1. I've tried Elysium and Septimus... I wish I could get Elsyiums locations with Septimus texture packs. Elysium is way too performance intensive, I'm frequently floating at around 11 gigs vram and even bumping my 12 gig limit on occasion. That's unnacceptable imo. It does a lot right though, but I can't say if its actually better then Septimus as I just started with Septimus. I do like S's MUCH better performance and graphics are damn near the same from my perspective.

  2. Oh damn yeah that much VRam usage is far too much, I only have 8. Downloading septimus right now! I feel as though there's a limit to graphics before I end up not realising improvements and just throw away performance for no real benefit and Septimus seems like it'll perfectly meet that. All I really wanted is slightly better textures and some nicer effects, anything past that I'm quite blind to haha.

  3. Well I tried pretty much all the modlists available on Wabbajack before deciding on one and start a long playthrough.

  4. Did flick through the modlist and a good quarter were just NSFW garbage. Ended up going with Septimus, downloading it right now! I think it'll be a good place to start and maybe I'll swap for another playthrough to something like Living Skyrim 4 (which seems due 2022/23)

  5. My reference to that was connected to the comment before, that one who tries and help a drowning person but fails could be also legally responsabile, not necessarily to the story OP was talking about

  6. You didn't reply where you're from so I'm assuming UK instead. If you read the good sam law for the UK it will reiterate exactly what I said. Best to go back to your sexual spiderman comics, seems to be more your reading level.

  7. This ain’t probably what your looking for but I had an Xbox upstairs and one downstairs and my wife wanted to try out Sea of Thieves and we both setup or phones and did a video call

  8. Aha yeah that doesn't sound great but thanks for the suggestion.

  9. If it's gonna be a pile of shit, at least it'll be a nice looking pile of shit.

  10. I don't play Tarkov but play similar games (Stalker Anomaly), just figured I'd comment because I just went through this exact process.

  11. Only 3 more years of Build until Windows 11 become available for normal use for Public just like Windows 10 took 4 years to mature.

  12. X4 with high gain for the MMX300

  13. Looking at all the specs isn't the x4 and the GC7 essentially the same but the GC7 has easier out of software customisation?

  14. I agree completely tbh. I've always been happy with anything past 40fps but anything before looks horrible to me.

  15. Bought and returning the GSX1200, completely destroyed my mic quality and actually weirdly made noises like fans way worse.

  16. Sound was pretty good, it did make my meh headphones that I tested it on a bit nicer, didn't try the surround 7.1 on a game because I was so pissed with the mic audio that I just wanted to get returns started asap.

  17. No, I never said we should. However it is the lesser of the two evils.

  18. So now you've contradicted yourself. Why are you contributing to your own problems which you say others should not?

  19. This can’t be a real sanctioned breast cancer awareness shirt, is it? I’m asking because a lot of women lose their nipples and breasts because of breast cancer, and talking about how great nipples and boobs are might seem a bit tone deaf to survivors of breast cancer who now have neither, but still support the cause.

  20. Had the same experience, with all three games actually. I did as much side stuff as I encountered and still had only about half the playtime as I see others have.

  21. You can always click add non-steam game on the bottom left of steam and launch anomaly through steam. That way you get the steam overlay.

  22. Steam Overlay can fuck up performance on XRay engine IIRC. It was completely disabled by default on the OG games.

  23. I haven't personally ran into issues with it on anomaly or SoC. I'd say its worth a try.

  24. That's interesting! Thank you and I'll give it a go next time I play. :)

  25. Oh you want to get personal. Now I know you’re a fucking idiot. “I rEaLisE i’M a fUckWit sO I havE tO PerSonaLLy aTtacK pOepLe.”

  26. Just ironic that you're a walking caricature of a pedophile whilst victim blaming a kid.

  27. But monolith was already unlocked...

  28. What is it with you weebs and turning everything into little girls

  29. Every gaming subreddit I join has weird ass anime drawings on it occasionally.

  30. Went I went to uni we had the magic circle pushed down our throats like it was the be all and end all. I remember I nearly fell asleep on a work experience day because it was so boring. And grey. God even the canteen looked like life had been drained from it.

  31. Same for me to be honest. Only just finished first year but as long as I can do my training etc. Within a criminal/tort type area then I'm happy. Not enthusiastic at all about big commercial firms.

  32. If a major reason you were attracted to your girlfriend was her weight, then you need to really ask yourself if you are actually attracted to HER and not just her looks.

  33. Finally a fair comment that wasn't downvoted into oblivion.

  34. This is the most «please make the entire fandom like me» generated tweet I’ve seen in my life.

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