1. Dude. I had this chick demand me to hit her during sex so I playfully PLAYFULLY hit her in the face and she went from 0-100 in an instant. I started choking her lightly and she choked me back. It kept going. It was top 3 best sex I ever had.

  2. I need you to choke me like you mean it.

  3. Is it just me or does he switch which elbow he’s holding? The ball hits his right elbow, but halfway down the line he’s holding his left. Is that why he’s laughing?

  4. If you slow it down frame by frame he gets the right elbow out of the way and it hits the inside of his left elbow.

  5. Mom just bought her kid an ass whooping somewhere down the road by interfering.

  6. Cleveland Cliffs or Sherwin Williams are the front runners IMO should the name change

  7. Cliffs owns fucking everything in Cleveland. I could see it. They just bought out the ArcelorMittal steel mill and the biggest scrap metal company in Cleveland.

  8. Cliffs bought Arcelor? Holy shit. 😳

  9. They did. The past few months they are not even buying local. They are feeding themself from some steel mill demo in KY.

  10. Walker retired after the 97 season. Vinatieri was a rookie in 96. Amazing their careers crossed over.

  11. Our group did this "prank" for a while until one time I got hit and before I took my next drink and noticed the glass chipped. Thank god I looked at it first. I'm sure drinking a glass shard would not be a good thing.

  12. I am not hoping for any miracle with Brissett. I think he is what we thought he is.

  13. Hoping and expecting are two different things. We can always hope.

  14. In Cleveland there are a lot of parking garages and lots that get used for the downtown workers during week and double as tailgating lots on the weekends for games.

  15. Happy for you guys and Jarvis. He's going home. We absolutely loved his time here.

  16. This is the first time I was impressed by the social media staff since Allie left.

  17. I find it surprising that the Steelers have played the entire AFCN but the rest of the AFCN hasn’t played each other

  18. Man, a browns / ravens playoff game... people would literally die. We at least respect you guys for the vote against the move.

  19. This is pretty much every year. Three away games in the division and BAL is 314, PIT is 125, and CIN is 222. We're all "close".

  20. I fucking love this guy! Idk why but he kinda reminds me of Mr. T. I think its his cadence lol

  21. Awe but I like the NFL's letter calling Hue a bad coach

  22. Save for the next shift. Holy shit he is a monster. I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre for "Dinner & a movie" with the wife tonight. He puts me to shame.

  23. We're all huge sports fans. From the owner of the company on down. We broadcast Tribe games on a big screen when they play afternoon games. There is a lot of ball busting, pranks, and "fuck you"s all day. Gotta have fun even if it is work.

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