1. Yes mute with picking hand in that specific case.

  2. I'll try that; though I'm curious, is it normal to have to do that? Do most people encounter this issue with buzzing the string that's two strings away when bending? I'm worried that maybe it's just my bending technique that's bad that's causing the buzzing.

  3. You should always be muting any string not played with a combination of fretting and/or picking hand. Picking hand for sure should mute 4th string, maybe 3rd too (I'd probably hand both hands muting 3rd).

  4. If it was 1 or 2 months and im getting bored, what I'd do is seperate the parts you are having problems with into exercises and keep working them daily as you learn a new song. Revisit the full song every few days or a week. This is all depending on whether you needed to play this live or something soon... I'd keep drilling it if that was your goal.

  5. Oh, heh, no, I'm not performing anything, just wanting to learn to play (and hopefully eventually record and edit my own music). Yeah, I guess I forgot to specify, I've been learning the song piece by piece, and so I'll spend an hour or more each day just practicing pieces until I feel like I've improved enough to move on to the next piece.

  6. Well everyone learns differently. As you keep playing, learning songs will come much quicker. If you are spending 1 hour on songs a day, I definetly would have more than 1 on the go, but that's my preference.

  7. Index finger should mute all strings not played regardless if they are strummed or not.

  8. I much preferred guitar 365. Justin guitar has a songs channel too. There's alot of other small channels that release good lessons or tabs as well. Mr tabs, Julien menard, jw easy guitar, alvin deleon, etc. Just try search for a song or artist guitar lesson on YT and see what pops up.

  9. Maybe some system of a down, like aerials, maybe deftones my own summer. I would think other bands around that time have some fairly easy stuff.

  10. Muting is not just a shredder thing. It's important in all genres. It's just distortion (which is really just amplification of the signal till a breakup point) makes unwanted noise much more obvious.

  11. Alot of lead players will use thumb up during solos if there is alot of bending and vibrato.

  12. It could be something at the bridge. What guitar? Guessing you have a trem on it. What type?

  13. Neither are correct. Take 1 and pull your elbow and wrist back to straighten the wrist. Only time most people would use thumb up is open A5(x022xx) to mute the low e.

  14. Unpopular opinion, he's full of shit. You need to understand that guitar is a repetitive task and is a risk of various RSI (repetitive strain injuries) regardless of posture. I know several physical therapists and none of them speak kindly about guitar. The best you can do is perform the task in the most neutral position as possible. That means a good back, neck, wrist posture.

  15. Finally someone who understand, it's seem that people here are playing in a perfectly straight hand/body posture like a statue.

  16. Well you definetly want a straight wrist as much as possible and good posture. It's hard not to have a small bend at times, just minimize it. Classical position with straight wrist is good, but thumb up with straight wrist is also good. That's my point to counter what people are saying.

  17. YT string muting. Most people post Ben Ellers video on it. Other good videos too.

  18. Take in person guitar lessons so an experienced player can critique you in person. It'll start you off on correct form, posture, and tailor your learning to your interests instead of a generic program.

  19. Just curious why are you running them and why not run scales or chromatic exercises?

  20. Yep, have done spider walks and I'm pushing my wrist forward to play on the tips, perfect explanation.

  21. I would highly encourage you to watch your favourite bands/guitarists live on YT. Look at their hands and finger orientation when playing chords and then with single note riffs. Watch how they mute, especially on single notes.

  22. What are you trying or playing? Something like an open G chord? Or a single note?

  23. Great progress. Here's some stuff I'd work on.

  24. It sounds like you are focusing on going through the modules instead of absorbing what is taught. Grade 1 in 2 months is fast. At the end of grade 1 you know all the basic chords, some riffs, rythym, strumming. With that knowledge you should be able to play alot of songs. IMO go back and learn the songs from the previous modules or branch out and learn songs you enjoy with what was taught. I would do this by watching videos or looking at tabs and practicing to a metronome or the actual song slowed down. IMO these apps like his play along app or fender play, etc, are OK to start, but crutches afterwards.

  25. Knocking on heaven's door gnr. Solos aren't too bad.

  26. See a physical therapist. Doctor is likely going to refer you there. Recovery will be rest, stretching, massage, heat, and strengthening exercises once you can handle them. Ask your doctor/PT about whether you should have anti inflammation drugs or ice. Mine always recommend not to (onlynfor acute injuries) and there are recent studies to suggest not to. As this is the internet, don't listen to me, ask your doctor/PT.


  28. Iyv. Knockoffs on Amazon. Sometimes listed as ivy guitars.

  29. Yeah that’s it. Was hoping it was something worth a purchase.

  30. It might be just as good quality as one of the other major manufacturers in the same price range. Who knows, it might even be same factory as a name brand. See if any YT reviews?

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