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  1. Patamon, Veemon and Gabumon.

  2. Why is RLC on the field? He shouldn't even be on the bench.

  3. Has looked better than Reece this game in RWB

  4. Reece has been pretty bad all game but I don't think RLC is the solution to Chelsea's problems. Been there, done that, he's not good enough, based on what I've seen.

  5. Picross (puzzle), Littlewood (life sim/farming/mining/town building, no combat), Coromon (Pokemon-like/turn based combat).

  6. Littlewood, Coromon, Streets of Rogue, Ring of Pain are some of my favorites indies around that budget. I also recommend checking Deku deals.

  7. I got one sloth gem and two lazy gems, and I'm just before the third titan. Where are you at? Would love to get that second sloth gem.

  8. Its obtainable before the first titan, you need to inspect the eastern sandcastle on Donar Island

  9. Tysm! Will look there next time I play.

  10. If you feel like trying an alternative to those I recommend Littlewood or Coromon. Another good option could be something like Dicey Dungeons or Slay the Spire. Last year I also played a lot of Streets of Rogue while watching sports. More recently I've been alternating between Mario Strikers, Picross and Coromon.

  11. I'd love a digital version of the TCG, like the old school Yugioh games.

  12. Oh yeah. This and Cozy Grove are amazing for relaxation. The controls for this are super simple and you only use like 3 buttons. You arrange your cafe, keep up on stock and serve customers. You'll gain experience that can level you or your workers up once you unlock them as well as experience to level the cats up to meet the needs of your customers. Each customer brings in a different revenue type that you use to upgrade your cafe or buy ingredients and you can choose which customers come in at anytime. Also you scale your own difficulty by gaining relationships with the major npcs when you invite them to your cafe so if you want to take it slower don't invite them all the time

  13. Thanks! This is great info. Does the game have a set ending to the story or is it more open ended like Animal Crossing and you can sort of play forever?

  14. I haven't finished the story yet but it seems like it may be a set ending

  15. Thanks! I will likely wait for a sale as I got Coromon this week but it's definitely on my list now.

  16. I can recommend two indie games like those you mentioned that I loved too. Littlwood for something like Animal Crossing and Coromon for a cheaper but excellent Pokemon-like game.

  17. You could ask for a Mario game like Odyssey or 3d world, or one of the Pokemon games. There's also many good rpgs on the Switch but that's not my genre so I can only recommend Pokemon and Fire Emblem Three Houses. If you have friends to play with Mario Kart, Smash or the new Mario Party are good options too. Personally, my favorite and most played game is Animal Crossing.

  18. Acie. Used inner peace like 5 turns then lighting strike until he was dead. It was also holding a fruit to raise hp when it got low.

  19. I started this week and I've just been battling every trainer and grinding a bit on the wild patches closest to each titan since those are the higher level Coromon at the time.

  20. Congrats! I found a potent one today but still no perfects at all.

  21. I really wanted us to keep Ampadu. For me this one hurts more than the others.

  22. That Chelsea shirt!! Do you have a code?

  23. Picross, Murder by Numbers, Animal Crossing, Littlewood, Captain Toad, Phoenix Wright.

  24. 'The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic' by FT Lukens.

  25. Not sure your country or library situation but I read it on Hoopla.

  26. Shadowverse! Got it last fall and loved it.

  27. I bet a lot of folks are put off by the wrap-around school life sim. I know the demo changed my opinion that aspect. The card gameplay is great!

  28. I also started with the demo. Played it so much, even after reaching the end. Bought it as soon as there were no new battles to do and never looked back. One of my favorites on Switch and what I wish the new Yugioh games would be.

  29. How long did it take you to beat?

  30. Animal Crossing or Littlewood.

  31. You can save anywhere in fact you can save before every decision you make and reload if you like. I'm doing that on my second but I didn't on my first playthrough.

  32. Sounds great. I'll do that for my first playthrough.

  33. Took me about 21 hrs. Honestly could have cut off 3-4 just from getting um and doing laundry ect. I think less then 20 is going to be average

  34. Thanks! Do you happen to know if you can save anywhere and stop playing or is it necessary to wait for checkpoints/autosave?

  35. First gaming experience was my dad bringing me a transparent, purple Game Boy Color and Super Mario Bros Deluxe from a business trip to the US.

  36. I played the whole game on Switch and the only input problems I really had were with the keyboard for nicknames etc. I had to hold the button down on each key for about a second to get it to register the letters. Other than that I didn't have much issue I think...

  37. How long did it take you to beat the game?

  38. Well I did a lot of dawdling and perfect hunting so about 45 hours. I've seen less than 20 from some people!

  39. Yes. I beat the game and everything carries over. Even levels

  40. How long did it take you to beat the game? I've trouble focusing on completing long games so trying to decide if this one is for me. Also, do you know if you can save at any point or are there specific checkpoints? Thanks!

  41. I'd say around 14 hours but I took long breaks with the game on so

  42. Oh, I thought it would take much longer. This sounds perfect for me. Thank you!

  43. Trying to make this decision myself. I only have Switch but not sure if I want digital now or wait for physical so I really own it and maybe see if there's a sale in the meantime.

  44. If you use Raise gift cards you can get about 10-12% off the game going digital, I ended up getting the xbox digital one

  45. I have no idea what's Raise. Time to Google. Thanks!

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