“Big Chungus” 3D Printed G17L Frame

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Heritage Rough Rider 3D Printed Space Carbine Kit

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  1. Do you offer the genius buffertube/trigger design you've created? Possibly a download on etsy for other 3D enthusiasts out there maybe? I just love it, it just looks so sleek and clean. Great work, I hope this isn't the last time I see a build like this.

  2. I release all of my completed files for free. This one is currently in beta testing.

  3. Any chance you sell the adapter that connects the gun to the rig if I wanted to duplicate the design someday?

  4. how far is that one from being released good sir I may have just missed it

  5. Do you have the stl to these grips? I have my dad's old snub nose and both grips are completely broken and gone. I would love to print a set out .thanks

  6. The larger caliber Glocks use a different frame. There are printed frames for them, but this one isn’t compatible.

  7. I actually pieced together a frame for a G17L with an open top “compensator” add-on to run the length of that exact barrel. I just need to buy the barrel and actually make it at some point.

  8. He's great in Jack Ryan

  9. That’s a whole lotta comp, but a very clean build! Be sure to try out the front charging handle setup with the V2 pack, it helps a ton.

  10. Thank you! I chose the comp for the looks, haha. I'm trying to figure out how to remove that front sight without resorting to buying a glock tool, but i should stop being cheap and just buy it 😅

  11. There’s really not a good way unfortunately. Needle nose pliers kinda work, but just bite the bullet and throw down for a $5 tool on a random order. Amazon may stock them too.

  12. Too recent to really upset people. I’ll need to adapt it to my 1887 “trench gun” build to really piss people off.

  13. What polymer do you need to use? And the settings. I have the files just want to make sure I don't mess anything up

  14. PLA+, settings are whatever your machine prints well at. It’s a super simple print.

  15. That’s normal. You remove the metal tube that the ejector rod rides in and rotate the ejector handle itself to be out the side. You don’t install the kit with the metal ejector tube installed.

  16. This is true for tax rates - they're designed that way.

  17. 15 years ago, I earned just barely too much money to qualify for Medicaid, and my employer didn't offer health insurance. My wife got pregnant and we negotiated with the state for a cash discount "baby your baby" program to cover the birth, pre and post natal visits, etc. With the caveat that it would ONLY cover a normal birth.

  18. Did the hk vfg fit without modification?

  19. It’s like a “I’m about to be killed by Steven Segal in a shitty movie shot in Eastern Europe” starter pack.

  20. Stamp came back on my Century AP5-P, so it was time to put together the whole setup.

  21. Awesome job! Any chance you could print me one or send me the file? I want to complete my gun. Currently have a CMore on there but would love to have the LaFrance style sight.

  22. My files are all released publicly on my websites. I can’t provide links or even website names on Reddit though.

  23. Ahh.. Airsoft is the name of the dude. Got it. New , obviiii haha where is this list and file. I can’t find it. I’m on the app, tbh, I didn’t even choose this name. I never even member it asking to come up with one then bam! I’m stuck with this name. So yeah, where this file code and product list?

  24. You should know by now that we can’t tell you where files are on Reddit. But this particular one is not hard to find at all given my username and its distinctive design name.

  25. I didn’t know these files couldn’t be shared.. I thought that’s the point. Okay.. got it hahaha Google keeps bringing me back here.

  26. They can be shared, and are freely. But you can’t provide links on Reddit as it’s against their policies.

  27. The front and rear iron sights that are clearly visible and detailed in the post I linked.

  28. I’m surprised this dude doesn’t have an SOT yet, he has a lot of short barreled stuff and his design skills are on point. Could prob make some cool shit

  29. HOLY FUCK THE FUCKING LEGEND HIMSELF. Sorry to be a dick sucker but man your shit is tight been following you since the 100 dollar 12 gauge days. Love what you been up to keep it up from one larper to another.

  30. Thanks, I just like making silly things and bringing other people along for the ride. Glad you like the projects!

  31. Transfer of an existing AOW is $5, but construction of a new one is still $200.

  32. Yes but the stinger was classified by the ATF as a pen pistol. The reason it avoided the AOW was the barrel was rifled and it had to be folded to fire.

  33. Correct, one of the reasons I really like the Stinger. I was just addressing the person I replied to about the specifics of AOW stamp pricing.

  34. It’s a 12 gauge Hatfield SGL SBS with a 10” barrel and my 3D printed furniture installed.

  35. You really hit it out of the park with it mate! I'm seriously impressed. If I end up copying you (really hope you don't mind) would I be able to source the furniture from you?

  36. I mean, this is functional. I designed it, lol. It’s drop in for any AR.

  37. Yeah I jumped the gun on this one lol I found the picture on a google search, then someone here told me it was yours. Incredible work btw, any hints as to when this may be available?

  38. I think it’s crazy it already popped up on Google, I had just designed it like 3 days ago, haha. It’s in functional testing and polishing up now, it won’t be a ton of testing time before release.

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