As a white person living in the U.S., I want someone to tell me why at 29 years old I’m just learning about the Tulsa massacre from youtube? This is one of the evil acts that whites have committed against black people in our history and I should have learned about it.

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  1. Me too. I was magnetized to other borderline people, and it makes dating so painful.

  2. Its wildly believed that the wrong therapy is worse than no therapy

  3. First, dont use anything to pinish your cat. Thats not how they learn. Thats how they get to fear you. Read any expert and they'll say not to use water or anything to scare your cat. Your boyfriend sounds awful

  4. It's not punishing them; it's harmless behavior modification. They can't understand basic human language. The hissing from canned air or any compressed air (like a tire pump for your bike or car) resembles a cat's hiss, so you're basically speaking their language. I've used it on my cats and they still love me. They still lay in my lap when they want to or curl up beside me when I'm in bed.

  5. Thats your uneducated option. Animal behaviorist say you're wrong. I have no reason to argue with you. I know people used to say this was ok, its not. I feel bad for your cat. There's kids who still get spanked because it was ok. Behavior modification now uses rewarding good behavior and ignoring inappropriate behavior. They stopped punishment of "bad" behavior years ago.

  6. Stressful. It sounds flattering, but if you like both guys or not, its Stressful, especially if one gets into stalker mode

  7. Yes. Stressful specially if all you want to do is be friends with everyone.

  8. Yeah, I had no bad feelings toward him. He wasn't at all generous or romantic when were together.

  9. So you cheated was it because you needed to wait longer?

  10. Yeah, the guy was so awful in the end that made me wait. We weren't exactly engaged, he was so immature. I didn't sleep with my friend. We went to a party and he was there and we were at a table and I was sitting in between them and I made out with my friend, we didn't sleep together. The jerk stayed with me. I wish he hadn't.

  11. Probably. The Bible was a book. I dont believe in the magic part.

  12. Some naturally, one I had to say we were just going to be friends.

  13. Read everything you can before you start it. There are different side effects you may or may not experience, but you should be aware of them.

  14. Same. Not enough people are vaccinated for herd immunity and I like it.

  15. I have the regular semi colon tattoo. The woman who invented it killed herself so it kind of lost its meaning now. It looks nice.

  16. A relationship, especially if they're teens, but any other person. Who wants to be with someone takes you back because you manipulated them. Awful

  17. Holy fuck you Americans are ignorant. The term African American wasn't created until 1989 as a way to undermine goals of integration and so your political leaders could perpetually use this idiotic 'white guilt' bullshit on people.

  18. I'll go with the ignorance of America. . Are you saying we haven't inflicted insane amounts of terror on black people? Starting with bringing them over here on slave ships? Or do you think we were doing them a favor? Trump didn't have any white guilt at all, he unleashed racism that was previously hidden in pockets of white trash pockets of America.

  19. I agree with the ridiculous wars on terror going on endlessly. When the US started it by going over to the mid east to try and change a culture into "ours" from one theyve been practicing since the 7th century. Im not just speaking of slavery, there is a lot if racism happening in the US all over. Mostly from uneducated morons. My step dad was one. His mom was in the kkk. He had a 2nd grade education, I have white guilt just from living with him. I absolutely agrees with you about trump. That was a painful 4 years. Its a bizarre country in that each state has different laws on almost everything. We dont agree on hardly anything. Like with covid, we have states that have decided they don't need masks or anything to prevent spreading it. Other countries had it under control really quickly because they respected their leader, because they didn't tell their citizens to drink bleach.

  20. I didn't forget my nice partners. I usually broke up with them because I knew the relationship was hurting both of us. Please don't read those articles. Theyre written by angry people. Dr Daniel Fox has a YouTube channel. There are different videos including ones about relationships if you want to understand more. Im sorry for your pain. I ensure he is hurting too.

  21. Some of those articles are written as though we aren't even people.

  22. Yeah.Ive found sites all written by angry guys who were 'victims ' of a bpd ex gf. They are mad.

  23. I know I was depressed earlier, but it got worse around this time in middle school. Really rough time in general.

  24. I find it gross that she plays the victim of a horrible religion that subjects people to torture in a tv show yet in real life she's a member of a horrible religion that has a history of subjecting people to horrible torture.

  25. Thats why she's always flipping off the camera ar award shows. People bring that up all the time. Danny Masterson is going to court for multiple rape charges. His manager already dropped him. Netflix killed him off the show he was on.

  26. She's the scientologist I'm not talking about their relationship. She'll be single just like Tom Cruise because they can't be with anyone outside of their cult.

  27. Anyone famous for being rich or famous. Same with the Hiltons literally no talent.

  28. I wouldn't notice them. I think you'll be fine. Remember, people are way more focused on themselves

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