1. You can’t TELL me that “Batgirl” with Michael Keaton wouldn’t have done better than this.

  2. Hoping you’re right. Always been a fan of Plant.

  3. Not a fan. Watched it only out of a sense of completeness, back when Star Wars was my only love.

  4. Saw one for the first time in sunset park the other day. Tried to talk to the cop about it, but he essentially told me to fuck off in so many words.

  5. Personally no. But I’m a firm believer that, you can make just about ANYTHING work, if you know how to rock it. And a significant part of that? Attitude and confidence.

  6. It’s the Matrix film that I come back to more and more and more than any other Matrix film.

  7. Of course they are. Even if they weren’t, they’re going to say they are with Michelle Yeoh being the hottest thing in the universe right now.

  8. I can see that people here are a little bit more reasonable that the folks over on the main Daredevil sub.

  9. If we think about the MCU as comics brought to life, it’s really not a big deal. How many times have we seen a character’s origin story told and retold? Every writer includes their own shading in the retelling, right?

  10. It’s bull$hit. Same way Disney wanted to blame “toxic, male, misogynists” for Star Wars SUCKING. Zachary Levi, Rachel Zegler, and David Sandberg can cry harder. Make good movies, the people will come. End of story. They want to blame someone? Blame Gunn and Safran, who have basically written off any anything that’s not part of their“new thing”

  11. Im a huge Batman/DC fan. Somehow I’ve never given Gotham a shot. I want to know two things: 1. Why should I watch it. 2. Why shouldn’t I watch it?

  12. 1.Having watched most of it, I honestly can’t think of any reason why you SHOULD watch it, other than maybe curiosity of how they interpret classic Batman characters and Gotham City.

  13. Thank you to OP for recalling the memory (no matter how hazy it was!

  14. No. I am HOPING that when they announce the cast of the Fantastic Four, it’s as comic accurate as possible. I love Michael B. Jordan as an actor, but him being cast as Johnny took me out of the film a bit (actually there were a TON of things that took me out of “Fantastic Four”. Casting Johnny Storm was just one of them)

  15. Either one would’ve been INFINITELY BETTER in the role. But considering she gets killed off, Maggie was fine. No offense, but killing her off? No biggie.

  16. Yeah. Like no offense, but I don’t think I’ve ever said to myself, “Man, Jason Clarke was SO good in [insert movie/TV show here]”

  17. Yes. It was the culmination of the entirety of the MCU up to that point. There were themes and subplots explored that never were adequately resolved or addressed.

  18. I miss the days when you HAD to go to the movies to see trailers. It used to mean something to not miss the them, and there was nothing like the surprise of seeing something that, in many cases, you didn’t even know it was coming, on the big screen. I was barely knee high to a grasshopper in ‘78, so I only have the faintest of memories of seeing it in theaters. To be a few years older, and to see THAT in theaters, I would’ve lost my mind.

  19. If we take Star Wars as a generational saga. Then it goes PT-OT-NJO

  20. Absolutely. NJO was the continuation of the saga that we deserved.

  21. It was funnier when Eddie Murphy said it in “Eddie Murphy: Delirious” FORTY YEARS AGO.

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