1. My birthday is early December, do you know if this would work for me?

  2. I remember seeing somewhere that you can redeem the birthday gift online 2 weeks before or after your birthday. I’ve never redeemed it in-person, but I’d assume you could redeem it anytime during your birthday month. My birthday is 12/21 and I usually redeem it online in January.

  3. I never knew you could do this! Since it says “during your birthday month” I just always assumed it wouldn’t work in January.

  4. I do the same thing. I remember seeing somewhere that you can redeem the birthday gift online 2 weeks before or after your birthday.

  5. Of course! :) Ground pork (1lb) 2 bunches of string beans (preferably the skinny ones that come in a bunch), cut into pieces 1/4 cup of soy sauce 1 tablespoon oyster sauce OR sugar (up to you) 2 tablespoons white vinegar 1 onion, chopped 2-3 cloves of garlic minced

  6. This is probably a dumb question, but where do you buy skinny string beans? Do they have a different name than just regular green/string beans? I’ve wanted to buy these but don’t know where to get them.

  7. ...well, that sucks, I would have totally added one as an Annual at $15.

  8. I wasn’t planning on buying any Unhides, but it’s definitely annoying how they didn’t have any $15 Unhides during annual add ons. If you want one as an annual member, you need to meet the $49 shipping threshold or buy a seasonal box. 🙄

  9. They make great Xmas gifts. I totally would have sent a matching pair to my in-laws in a cooler climate, but meh. I'm not blowing an extra $20 just so I can buy them when there are similar throws out there.

  10. Of course they would price the silver blanket at $29 for all the people who want a matching blanket for the silver pillow. Even though the silver blanket was also a past choice box... I wonder if they’ll have more $15 Unhides during the Black Friday, cyber Monday, or winter edit sales.

  11. I’ve gotten 2 starter boxes in the past with no problem while having an active annual membership. I used the same address and payment method as my annual account for the starter box account.

  12. If they don’t give you a refund, keep chatting with different customer service reps until you find one that will!

  13. Unfortunately no. Typically they offer them at a discounted (like $10 less) price - so it’s basically a trade of choice for lower price, but for some reason they are charging full price this sale.

  14. I replied to someone else with the same comment, but I read on the forum that they’re no longer going to discount uncustomized boxes.

  15. Well that's pretty shitty. They are basically asking someone to pay full price for potentially getting the worst of the worst. Kinda seems pointless to get a box via add-ons then. Someone could at least sign up for a seasonal subscription (which only commits them to one box) and be able to choose 4/6 items, vs. a complete mystery. Or purchase one through the shop (assuming they still do that) where I think you get to choose at least a couple of items.

  16. I never understood why people bought uncustomized boxes. Maybe they like the thrill of surprise? Especially since you can just sign up for a seasonal box and customize the first four categories. There’s usually always a $10 off code floating around somewhere too. My annual expires this season, and I don’t plan on renewing. Although I will stick around to see future season spoilers lol!

  17. Lord knows they couldn't let us have both in a box...

  18. They both might end up in the box! In the fall 2022 behind the box video, Katie asked us to choose between the Unhide pillow and the Herbivore clarity cream for the winter 2022 box. Both of those ended up in the box.

  19. Oh! Haha I thought you were saying only one will get in haha.

  20. I don’t remember if Katie’s done the choose “this or that” for past boxes. So I can’t compare how many times only one or both items ended up in the box. I only know they did it for the winter 2022 box. Maybe someone can look up the surveys and see if both items are on there? If they are, they both will probably end up in the box!

  21. It’s removable! It’s mentioned in the forum and category 1 video on YouTube.

  22. Some companies private label their products. They’ll buy them wholesale for cheap from a third party like Alibaba or AliExpress and slap their logo on it and mark the prices up. I found the wine opener on AliExpress. Looks like the humidifier and fabric shaver are also on Alibaba.

  23. The polka dot scrunchies are about $8.50 on Amazon! They currently also have a leopard print for the same price.

  24. Do you know if there is always a seasonal box offered at a discount for each season?

  25. FFF usually always offers 20% off or $10 off promo codes for seasonal boxes. They give out these codes in their spoilers videos on YouTube.

  26. FFF usually always offers 20% or $10 off a seasonal box. When they release spoiler videos on YouTube, they’ll provide a promo code in the videos.

  27. I signed up for a seasonal box and couldn’t use my $15 off coupon either, as it said it was invalid. I contacted customer service and they were able to refund me $15. I’m wondering if they misprinted the expiration date.

  28. I got the sunglasses as well. I was reluctant to get them because I got the Prive Revaux sunglasses in the spring box, which I thought was junk! I wasn’t expecting amazing quality, but they felt like dollar store quality. I’m hoping I like the ones in the fall box.

  29. All boxes come with a code for $15 off a box. Do you have one from a previous box? If you don’t, maybe you can find someone who would be willing to give you their code.

  30. Question… how do you know if it’s wise to order another box instead of doing add ons? And when would you do that? I’m new here and still learning the ropes.

  31. If you got a previous box, it comes with a code for $15 off a box. If you don’t have that, there’s usually always a code around that offers $10 off/20% off. You can find these codes in the spoiler videos on FFF’s YouTube channel. Right now they’re offering $10 off the box with code CUSTOMIZE.

  32. Anyone have any opinions on Fekkai vs IGK shampoo/conditioner products?

  33. I own and love several pieces from them! I only buy gold jewelry. I haven’t had any problems with the gold fading away. They have great customer service and have a “lifetime guarantee” where they’ll replace or repair any broken jewelry. I only buy this brand on sale and would never pay full price for it.

  34. The jewellery is different but your ears and piercings are exactly the same as mine haha. I have three lobes and a helix on my left ear, and two on my right and the placement is identical! I think they look great, on both of us 😂

  35. Ear twins, lol! I actually want to get third lobes and a second helix on my right ear. Then we can definitely be twinning haha.

  36. Thank you for the reassurance! I was comparing my piercings to other people’s with different shaped ears. Anatomy wasn’t even on my mind when I went in to get my second lobes pierced. Definitely will consider that for future piercings.

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