1. I feel like I've gotten pretty normal customer service. They were also pretty easy and helpful to setup my home insurance. I did try to tell them I was in the Space Force sometime in 2021 though and they had never heard of it, thought I was a civilian.

  2. Same. I never seemed to have an issue with them and one of the customer service reps knew about the Space Force and had an interest to join.

  3. Depends on where you are assigned. At my previous unit, I worked with our team to issue woobies, sleeping bags, Massif jackets, multitool, headlamp, waffle shirt, steel toe boots, deployment bags (3-day and rolling duffel), and other deployment related gear for our Airmen and Guardians. Just need a good justification and work with your RAs. This is the time you should have a unit spend plan ready for potential UFR data calls.

  4. A couple of my comm buddies that transferred regret it for different reasons. One literally just wants to return to Japan and the AF has more opportunity for him to do so. The other is in a single cyber billet within a space unit and feels underappreciated and underutilized by his command team.

  5. Those are more challenging factors to keep people in the service. Before my former Airman and I accepted transfer, we talked in detail about assignment limitations, stifled promotion opportunities, and fewer deployment options, especially with a smaller military service. I am not sure if others had such conversations or bought into the hype. Having served in Yokota, Japan, I can't blame Guardians, Airmen, and all service members for seeking Japan assignments.

  6. NGL, I put my hands in my pockets especially when public speaking because I don’t know what to do with them otherwise. Lol

  7. Just keep them at your side or use them to accent a key point when speaking. Though I suppose you can keep them above your shoulders like Ricky Bobby.

  8. Sometimes? The AF officer corps is founded on elitism, it goes all the way back to the early days of Army aviation.

  9. But there's no way enlisted can be pilots...

  10. Image credit and sauce: ClearSpace-1: Earth’s First Space Debris Removal Mission from the UK Space Agency.

  11. Happy Holidays, but no need to watch all of the Matrix movies and Animatrix--just watch the first one. One was enough and told the story well.

  12. Dont know why the community is downvoting you like crazy over your Matrix comment ha. I myself liked all 3 of the original and the new one they just put out. Mainly because I love the universe and the idea behind it more than the execution of the film. Yet, I agree, the first one could stand on its own, but the story at that point was about 85% completed.

  13. Until you commented, I did not realize people downvoted it. The first movie was good, but two and three looks like they had enough of a story for 1.5 movies. I like the idea of an 85% great movie that allows interpretation for how the story ends. The other movies looked more like tumblr fanfic with Hollywood financial backing.

  14. For sure, and if anyone has questions/want a status update they should interface with their CSS and Delta S1 as they have the direct POC’s for this.

  15. If it is with S1, I can query the system and provide a status update to those who want to know. I'll communicate those details on more secure means (CAC-enabled e-mail or MS Teams).

  16. Their are currently 4 people from my unit with paperwork at S1…. One Guardian would have pinned in his prior service back in September…. Still waiting

  17. I see 12 of 16 completed for S1. Feel free to exchange contact details via DM and I will look into the status of your 4 Guardians. I can provide status updates outside of Reddit for you and your team (mil e-mail or MS Teams).

  18. Definitely not me, but love the patch. The other designs were pretty awesome too.

  19. Man, "The official response is in coordination" hurts my soul. Evals, awards, assignments, PT? "It's in coordination."

  20. I’d like to see general board feedback, not core specific, and maybe some expectations of all 5Zs going forward.

  21. Agree with that, but the same for 22S8 too. Eventually, we should be able to do this for all of the enlisted boards with such a small service. I find it hard to mentor junior Guardians when I do not understand the current roadmap for the higher enlisted ranks.

  22. I think OP is saying that leadership IRL are critical of negative posts on Reddit.

  23. But if they can't complain on Teams, where else can they voice their grievances? Personally, I don't see an issue. If you're willing to say it to your leadership, on Teams, and semi-anonymously on Reddit, then our leaders should understand it is a legitimate issue. If it is not a legitimate issue, they should take the time to explain to the team why things may seem wrong and communicate the issue. We talk about flattening communications and encouraging transparency, but then stifle the process with cliques. Hopefully, we can be the change to fix this.

  24. There's a few of us who are only a couple deep - this subbreddit is literally my first stop for knowing what's actually going on, and having conversations with my fellow G's. I like it here.

  25. Reddit, Teams, and MilSuite were my go-to resources when away from the mothership. Now at the Mothership, I still find these resources useful along with walking in the hallways and asking random Guardians in the five-sided funhouse. Fortunately, our values mention Connection, but does not restrict how we maintain those networks.

  26. Waiting on higher powers (SecAF).

  27. Yes. It is sitting in TMT at the moment awaiting signatures. Lots of moving parts between SAF, AF, and SF leaders.

  28. It would be great if we could merge them all with one release. All evals due 1 January, board in March, results in May and new assignments in August.

  29. You are alotted one Home of Record move by TMO. Most junior Enlisted members use that once they move out of the dorms. That's what I did.

  30. Agree on the HOR move option. You only get one move, make sure it's worthwile. I did mine while still in the dorms. It was fine as I sold most of my stuff before joining the military, but may be worth saving until you get a semi-permanent off-base place.

  31. Firewall blocked it, but hope it was a good Rick roll.


  33. DRMO is always great for stuff like that. A few years ago, I found a Gateway laptop with a Pentium II processor at DRMO. Made for a great standalone system for a project at work.

  34. Getting ahead of the game on the did vs didn't make it theme. Some of the best advice I've heard from various leaders:

  35. Until there is a 5Z8 and 5Z9 competency framework, it is anyone's guess for what the service wants in their E-8 and E-9s. Anyone who "knows" likely has anecdotal examples at best. Until the service figures it out, all we can do is keep taking care of the job and our people--being an awesome human is absolutely correct.

  36. The natural rate of retirement of E8/9s along with additional positions being added to end strength is the primary reason I put up an estimate of 12%. Also, there is not a separate IST promotion board like last year.

  37. That's possible, but I think we have too many E-9s based on current enlisted manning. I am sure with future growth the extra billets will become necessary.

  38. Unfortunately, some of us are very, very good at hiding symptoms. I appreciate you posting this and being so open.

  39. Agreed and it is incredibly painful when it happens. Doesn't help the service is made mostly of introverts that do not like to share feelings. Always was a challenge working in the ISR career field and taking care of our troops.

  40. If it makes you feel any better, I'd imagine that 99.563333% of space force enlisted won't get picked up for this.

  41. Hmmm... Now I need to crunch some numbers.

  42. MyEval bad. USAF know. Finally. Why USSF use? Why USSF not communicate or make decision? USSF not USAF. We need make better decision. Communicate faster. Not through Facebook.

  43. Part of the problem came down to DAF ending the contract to support vPC. Without an alternative method to load admin records into the 180 or so Air Force-managed admin systems, cases must be loaded manually via CMS. Though we may only have 8,000 records to load for Guardians, we have 500,000 total force Airmen that use the same CMS system. The backlog would create more problems that solutions. Eventually, USSF will develop a separate system, but while we use the Air Force's systems, we have constraints aligned with Air Force admin requirements.

  44. AFPC is mostly Personnel so I’m confused on your comment. The USSF is working on building their own process, but is testing it before pushing it out.

  45. Rusty Shackleford had all the tricks.

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