There are 40% more tigers in the world than previously estimated

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  1. Because there are only so many televisions that can be watched by so many people?

  2. Infinite growth can only come at the eventual cost of the worker. Lower wages raises profits and is easier than any other method.

  3. Not really, decrease employees pay and they will work less and more inefficiently

  4. No, not when the employee pool is massive, because everyone needs to eat someone will always take less and work adequately. Atm enough people weren't willing to work so it gave some power back and now companies are doing everything they can to stop it. Once jobs are automated enough there will forever be work scarcity and wages and workers rights will rocket down in America.

  5. THIS is correct. Hard to see how this explicitly anti-racist book is misunderstood. The first PAGE of the book explicitly rejects racism as an explanation for the success of Europeans.

  6. The loudest criticisms arent racism its that the book makes huge bullshit claims by a biologist about non biology things.

  7. As someone who's done 4 of these in the past 2 years to pay down debt, I am in agreement with this comment. UNLESS you got a "special" agreement with your CC, usually they just start charging you interest at the introductory rate, once the term finishes. BOL, OP.

  8. I don't think a true credit card could have a mechanism for this for credit spending. You are opening a credit line which has an into APR rate which is replaced after a certain time with a new rate. It's the "financing" part of some 12 month agreements that allow for retroactive interest, general credit lines don't really do that. People saying this is how they get you must be using some janky fucking credit lines because from being broke to having actual credit availability no transfer, direct deposit advance offer, or intro APR has ever had this.

  9. There was a propaganda video that leaked to combat footage a few days ago of a three man grenade launcher team in action. Two men to carry and set up the machine, one to fire, and they can do it in maybe a few minutes which on its own would be impressive.

  10. If you are setting up a static weapon within 600m of US troops in an actual war, you've already been blown up by a smart bomb from any of 6 heights in the sky depending on who's killing you. 20 some days after 9/11 taliban forces and Al Qaeda were being blown up from 30k feet by smart bombs in 2001 by 14 dudes on horses with radios and laser designators.

  11. What about the second navy? Afternoon navy? Late night navy? Navy special warfare regiment?!

  12. I swear there was some force measurement that said the 7th fleet while out in the South China sea had enough firepower to fight all of China's navy alone, and to put enough planes in the sky to match those that China could actually get to them at sea.

  13. It's not a mandatory public display of support, that would be making everyday citizens partake. This is a private business interaction in which shes obligated to perform her capitalist duties. Since id bet my left nut you're a firm believer in capitalism you should really know the difference. She was paid money to do this, she can forgo that money or her job or whatever they decide to do to forgo doing her duty. Thats all it is, it is capitalism. So which do you want??? Noone cares if she wears it on her private time, her employer cares if she fulfills her obligation to wear their kit. But keep strawmanning it'll get you far in life since your position changes every comment.

  14. Then you are advocating for interfering in private affairs. Which is the exact thing you are saying you don't want to happen. As I said, your position isn't that you don't want private businesses to operate according to market forces, because you clearly would like that. You don't want private business to operate according to market forces which provide for those forces promoting LGBTQ.

  15. People love to talk about how bad things would be, but I think some of that info is a little outdated. For example, I know that the Vermont Electric Power Company has a fully redundant control and data center that is shielded from solar interference such as this. They can also shut down parts of the grid ahead of these solar events, and NOAA monitors for this sort of space weather and communicates this to grid operators so preventative measures can be taken asap.

  16. I swear CME's are super super forecastable. Like once its coming we know. Wouldn't the plan then be just to shut power down while it happens? So the sudden influx of power doesn't jump us from 90% to 160% but 0 to 80% juice? I guess the question is how much would it juice up idle systems.

  17. Kind of sounds like you're talking out of your ass when you don't mention natural selection. Hunting tigers for most of these places for millennia has meant bows and arrows, traps, pits, and dogs or other animals. It's not just "muh loud, scary gun." Sure, guns make the hunting easier and level the playing field in 1 on 1 attacks, but hunting tigers is mainly about killing off the less skiddish ones and ones less likely to be near humans, regardless of the method.

  18. No. Big carnivores who've been hunted avoid us or who have a reason to know bipedal = bad. Just as they avoid all perceived difficult meals. Black bears will approach humans, as will grizzlies, both would eat a person if hungry enough. We are prey its just a sliding scale of when it becomes worth the effort. Whereas a lizard is natural prey for these tigers because they pose no threat and are their natural safe food supply thats "natural prey" not the bipedal monkey that could at any point become not prey should they so choose.

  19. I can’t believe that’s a sub because that is almost exclusively related to schizophrenia.

  20. Not that its ethical but I gotta think that sub is under some kind of research by some psych programs.

  21. I appreciate the attempt to pick one, but unfortunately this still doesn't narrow it down much.

  22. I believe, on a cursory account, there are at least 11 if not 12 Smithsonian museums with national and museum included in the name LOL.

  23. I mean theres only really two options as a veteran post vietnam. Either you go deeper into the beliefs that likely took you too war and become more conservative, or you went in because it was your only choice and now you see how the gov really is and go left.

  24. I feel like the real lesson here is maybe don't travel to fucking North Korea and Russia? Maybe? They've been this way for awhile.

  25. Yea I definitely think there should be a waiver you sign on the way out, "you are going into ostensibly enemy territory, you are on your own". It's one thing to be doing aid work and get kidnapped by terrorists, its another to just go to an openly warring and always hostile country.

  26. My father encouraged me to drive in a car and I almost died in a car accident. Is that different?

  27. Its more like your dad encouraged you to speed on a motorcycle and then you broke your back. The inherent risk was obvious, the rewards were minimal and the whole idea is stupid.

  28. You are a pussy and were raised to be one. I certainly blame your father.

  29. Lol bro when you are paste on a highway somewhere the only thing people will remember you for was being dumb enough to die in such a preventable way. Your tombstone will be "died for nothing more than speeding, luckily his parents had a few".

  30. I was on FMLA and was fired from the hospital I worked for . My Dr said I wasn’t cleared to work and documented it . I got a letter in the mail I was At will terminated . I received unemployment then later reapplied for my job again but was denied . What rights do I have that I can exercise ?

  31. You would need to confirm you 100% qualified for FMLA and if you were 100% on FMLA leave you'd just have to contact an employment rights attorney and theyd provide you all the recourse possible.

  32. I think 2-3 years is the constraint in filing suit 3 being if it was willfully illegal. So you could try.

  33. I have good news: It sure does. The number is set by the Social Security Administration.

  34. It wouldn't really matter who they vote in in the end because big business would either buy them or kill them. America is basically just a bunch of corporations in a trench coat at this point

  35. You will never receive the opportunity to vote for anyone in a general election who is of any actual consequence. They will be out funded, paid off, removed, or smeared prior to that opportunity.

  36. Scrubs. Great cast, humor on-point, realistic plot points that make sense. Best bromance to date, “EAGLE!“.

  37. I think for true tv production run Scrubs has to win it. Theres no show I can think of where you can really ride with the show at all times like you can Scrubs. Anyone can feel Scrubs for their own reasons, the sopranos or the wire come off more like stage plays to me. You can be invested but your ultimately watching a story you won't quite ever know, or you'll know only parts. But everybody knows, fear, anxiety, loss, friendship, uncertainty and triumph and thats what Scrubs is always playing on.

  38. It's like that medal of honor winner who jumped on not one, but 2 grenades to save his squad during his time in. Once you are incredibly lucky to survive. Twice? You've got a horseshoe up your ass and a four leaf clover for a dick.

  39. Man was probably watching for lightning and sharks the rest of his life.

  40. You are way to uninformed on the decision tree here. Putin could have said give us your country or we will nuke you. By giving any weight to it at all youd be forced to capitulate. But you can't so noone will, there is either end the world or don't for Putin, but for everyone else you have to operate like he won't or you can never do anything against Russia again.

  41. Oh yeah, no one informed of anything denies the quality of our war technology. It's more the shifting away of vital resources to things that could more immediately improve disenfranchised people's quality of life that's the issue. It's more a budgeting priority issue; the US military industrial complex does produce some really cool hardware.

  42. The insane part is we could afford to do proper free healthcare, housing, food and education and also 800 billion on military. Our government just chooses not to.

  43. No I'm asking whether or not he's associated with a group. Otv and 100T is hust an ex.

  44. No Ludwig has no org. Mogul Moves is his own company.

  45. I mean there's intercloud lightning (now I feel obligated to include intra-cloud and cloud to air as the other non-ground lightnings) where it never touches the ground. If he built up a bunch of static charge he coulda been hit.

  46. There's cloud to cloud lightning, in cloud lightning, cloud to ground lightning, and cloud to air lightning. All exactly as the name describes. So this guy could definitely have gotten smoked by some IC lightning, or CC lightning or even maybe CA lightning on his way out. Tho technically I think he qualifies as a kind of ground like object either way.

  47. It SUPER fucking annoys me as a European that US news constantly glosses over the fact it wasn't just a NASA project but had a huge contribution to research and funding from dozens of countries from around the world...

  48. Yea but Nasa did basically all the funding, and all but a few of the science/build related parts. If I bought a boat and paid for 92% of it and you kicked in 8% so you could use it a few weekends its still my boat. It would be one thing if America did like half, but its near 92%. No offence but other countries have healthcare, America has aircraft carriers and the worlds best space program thats constantly at risk of losing funding from dudes who think there is a guy up where the space ships go. Our dogshit policies fund like 2 good things at 20-50x the rate other countries do, so I think its definitely an American accomplishment considering our poor fucks paid for it. CSA provided .018% of the funding. ESA provided .066. So 8.4%

  49. But that's not a very good analogy though. Funding is not buying, for a very important reason: the thing you are funding does not exist yet and has to be built.

  50. I'll make this very simple then. America could have done every part alone without any stress. In fact collaboration is largely to the benefit of the smaller parties. Neither the ESA or the Canadians could have done the project on their own as their programs currently don't fund enough to come close. Nor do they fund the military industrial complex that basically donates R&D to Nasa. Just because we worked together doesn't mean its not primarily an American project with help from the Euros and Canadians. You can both acknowledge others involvement and accept the reality America is the only reason in a million years this type of project exists, and as such is another notch in the belt of American Space exploration. Its not a slight to say this American achievement does x and it was accomplished with the support of EU and CAN.

  51. Would you personally take that chance tho? Getting tased means you're gun is now available to the person who just clearly demonstrated that he's willing to take a weapon from you and use it against you. All he has to do is reach back and pull the trigger and now your incapacitated. Sure he'll most likely miss but like I said before, would you be will to bet your life on "it's pretty hard to taser someone from that position."? It's great that we're getting cops held accountable fpr their mistakes and power trips but it seems to be getting to the point where we stopped trying to hold cops accountable and are now just trying to jail any cop for using force on anyone at all.

  52. Having personally known people who had this situation and 1 got tazed and they werent pussy enough to shoot the guy, you are wrong. Other cops call dudes like this pussies for immediately shooting.

  53. Glad your buddies survived so far but not pulling your gun on a guy who just stole your taser off you and then tazed because you think it makes you a pussy could genuinely be used as the definition of the term "unnecessary risk" and the body came footage could be used as a what not to do training video.

  54. When u have control of someones entire back and arms and they are basically just tazing the ground and the spent cartridge lines they are completely restrainable without shooting them. They punched him instead of killing a guy who had 3 inches of arm movement ripped his hands behind his back and handcuffed him. The term unnecessary risk was invented by pussies who don't value anyones life but their own. Notice its repeat departments who kill people and good departments dont often have too. And just so ur aware less cops die from criminals than 42 other professions, putting them at less risk than jobs like being a farmer. Dont worry though its only 25 jobs if we include heart attacks car crashes and covid.

  55. Looking up pictures, the memorial is just a giant pool they overlaid the logos onto. Reading the title I expected they put the logos on like statues of the towers, which would have been... slightly more questionable.

  56. Each square is in the footprints of the towers and every single name of the victims and first responders covers them. It would be like putting a McDonalds logo on someone's tombstone for advertising purposes.

  57. The assault weapons ban of 1994 is largely considered to have done absolutely nothing, with any apparent correlation between marginal rate decline being purely circumstantial.

  58. Most AR-15's are built and sold in such a way as to avoid certain classifications.

  59. I think I'd have a hard time interfacing with tourists.

  60. I think the use of interfacing as the verb for this tells a lot.

  61. Employees that get injured at work don't sue OSHA, they sue the company. And for major injuries or fatalities that also can lead to a shutdown.

  62. Ok but can we all agree while in this position poking with these clearly light boxes, this woman could safely have one earbud in.

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