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  1. Uranium 235 is handled in such a way as to minimise contact with people, and only people with very specific skill sets are allowed to work with it under extremely regulated circumstances.

  2. Thank you!! Among the ones I have coming are also a collection of Scooby Doo direct to video, and a few more Rugrats tapes, because this is a very nostalgia needing household. 😂

  3. Nick tapes are tough to come by - best of luck in your search!

  4. I agree fully!! My sister and I always watched this the night school let out for the summer, and I still try to keep to that tradition to ring in the summer months!

  5. He's not saying that viewers who watch superhero films will be inspired to become fascists. He's saying that when adults obsess over media made for children it keeps them in a state of immaturity, which creates a population that is more infantile, and therefore more malleable by would-be fascists.

  6. This is why I go to early showings that are almost empty or late night shows where its usually fellow movie buffs.

  7. I think those days are over. People might still fill late night openings, but with nerd culture going mainstream, idk if the crowd brings the same energy.

  8. I know what you mean, it's not pretentious. Other than a few choice films I stopped going to the movies in general years ago.

  9. "Wizard Bigot" would be a great name for JK Rowling's unauthorized biography.

  10. Love the cover art on Dark Crystal. One of the most creative films of all time imo

  11. Take shit for free, that's donated so that poor people might have some nice shit. Pick out the nice shit, sell it for prices poor people can't afford. Have handicapped and criminals work for minimum wage or free to make sure nothing decent slips through the cracks. Pocket all the money. All you hipster resellers, you contributed to this. When people bought cool old shit for themselves it was fine, and treasures were everywhere. Now people just look for shit to flip and fucked up the entire subculture.

  12. Lot of hate for Goodwill on this post. I don't disagree with anything you're saying, but I would add that the profits from the stores go toward helping the community. I used to volunteer for their youth program, which helps thousands of students each year.

  13. Could be a listing hack? Something in the algorithm might reward stores that have high bidding rates.

  14. TV Content is so fucked for anything before DVD caught on.

  15. I recently snatched up the first seasons of M*A*S*H and Friends on VHS - three tapes a piece (unlike the Columbia House compilations that follow the same high price/low content formula).

  16. There's nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster..

  17. Maybe the best 90s kids sports film? Crack the plastic and give the ol' gal a spin! She's waited long enough.

  18. Recently watched Excalibur for the first time - that was pretty badass

  19. Soak 99.9 iso on them first, or use a hair dryer to heat and melt the glue so it peels off easier

  20. I've tried the hair dryer alone (as some recommend), and it hasn't worked. Been afraid to reach for the 99.9 iso - can it damage the sleeve?

  21. If you dilute it some and use a q tip it can work, but def be careful with any tape you really love

  22. Thanks for the added tip on tips. I've read that when it comes to cleaning mold from the tape it's better to go with 70% rather than 99% because the higher concentration will evaporate before you can even use it.

  23. Look into the eyes of the dragon and despair!

  24. Loved this movie when it came out. Re-watched it a few years back, and it has not aged well..

  25. I think this is on everyone's "most sought after" list. Did you pay an arm and a leg or get lucky?

  26. This was recommended to me a few months ago. Pretty zany plot (especially for the 50s), but I read up on the author. Apparently had some pretty gnarly jobs working for the British gov't in WWII. Great find!

  27. Saw that same pumpkin in a thrift store today. Guy wanted $100 for it (rolls eyes)

  28. Crazy how much people want for these blow molds—it's criminal

  29. The Boomers who have spent their whole lives not saving for retirement and are now jacking up prices on vintage goods are just ruining the fun..

  30. Great shirt. I nabbed an "I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you" off eBay last year that dropped on the same run.

  31. Anyone out there have any old Allegra’s window VHS tapes or Eureeka’s castle vhs tapes they are looking to get rid of?

  32. I've got an Allegra tape, but wouldn't part with it readily.

  33. School of Rock is harder to find than one might think. Nice haul!

  34. That's my VCR!! :D Great piece of hardware, you're gonna love it.

  35. Man Orion had some real bangers back in the day. Love this cover!

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