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  1. Always try to get smalls on sale. Usually they r lil piece s which is fine. Just very happy when I saw all these nice solid nugs . Had whip it last week not even close to the quality of this bud

  2. I have CDL an my card! Never had any problems

  3. Definitely Wendy, this is shot no later than 1995 any film credits after 94 are footage she only had them in for a few years before getting pregnant. The girls of this era absolutely blow the current gen away - though I think this type of imolant which looks absolutely insane is banned now. We have an army of what I call clone girls now - plumped up lips, medium tits, big fake ass. Some look good, most don't.. Lisa, Wendy, sarenna and others - so much hotter...

  4. Tiffany Towers ! Can't mention Lisa an Wendy wit no Tif

  5. Bout 1 gallon of basil (Smurf Piss) from local tree trimmer. Wait 6 months kick dead stumps out wit ur boot

  6. He isn’t a murderer. Please don’t say that again.

  7. Sounds good! Next time just get all woodturd ! Oh wait that's right can only get the shit every 6 months if ur lucky. No thanks ! King mustache or sum ICC an I'm good an dumb too

  8. I knew bikers in the 80's who would grow and leave their plants hang in sheds, barns, and garages because they kept is a secret from their families and they would take just enough from their plants to put in a work boot to take in the house and hide in their closet from the wife. That's the closest thing to a cure they would get and some of that weed was better than anything we have in this program.

  9. More Nonsense! An the wife didn't smell fresh weed n the closet. I've tried to hide it for yrs. Nearly impossible n same house, an I smoke n building not my house. Still reeks if it's any good Lemon Stripes sucks! U need sum good cure Slap Wagon

  10. To each their own. Id rather save $200 an ounce.

  11. Slap Wagon on sale day vet discount like 120$ 14 grs. More Nonsense save 200$

  12. Always been Beautiful! Good ♥️too!!! I love Drew

  13. Torch, spoon, wire or spring to hold the tab. Straw to get the smoke. An get ripped! Love dab tabs especially when there only 10 to 15$. Watch YouTube more try an learn new things before dogging on it

  14. If vapor/banger is a bust, Bake them into an edible?? The do not eat is more of a regulatory warning, than medical recommendation (I THINK), just like OH flower says “for vaporization only”

  15. Let me know how eating ceramic infused wit THC goes. WoW! B careful out there

  16. That would b awesome! Holzer had a MM Dr on court st. But think she retired an office moved to wellston.

  17. Strawberry Fields forever! But really haven't had a bad pod yet! Love my Luster

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