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  1. Hard to tell scale but that pot seems way too small. Also don’t leave dead leaves in the pot. Seems over watered, not under… but hard to tell without more info

  2. Some? Find me ONE person who legitimately wants him to run again? I don’t know ANY.

  3. Yea. And??? There in lies the problem I guess. Obviously I’ll vote for him again if I have to but I think I’d have to be a real moron to want it…. ( to prefer it). The audacity it would take for Biden to think he actually deserves another shot would be an embarrassment to us all.

  4. Is Barney’s farm all you can get? I’ve grown Barney’s photos and autos and liked them. I know they’re reputable seeds and I’m not trying to talk shit in a Barney’s sub… but if you’re going to grow autos, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would choose anything other than Mephisto. They’re ions above the rest in the auto genetics.

  5. Way longer. There’s hardly any bud there yet.

  6. Yea watch a YouTube video. Looks like a nice press. Also I would definitely suggest “bottle tech” for flower. Always gives me a better return.

  7. Watergate does not bother me, Does your conscience bother you?

  8. Because it’s literally a story for 12 year olds, Chad.

  9. Please 👏🏼 Stop 👏🏼 Calling 👏🏼 Them 👏🏼 “Pro-Life” 👏🏼.

  10. Yea wait another 4 weeks to start them. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️.

  11. 15%? Not bad! Thats a 7:1 ratio right? wow from 37u?

  12. 15% sounds excellent for 37u bag. Idk how you could expect any more than that?

  13. I’m expressing amazement. That’s a really good yield ratio.

  14. Yea I know. Ha I was meaning to respond to OP comment. I’m with ya. I have found (for flower) the smaller the micron the lower the yield. But better quality. Looks almost grainy like this does. But 15% is like a best case scenario, honestly.

  15. That’s what I would say too if I were scared of Dragons…

  16. Love my dab press. For the price it seems like a better deal

  17. It’s a yes or no question. No wonder you got fired… the least you could do is tell him to fuck off, but dealing with people pretending like they’re “working” when they’re not is probably the worst part of being a small business owner. Obviously idk the circumstances of your fire or how shitty your boss was to you, but having the decency to just answer the question isn’t all that much to ask for.

  18. It’s a I don’t work there anymore I don’t have to say anything. Figure it out.

  19. Right. That’s what I said. Human decency…. There’s no reason to pretend that simply saying “yes”, “no”, or “fuck off” is the same thing as working. Unless he actually believes that, in which case no wonder he got fired. The business is prob better off without. Downvote all you want, but without more context I’d be willing to bet that in all that “25 years in the kitchen” dudes prob never spent a single day “running a kitchen”.

  20. How tall is this? Looks great. I’ve got a couple going right now and they seem a lot smaller than the other strains I have goin. Not sure what’s up

  21. She was only about 2ft tall! Yielded around 5 ounces. Only my third grow and I have a very small closet space and tent to work with so I couldn’t speak to how big she really can get

  22. Oh nice that makes me feel better. You bushed it out real well! I’m in early flower and it’s looking like it’s going to produce well, just shorter than everything else in the tent by far. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  23. I think the whole "FFOF is too hot" thing is just Reddit BS that's been passed along for years. I've never had a single problem with FFOF being too hot. I would worry about the slow release synthetics used in that perlite, though.

  24. I used ocean forest for some 3BOG recently and burnt the fuck out of my plants without adding ANY other nutrients. It’s not a Reddit conspiracy I promise 😂

  25. Yea so it was my first attempt at autos and I think I was just a little surprised by how finicky they were. Also, idk how much merit there is to this but the guys at the grow store said that they were receiving an increasing amount of complaints about ocean forest in the last year , insinuating that the formula has changed and seems inconsistent 🤷🏼‍♂️. I haven’t used it for long enough to know.

  26. Lemon slushee is best vape I’ve ever had any kind any brand. I tend to only buy Indicas but this one gets me good. And it absolutely taste like lemon slushee. But yea, just like strains of actual flower, a lot of them taste the same

  27. Go to a show. ASAP. They’re on 🔥 right now.

  28. Not too sure they’re touring the UK any time soon unfortunately

  29. Yea, Unless you have the internet. They’ll be coming to a couch near you soon enough, I promise. 😂. Also the live phish app is legit. $10 a month for every show

  30. 30 seconds in a freeZer or cooler then a dab tool to scrape it should be all u need. If doing multiple presses just prep it all, squish them all (putting in freezer) then when you’re done pressing, pull them out and scrape one by one. I use the dab press steel plate and it works great. You can also just put that in a freezer or cooler and it works the same

  31. It cost me around $3.25 to see titanic… $12 + to see Top Gun.

  32. It’ll heal and be stronger’n ever. 👍🏼

  33. It’s probably fine. Lower quality quartz can have different properties when it comes to things like heat retention, but it’s not any more/less “safe”. I’d be more worried about the product going in it. I’m a glassblower and I use more import quartz than non 🤷🏼‍♂️. One thing is they’re definitely harder to keep clean bc it tends to be a more porous material, but for the price … we’ll worrh it

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