1. He’s a big lgbt advocate and won’t live using who he is. It’s my take. His 1 man pride parades. His job..

  2. I went to his church as a child and it’s such a fucking jumpscare seeing his face scrolling on Reddit

  3. Edibles Chef here. Tinctures can be a great route and you Can dilute dosing into micro. I used Full Spec RSO and with the high cannabinoid content to build up a tolerance to get to a medicated dose. RSO cancer treatments are 60g of RSO in 90 days and starting with a 1/4 grain of rice size will knock you down so you have to build a tolerance. I used to green out on 10-20mg and now I need a lot to get high (300+) but I can consume or smoke more now and without getting high but that I feel more of the terpene effects now and buy flower based on the effect I need at the. Time. I benefit from the cannabinoids more since I can handle more because I can saturate my endocannabinoid receptors. Eating hybrid/sativa/indica gummies depending on regulations don’t actually have a lot of the cannabinoids you are looking for and are usually just distillate derived and if they claim Full Spec, it’s probably a bought terpene profile @ under .1% infusing ratio.

  4. Coffee is my function liquid. I am a creature of habit and Starbucks.. and I get gassed at work for carrying in the same exact drink every day.

  5. He can leave, but chooses not to. Saying he can’t leave is a insult to those who truly are manipulated and too scared. They don’t and have never lived together and are separated by thousands of miles.

  6. She did show up at his house from across the world, script or not. I’d be fucking scared too. Crazy old hoe

  7. I thought like stopping a robbery or something. Edit: workplace violence.

  8. seriously. idk where she gets the idea that she's some kind of a catch. Has no job. When she did work, she didn't even make enough to sponsor ronald herself which was only like $20k a year. She got 2 baby daddies, but neither are in the lives of her kids.

  9. I have been covering it, but it wasn’t an answer to my question???? I’m currently enrolled in a course called “defying workplace bias” and I believe I have been singled out but am unsure how I would approach this with management.

  10. Unsure how you believe this is discrimination protected by law? A company Can tell you you can’t wear an unnatural hair color. It’s not protected under any type of umbrella for discrimination. Discrimination isn’t defined as “they don’t like it and I’m the only one so I feel discriminated against”. Protected classes are protected by Discrimination law.

  11. And did the Mexican doctors spend months making sure that your coworkers understood that they will have to change their habits? Refer them to nutritionists before the surgery? See if they could change their habits beforehand?

  12. Yes. They do. It’s not as invasive but there are a lot of pre-ops I had to go through. I had mine done a little over a year. Tracking my pre and post op diets. They had an American nutritionist to walk me through everything. They only do the procedure and set you up with what you need. We’re adults. We can make decisions ourselves with the information laid out bare. If I choose to go to MX and do it and follow their recommendations or not, that’s me.

  13. He wants to move on. He may even want to move on and explore Antonella, someone he shares culture with. She gets him. His wants for life. They are probably way more in-tune. He’s definitely emotionally cheating by caring for Antonella in a way he USED to do Pinky. Emotionally cheating will lead to him moving out and boning her without being like his dad. Divorces happen. I think he would of stayed with chantel if they were not growing apart. Chantel has the life she wants. Good family (in her opinion) a nice place, career, handsome driven husband. She’s ready to move to the next milestone of kids and suburbia and Pedro is not. He’s a hustler. Making gains and way driven for success. He strived hard, put in the effort and trying to be somebody. If Chantel supported him, it would be way different. Imo

  14. It was so much trash. Terrible acting. The FX. The fact it was like a filmed play. 👎

  15. I think it’s to cover the balding. It looks super thin in the back and it’s cut funny. Maybe hair transplants? Idk but it screams “fuck me up fam”

  16. Mohamit reads the evidunce binder and realizes he’s wrong and goes back to danyell.

  17. If Patrick NEEDS his brother so badly and vice versa, he wasn’t ready for a relationship and shouldn’t of moved Thais down with John there.

  18. What bothers me the most is one of the parents hovering around. Always. I'd like to see them as a couple in their own private habitat.

  19. Her parents seem weird and almost watching him. Kobe not bowing down makes them seem uneasy. Maybe they think he’s just an angry black man and don’t see Emily’s true behavior. I don’t think they are trusting of him.

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