1. - Brothers - both the Swedish original from 2004 and the American remake from 2009

  2. The Bridport Prize website offers quite a lot of materials about memoirs (it's all related to their recently announced Memoir Award). I would definitely recommend checking this out:

  3. Baby, you're gonna miss that plane.

  4. TuiN only works on subway and trams. Buses are a separate thing. If you want to use all types of public transport, you need a SUMA card.

  5. He could not be 'naturally talented' (which is another way of saying 'a chosen one') but a guy who has worked hard to achieve his level of skill and then gets thrown into a play much bigger than he'd ever ask for.

  6. The thing that has helped me the most was realizing that nobody really cares about me or my writing. Each and every one of us is way too focused on ourselves to notice someone else's failures.

  7. It's not sexist, but it is cheap and follows the extremely boring trope of a woman being nothing more than a vessel for creating other human beings (realized by both the protagonist and her victims). Also, the fact that the lost child was 'the last piece of her loving husband' implies that her life is meaningless without the man or at least a piece of the man.

  8. This sounds quite interesting! As for whether it's odd - Sapkowski's The Witcher series started with short story collections and then evolved into the proper saga, so it's definitely been done. With some success, I would say.

  9. Hi! I want to start by thanking you for sharing your paper. It sounds very honest and seems to be coming straight from your heart.

  10. There's also a nice article about this in Wireframe:

  11. One planet can only supply one unit of a given resource to a single destination. You would need two other biomass-producing planets connected to the lab to supply three units of biomass (you actually did that with people - one person from one planet, another from the second one).

  12. Hi! There's a nice intro-strategy guide written by one of the players on Steam:

  13. Once you invent the technology, the relays will appear in the structure tab on the left (where labs are). You drag a relay to the map and use it as a connector between two planets/structures.

  14. I have two free relays. I drag them to the map and nothing happens, they're just idle there. If i build routes to them they just sit empty

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