatever that stupid Bastille song was

  22. "not good enough" isn't an argument either

  23. "not good enough" is a "political statement" got it

  24. I agree! Let's vote some fucking Republicans out of Congress then

  25. They’ve been on the line in every election. Now people are just starting to care after they’re already gone.

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