1. predicted papers, best of both worlds :)

  2. I think you should include a result option - I'm interested but I'm aqa so don't want to press anything :)

  3. You need to add 3.5 to 22.4 which gives you the correct answer of 25.9

  4. Bit embarrassing like but you're right haha

  5. How are they attached to the wall?

  6. I took two steel rods (4mm x 18mm x ~120mm) and placed neodymium magnets on every ~10cm on both. Then I wrapped them in black electrical tape to keep the magnets in place and make it black. Then I wrapped some leather shoelaces around the ends for decoration and screwed them into the wall just under eachother :) DIY haha

  7. The equation for the number of atoms is number of moles of atoms x avogadros constant= number of atoms

  8. We're trying to have her hatch some eggs! I'm not entirely sure if she's been leaving the eggs to eat, drink, poop, ect. Because I've been busy doing other things but I have been bringing her some food and water. Will she die/hurt herself if she doesn't get up to poop because I haven't seen any droppings around her nest

  9. Ideally just watch her / set up a camera to see if she's leaving the nest by herself and if she is then just leave her.

  10. Okay! I'll definitely watch her for a bit, Thank you!

  11. Take a look at the Topo Designs Heritage Commuter briefcase. Great weather proof canvas, that you can wax if you so choose, and rich Horween leather. Not only a shoulder strap, but also hide away backpack straps. They also have a nylon version, still has Horween leather, for about $70 less.

  12. The best of both worlds. I like it. I'm definitely going to look further into it :)

  13. I personally use Nutsac in my graduate program. It's waxed canvas with leather.

  14. Meth, further meth, physics and geography.

  15. Light at the end of the tunnel haha

  16. Ayo are you from the same school as me, istg lol, I asked for extra paper and was told no, the whole maths department are going on about it now and the sendco and exam coordinator are about to fire some invegilators apartly

  17. Unlikely haha, but some of our invigilators definitely need getting rid of

  18. They should have no problem giving you extra paper, so idk why that happened. In cases like that, you could use any blank pages in the paper itself and put asterisks to direct the examiner to that section.

  19. Yeah that's exactly what I did with the back two blank pages. Just wanted to know for future reference for if there aren't blank pages or if I use them up. Will take it up with exam office at my school and hopefully be sorted for paper two. Thanks.

  20. We got told that a good way to guess is:

  21. This means the boundaries will be quite high.

  22. This is a GCSE 'help' group, people on this subreddit will be likely to try hard and people who try hard do well. I think all statistics in this sub will be skewed for the "easy" side of most statistics

  23. My answer for AQA bio higher (as similar as possible ofc):

  24. Not terrified but certainly not excited. I just crammed the whole "plant tissues, organs and systems" because I realised I did nothing on it which was good fun. Anyway, I'm off to sleep so best of luck to everyone tomorrow!

  25. Why do you put question marks at the end of command sentences? That’s not English?

  26. With that last sentence of yours I can't tell if you're joking or not...

  27. We get told to have a paragraph pre-prepared. A paragraph describing something that can be put anywhere. I have a description of a spider web, for example. The spider web can be on a tree outside or it can be in the corner of a room. You could do a bird also. A bird can be outside, it could fly inside, you could see it out of the window.

  28. You don't have to attend anything, you just need to be free that day in case you miss an exam :)

  29. I sometimes get these bad aura migraines where it affects my vision. If i get one that day is that a valid reason to miss the exam?

  30. It's not up to me to decide but if they are so bad they affect your vision I'd say yes it's valid.

  31. Primrose kitten and MME have some that you can pay for but nothing free that I know of.

  32. Just been scouring the internet and I have found some predicted Higher AQA biology papers if they're any use to you?

  33. probably means three school weeks?

  34. I second the Maths practice papers.

  35. Our English teacher swears by the British Library. Just type in whatever you want to read up on and lots of articles will show up. Just read over those.

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