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  1. For someone who's supposed to "choose his words carefully" He's going on a toxic twitter rampage. Looking at his links, it looks like he's consuming a lot of garbage sources. Garbage in garbage out.

  2. I’ll admit I’m late to the Jordan Peterson dislike train. I defend the books he wrote that did help young men struggling with meaning in their lives.

  3. One million seconds is 11 1/2 days. One billion seconds 31 YEARS.

  4. Torts was with the Jackets for six seasons. PDB was with the Knights for what... 2.5 seasons?

  5. Yes but 1.5 of those seasons were rife with success

  6. How did you get the screen to be so well lit up?

  7. Every time I have tried to mix weed and energy drinks I just go to full drunk mode.

  8. Smoke more weed, drink less chemical drinks

  9. The irony of this is I used to stream NHL from pirated stream sites over the last few years and all the pop up ads were for bet 360 and a few other gambling sites that are now shown on intermissions of hockey games. Wild shit.

  10. It's really based on what ownership wants from this team. If Sharks rebuild, the new GM would have no loyalties to the current vets. Getting rid of the long term contracts still won't be easy but much more likely because of new management. Again only if the ownership finally agrees to rebuild.

  11. We've been cashing in on that all season long too!

  12. Took him until January to hit his stride but by golly he did that and then some.

  13. Chanting mvp after literally injuring someone out of frustration. Classy as always leaf fans

  14. $100 for factory seconds in non-OG configuration, while they know people have been asking for 2019’s for a long time is beyond scummy.

  15. Interesting take. I splurged on the Omni Obsidian a few months back and I love how the flavor lasts for so many draws. It does take more hits to clear a bowl though. Based on the feedback from this group, I figured I may have made a mistake on not opting for the much more affordable Vong. Still love my Omni though.

  16. Does the 75$ M version work well or do u need the expensive one ?

  17. Dynavaps are like tvs. You got your flagship M which gets you where you need to go. But your premium ones cost way higher for a small luxury/convenience bonus.

  18. Tampa has the same colour scheme as us, but their jerseys are so much uglier

  19. I bet the person that designed the Tampa logo splooped their underwears in a taxi cab sometime in their life.

  20. Anyone one else find Sportsnet shilling gambling between commercials completely fucked up?

  21. Hope you're diggin' the Mighty. I have both and I find that they are great for their own purpose.

  22. That was my first VapCap. Not long after, I got the VAS itch. Such a beauty.

  23. Could be! Should it come off? Like if you want to and put back? Never seen that done

  24. Its not meant for the device. looks like a mess up. I would email Dynavap and ask them about it. Maybe they'll send you a free Vapcap

  25. Either you play too much arena or you don't play the game at all if you don't know this lol

  26. Haven’t played like I used to. How long have they been here and how long will they stay?

  27. Well they're here since today cuz it's 4th may, the day of Star Wars; iirc they will be gone in a week and the star wars items will be here for 2 weeks.

  28. I have a 21 Omni and 20 Ti-Tip and I recently went back to the Ti-Tip. Omni delivers amazing flavor but its super slow extraction.

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