1. “Any single place in this world” (other than the US)

  2. Did Pogues get a contract or another contender series fight

  3. Just tuning in. First two fights were decisions - any of the winners likely to not get a contract?

  4. Would have never thought he'd be going on a free to Betis when he broke through in the first team. That said, I'd rather just pay his wages as an insurance policy and have him as a backup than have his contract terminated.

  5. Wonder what this does to ESPN for the Big 12 and PAC 12 football & basketball rights.

  6. I know the ESPN has the SEC but it’s also why ESPN needs other conferences to survive. Especially for Thursday night games, ESPN 1/2/U and the conference networks and streaming.

  7. If they're making changes, I wouldn't be too surprised to see a massive overhaul. Tournament is 32 teams and after first or second round it becomes a best 2 out of 3 series.

  8. Don’t disagree. But it’s probably where things go if there’s a power leagues breakaway from the NCAA tournament

  9. It seems like every time she’s dating someone its “incredible” and “the best ever” and “I’ve never been happier” and then 2-3 years later they break up. I think she just gets bored easily. I’m surprised she is dating him to be honest and married him so quickly. I hope she’s happy but not sure if she really is.

  10. Largely agree. Also weird that he had a kid that he’s rumored to have never seen (saw on Dailymail). I hope she’s happy but it seems like a strange relationship from the outside.

  11. The bucks owner is getting the team it seems and the stadium is supposedly planned for south of the strip next to the lot by the whole foods. Dates, time and more of when it will be fully announced is up in the air. Let's just say it will be before the world cup

  12. So when Kyle comes to SHR does Custer go to RWR Cup or SHR Xfinity?

  13. How the hell does Liberty University sponsor a Nascar team, a big one at that? I feel like he drives the LU car a ton too.

  14. What state are you in? Lots of sportsbooks around and can just utilize the promos and free bets to decide if it’s for you or not.

  15. VAR is pathetic. That’s a penalty. At least have the documentation between the ref and the VAR room available live like rugby.

  16. So did he get a lot better over the past year, was there PFL flight a fluke, or was his PFL opponent very good?

  17. Seems like Bellator has a better 145 division than UFC minus Nunes.

  18. Has sponsorship from Icon direct for the whole season and is getting some funding from NASCAR itself. (One of several in ARCA)

  19. How does that work? NASCAR writes a check to drivers they want in their top 3 series for whatever reasons while they’re in ARCA?

  20. At this rate, I'd rather see SMI put their resources in Wilkesboro. It's a cool track that the people actually want to see.

  21. Next step is to get the financial proposal passed, iirc. It was pending and the Fair board needed to fill their fifth spot on the board.

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