Congratulations to the russian federation for losing their 5000th vehicle in Ukraine today!r

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  1. I'm confused. I understand boosting to mean using underhanded tactics to gain an advantage, and thus would expect them not to have minimums. Can you explain what you mean by boostable?

  2. I could have used a better word. Having keys gives the impression that you made quality kills. I certainly don't like the idea of someone calling me a "booster" in order to invalidate my efforts.

  3. Eh, I don't see that really. Just because some has 5 keys above their heads, it could just be 5 spades, or maybe some dragon bones or bossing supplies. Not sure why there would be a minimum. People don't want to bring more than they're willing to risk.

  4. Upvoted mostly because I'm curious about the response. Out of curiosity, chat log evidence for mute?

  5. Now w need j1mmy to make a music video for it. P good honestly

  6. I remember when mods would pop up invisible at people’s house parties and chat with them. That was so nice.

  7. Yeah, no way they'd do that with the way things are today. Partly because of the community, mostly because no one does house parties anymore.

  8. Had to be, you get stabbed for playing Runescape in Glasgow.

  9. High risk high reward, don't bring anything to Glasgow you aren't willing to risk

  10. While it's probably due to technical limitations, I very much prefer your theory

  11. It probably has to do with the underlying epistemology that informs their actions and beliefs. They aren't scientific. They don't approach the question of "what's out there?" looking for evidence of things, or working through things logically. They have a revelationary epistemology, which in essence means all knowledge is gained, directly or indirectly, from some greater power(in this case, the forerunners and the artifacts of theirs that remain).

  12. Don't worry, they'll have at least a middle school education! Should go fine!

  13. My first thought was maybe to differentiate them with different drop tables or something...just checked wiki, pretty sure they have the same drop table.

  14. High effort meme is high effort. Unlike Russian war effort

  15. Honestly, as someone who just casually chills in f2p an hour or two a week anymore(might get mems again, might not, idk) other than the fact that it's a meme some kind of charlie tele would be nice.

  16. Using fm to break a barrage would actually be sick. Presumably with higher level logs having a better chance? This kinda balances itself out where higher level logs take more attempts to light, so there would be a sweetspot right in the middle where it would be most effective but you could always risk it with higher level logs and pray to rngesus for an instalight.

  17. Burying bones restore prayer point, higher level bones restore more.

  18. Admiral Cole, space based strategy game plz

  19. Well, we don't know that Cole is dead and his story in evolutions leaves the door extremely wide open, so it could be returning to help humanity defeat the banished or something.

  20. It had seemed to me that between 4 and 5 they were forming an arc: in 4, Cortana, Chief's AI, OUR AI, was beginning to go rampant. In 5, she had found a solution for rampancy (kind of) and was going to use the Guardians to enforce peace upon the galaxy. Where would that leave us for Infinite? Simple: Chief realizes that he's trying to stop Cortana from doing what the UNSC has been doing for centuries. He gets a real "Hans, are we the baddies?" moment. Remember that Chief was kidnapped as a child, trained to be an excellent soldier, had his body modified to make him and even stronger soldier, and then was given power armor - the whole purpose of this program was to fight rebellious humans (the Innies). Using the threat of an unstoppable force to cow resistance and enforce their control upon the colonies, some of whom had decided that being a part of the UNSC was a raw deal. The UNSC were never the good guys, they were just the side Chief (and ourselves) happened to be on.

  21. How many s3 alpha company candidates were not augmented?

  22. All I know is that only 300 were augmented

  23. Still plenty of sapphires there for anyone who wants them.

  24. Obor and bryophyta exist. With base 50s farming keys from hills is literally free. What I like to do is go in, set loot tracker to 200(about the price of big bones) and only pick up coins and anything that shows on tracker. No food, no need to pray. If I get a clue I drop everything and do it immediately. Whenever I have a full inv I go chuck it in the ge, collect gp, and keep that in my inventory as well. If I get a key I finish the trip, then go to ge and chuck, then bank everything but giant and brass keys, pull out some food.

  25. I used to run all the way around the east side of varrock to avoid them lmao

  26. They certainly can. Just retreat out of range

  27. Woox didn’t deserve that money he was given for that deadman tournament back in the day

  28. Really like to hear why you think this

  29. He said hot takes, not based takes. Jagex, hire this man!

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