What antiwork means to a lot of us

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  1. Just look at all these Canadian mandate protesters. Not my friendly country people.

  2. They are not “Canadians”. Just like most of the money that funded them.

  3. Let us guess. They're not going to college.

  4. Much more likely to see the inside of a cell than a textbook!

  5. I came her to say - no human can be either “manly” or “happy” wearing the slides of 90 year old nail salon employee!

  6. My all time favourite writer and thinker. Just rewatched “Last Chance to See” and absolutely loved it.

  7. He studied in Canada. We spell “labour” properly, you ignore twit.

  8. That second part is wholly inaccurate for me… just one overeducated white guy wothna serious socialist bent.

  9. My professional life bears out exactly this. The years I spent struggling financially were also the ones where I had the hardest time managing my goals. As soon as I was no longer living pay-check to pay-check and having to choose between eating and paying my insurance, I became significantly more proficient and capable at my job. UBI should have been the way 30 years ago!

  10. Its not so much the language issue as it is the attitude of the French speakers in Montreal.

  11. I was put off by Quebec for many years because of my experiences in Montreal but I found the people in Quebec City to be wildly different in their attitudes, a lot of younger people were actually excited to be able to practice their English, and I found that they were a lot more accepting of anglophones

  12. I’ve not been to Quebec City since Middle School but I found a similar reality skiing Tremblant / Mount Saint Anne. I didn’t mean to imply all Quebecers were this way, just my experience in Montreal.

  13. There was a bitch involved in the interaction but it wasn't you, your Shift, ASM, SM or his wife.

  14. Okay, here’s what’s going on with this. Alberta is full of the most selfish human beings Canada has ever produced. Driving is one of the main places you can see that issue manifest itself but it’s also obvious when in any line up, when you watch them interact with customer service staff or the fact that 95% have never returned a shopping cart in their lives! Now we get to consider which members of Albertan society are the ones leaving their borders and interacting with other Canadians. Not the best of the bunch and I’d bet half of them are vacationing and doubling down on the sense of entitlement they spew out into the world. The other half are traveling out of province for work, I won’t say any more on that because there’s no need.

  15. Tell me you have trouble reading children’s books without saying a word…

  16. Those hot dogs, are among the most revolting things I’ve ever eaten and I only had a single bite before spitting it out and throwing the whole damnable thing in the trash. I wouldn’t feed them to someone else’s starving dog!

  17. I didn’t live in Calgary but spent 4 years with it as my closest city and after 40 years in Toronto I can honestly say it’s not even worth considering!

  18. This just happened to my partner. Make sure you have a recording of the insurance company telling you your cost. We were told it would be $0.00 for their procedure. And then got a bill for $10,000. Called ins and got the “Yeah we don’t cover that provider.” Told about the $0 and they listened to their own recording and marked it back to $0. We are still getting the $10,000 bill and fighting it. What a headache the US insurance/health care system is.

  19. There is no health care system in the US! It’s a massive ponzu scheme designed to keep the slaves broke and in line. Until the voters realize the only way out of the current system of financial slavery is to bankrupt the Republican Party 95% of you are doomed to the constant possibility of medical necessity bankrupting your families! Socialized medicine is amazing and profit on the back of medical service is utterly immoral.

  20. This is a case of more publicity actually working out negatively. People weren't thinking about their Netflix subscription because it's always been there. Now Netflix has made people question, "Do I need this?" And increasingly those users are answering "No."

  21. Exactly. After many years, I’m about to dump it and add Crave/HBO or Disney, which we have not tried previously. The days of Netflix having Netflix the best new content seem to be long gone and I honestly hoping Apple will pick up I the pace on their new content and make their service worth keeping. As it stands, its only worthwhile as a free perk from purchasing their devices. Their content is fantastic but but very limited.

  22. We've seen numerous examples of violence when the 'muslim community' gets pissed off.

  23. To be clear, we should be at a point in history where each and every “phobia” based on ignorance or religion is prohibited and universally disdained. If you can’t internalize that and treat each and every individual you come encounter with the respect due to an individual human being, you are part of the problem.

  24. Yeah, but by jumping right to neighbor vigilantism YOU violate the social contract. At least attempting an initial reconciliatory discussion (or leaving it up to bylaw enforcement) puts you in the moral high ground. You tried to abide by the social contract.

  25. You’re right, I would be. In this case, I’m providing an intentional reminder of the reason why we object to selfishness of those who breach the fundamentals. The reason we have laws, is because without them, the worst of us take advantage of the rest of us. If you are willing to break to the law and force others to suffer because of it, what moral standing could you possibly have to complain when someone else makes you suffer as a side effect of breaking another law?

  26. Except that in the US, they can walk into any ER and have their immediate needs met. Access and affordability are not the same.

  27. Huge portions of the population won’t even accept having an ambulance called for them and you’re suggesting that those people are going to go to an ER that charges them 20x what every other first world nation does for care? And let me nine clear, when I go to an ER my bill is sent straight to the insurance company who pays the whole dammed thing!

  28. As someone who's likely seen far more decades than you, I believe you're wrong.

  29. I’ve lived through enough of them to see the signs of social collapse and studied the social construct for three of them. You can live a long, long time and learn very little, especially in a country that promotes and prizes ignorant, self indulgence above all else. Good luck in the ER!

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