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  1. Not a movie I guess, but man the Chernobyl mini-series was terrifying.

  2. The original Dracula, Frankenstein, and mummy on shudder’s classics and the original Halloween.

  3. The original Universal horrors are very cozy and comforting.

  4. Wow, this show likes killing babies! Love the series but if there's much more of this, I don't know if it's for me.

  5. Sunrise: a song of two humans (1927). Gorgeous-looking film and still makes me tear up every time!

  6. Thanks for your thoughts! I do like how 'Thunderdome' is a nice, positive ending for Max's story. The kids certainly contribute to that. Actually my favourite moment in the film is the last, gentle look he gives them before he accelerates his car and rams through Aunty Entity's hordes. I have to see 'Fury Road' as a reboot because Max is such a miserable, damaged creature (at first) in that film.

  7. Just put the scenes that got pulled out back in, and make the decision to go to Bartertown a little more connected and concrete.

  8. I wish they were available somewhere. The only one I know of is Max waking up after dreaming about his family and crying, which would have been touching. Are there more?

  9. You’ve probably seen them but my favorite westerns are: A Fist full of dollars, For a few dollars more, Silverado, and the Magnificent 7

  10. I haven't seen Silverado or Magnificent Seven ... Had better add those to the list!

  11. I absolutely love Italian Westerns. When I saw Once upon a Time in the West for the first time, I had to watch all similar films I could find. Unfortunately, very few came close to that masterpiece, but there are a few gems among the hundreds of B, C or D movies produced during the craze.

  12. Thanks for your thoughts! I was blown away by how good OUATITW is. Great that you were able to see it on the big screen as intended. I'd pay big bucks to do that. Is there a better opening scene in any film? I'm glad you mentioned emotions too - I found it very moving at times. Often these westerns have an undercurrent of melancholy or regret that I find very compelling. On the flip side, I did manage to see 'The Good, The Bad ..." At my local cinema years ago. That was a defining film experience I'll always treasure.

  13. If there's a film you want to see and your friends don't want to see it, why should you miss out? That's my attitude.

  14. I'd really like to see this now, as am really enjoying westerns at the moment.

  15. Love it, one of my favourite posession flicks. For some reason, I find the grossest moment is when she eats the rotting banana peel.

  16. I always find this question extremely difficult stupid.

  17. The point of the post was to generate chat and discussion amongst lovers of film. Not negativity and snark.

  18. Sorry you find my comment offensive, but some questions are simply so broad, generic, and common that are not discussion worthy.

  19. I guess the worth I find in the question is that it asks people to mention not necessarily their favourite film, but some sort of objective number one that perhaps they've formulated in their minds. No problem if you don't like the question, but perhaps comments can be honest without condemning as 'stupid'.

  20. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968). I can't stop thinking about it. I love Spaghetti Westerns, but this one just blew my mind. The camera work, the performances, the music ... Just sublime.

  21. I watched The Creature from the Black Lagoon on the big screen a couple of days ago in Melbourne, Australia. It was presented in real 3-D and was an absolute treat. Best 3-D effects I've ever seen and the film still holds up well!

  22. Time Machine (1960) is an excellent choice! I agree with your sentiments about the film. There's a melancholy aspect to it for me... to see the passage of time, people coming and going, lives lived that are long forgotten... and through all of the war and destruction, a simple and peaceful life is possible.

  23. All excellent films. I agree about the difference between the older era of filmmaking and now. They just can't seem to relax and let the story tell itself anymore. Journey to the centre of the earth is a fave too. Mason is wonderful!

  24. I like epic movies from the 60s. Something about those big, majestic soundtracks and physical sets and costumes, and tons of extras in the bg: ben hur, the fall of the roman empire, lawrence of arabia, etc

  25. Me too! I think Ben Hur is the greatest film ever made. It just has everything, and what an emotional ending.

  26. Is Putin a 'celebrity'? Man, I'd like to punch that ugly face into jelly.

  27. Woman of the Year (1941). Absolutely loved it. It was a delight watching Tracy and Hepburn fall in love on-screen. I teared up in the wedding scene when Hepburn weeps over her relationship. Lots of beautiful moments, both lighthearted and sad. A true classic!

  28. Yes, to the title. I mean, that's why we're here.

  29. What an amazing take on the topic. Thank you for your extremely well-written insights!

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