1. Charles, Caleb, Connor, Cameron, Cole, Calvin, Carter, Collin, Clark, Cyrus, Christopher.

  2. Robyn wants Meri there so that she can feel superior to her - by having Meri watch her take her place in the family, essentially. To gloat.

  3. Congrats! I think Carson Daniel sounds great. Here are some other ideas based on your list so far:

  4. Are you wanting something feminine, masculine or gender neutral?

  5. Magnolia, Sage, Autumn, Emerald, Opal, Pearl, Briar.

  6. Yebba is one of my favourite artists - which is her name spelled backwards. I think it's a cool idea for a stage name/nickname, although I wouldn't recommend that anyone use it as a legal name, haha.

  7. I saw her before John Mayer in Chicago. She’s awesome!

  8. Ah no way, me too! Both nights! She’s incredible.

  9. Outside of your home, it's hard to know what people might call her as a nickname or what she herself may like as a nickname one day. If you want to avoid the Ellie possibility, you might like Alice or Iris which both sound similar to Ellis.

  10. Some of these won’t be iambic in certain languages (because I know people are going to come in and say actually Sabine is za-BEE-na in German) but these ones are iambic when I personally pronounce them in English:

  11. Since both grandfathers names start with W, what about another W name to honour both? Such as:

  12. Congrats! Some ideas for you based on what you have so far:

  13. That's a very strange reaction from that employee. I have to believe that it had absolutely nothing to do with you or the name, and everything to do with her. Maybe Mary is the name of someone that's hurt her, and she was unfairly taking it out on you.

  14. Without repeating the ones already mentioned: Maeva.

  15. I would pronounce them differently:

  16. Isla is my favourite! I have always loved that name. It feels light and airy to me. In spite of its popularity, I have yet to meet an Isla actually. It's hard to predict name popularity though - she may end up with 3 others in her class or none at all. I'd go with the name you both love. It's not often that both partners really love a name and I think that's the most important thing. All of your choices are lovely though! Since you're open to more suggestions, I'd also pitch:

  17. Dexter, Felix, Dax, Baxter, Pax, Huxley, Max, Onyx, Fox, Phoenix, Maddox, Rex.

  18. Jude, Gideon, Adrian, Elliott, Gabriel, Joel, Simon, Jonah, Sebastian.

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