1. I don't feel that is that far off. The CB could undercut and jump for it.

  2. No CB in the history of the NFL can make that play. He's out of phase. There is no world where you're looking for the ball when you're that far behind. The only thing you're thinking about is trying to catch up and make the tackle to prevent a touchdown.

  3. Were you able to offer this video to the authorities to determine fault?

  4. I'm sure OP who kept driving took the time to offer the vid to the Hwy Patrol.

  5. Still not sure what the has to do with 10 women who did settle renting a suite for the game. I’m a woman and in no way would I want to continue to create a subject myself to this spectacle after a horrible situation.

  6. If I were in this position I'd want absolutely nothing to do with the NFL. Frankly I want absolutely nothing to do with him. I was so happy when they said were out of the running, then the very next day they agreed to terms.

  7. We didn't change the locks when Baker moved out and Baker gave Alice Cooper (who we know lives at the Rock Hall)a spare key to house sit when we are on away games. Turns out Mr. Cooper, as revenge for Baker having stay up playing Xbox with Jed on the Jumbotron thus making all that noise, decided to trash the place.

  8. Well, we know Baker wasn't starting Sunday. Was he at practice that day?????

  9. "The average Howard Stern hater listens for 2 and a half hours a day"

  10. Almost got tears in my eyes watching. Something bout the Browns just keep us coming back. It's just something bout how hard we believe we can do it no matter how many times we fail and men like Jacoby share that passion and it's great to see. I want him to stay as a leader for us, but I know he will get a great offer somewhere

  11. Anyone know where I can watch the replay? Home sick. Need some happiness.

  12. Jacoby Brissett came in and did his job with professionalism and a team first attitude. I did not know much about him before this season, but I’m a fan now.

  13. LMAO I am watching this right now. Literally at that part.

  14. Me too man, me too. Now the nightmare begins. Mods are going to have 31 other teams fans blowing this place up.

  15. The first week when he was crying for having the opportunity sealed it for me. Best wishes Jacoby.

  16. I personally hate what is happening. Jacoby is such a likable, non rapey guy.

  17. What's the general consensus in Cleveland about Watson? Is it as negative as the rest of the country?

  18. I can't say that none of us are backing him because I have actually seen people in #4 jerseys at the games.

  19. Bro. You're one of the ones I recognize. Please don't feed it. I hate it too. There is a line.

  20. If you’re coming from the East, go around dead man’s curve and get off at Chester.

  21. Dude. Don't spread misinformation. E.9th is closed from the Shoreway southbound to Lakeside on gamedays. Op. Message me. I'll give you the golden ticket

  22. You mean the sandwich with a moist maker that you’ve stole ?!

  23. Pretty sure they make you take your hat off.

  24. didn’t really “fool around”….kissed briefly. The fun bobby episode ended up with someone’s underwear in a tree

  25. I am going to say this is way more talent than I have. I just would have liked to see part of the bottom jaw coming out of the water and some waves in the water.

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