1. Yes that is exactly what I meant I’ve done this before at a winery in Temecula and wanted to see if there was a place in Paso Robles to do so

  2. Not Paso, but it seems you’re in California. Artiste in Los Olivos lets you blend your own barrel.

  3. __ with an ice cube? If you’re at a single bottle of each and not going to reorder, I wouldn’t worry about trying to make something unique. Offer to elevate a Hemingway daiquiri with Diplomatico or a whiskey lemonade or blackberry bramble with Jack Single Barrel.

  4. Alamos’s Malbec is a great value wine. Decent stuff for only $8-$12.

  5. At our local grocery (Ralph’s, SoCal) you can pick them up for $6-7 when you buy 6 bottles (mix & match). Great for the price point, a daily drinker, but not the first bottle we’d put out for guests.

  6. In Tarbean, when Kvothe reads Denna's hair for the first time, he says something to the tune of "Yllish story knots are made with 4 strands instead of 6".

  7. Listen to me three times (2+2+2=6 // 2x2x2=8). Illian’s lute had eight strings. An octave composed of four and four. It sung songs of power.

  8. Anytime I’m at a work dinner and ordering, Austin Hope is always my go-to. Solid California cab, and excellent at that price point.

  9. The Transpac is a sailing race from LA to Hawaii and can be done in less than a week. California to Philippines in 3months is easy

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