1. Do we have the same mom? I’ve always heard a soft but clearly disgusted “but she’s a tramp” from my mom every time JLo has been mentioned for the last 20 years.

  2. My parent's aren't super plugged into pop culture, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear my mom talk about how little respect she had for Johnny Depp while the trial was going on earlier this year. It kinda reminded me of that one

  3. My 70 year old very Southern mother knows I love celeb gossip. She pulled me aside to tell me how, “that Johnny Depp is just one big ol’ piece of trash-always has been!”

  4. I got a text offering 30% off an annual TestTube sub with the code 30FORYOU, but nothing about FGF.

  5. Has anyone tried to use this code? 30FORYOU? It’s telling me the code isn’t valid on the items in my cart. The only thing in my cart is the annual subscription so I’m confused. It could be user error lol but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  6. No, sorry, I haven’t tried it. I’ve never subscribed to TestTube. Ugh. It sucks they’re running a good promotion no one can use!

  7. They've been commissioned for a seventh season and are apparently seeking a new host for the big throne. It'll be interesting to see how that goes.

  8. I’m so happy the show will continue with a new host. I love all the international versions and getting to see so many talented people I never would’ve heard about otherwise.

  9. I’ve always wanted to try “I Am Trash” just for the name alone!

  10. I was super skeptical at first too, but I've gotten a couple

  11. Your lashes sound like mine. I bought the famous Shu Uemura curler that’s an HG for many, but it doesn’t get my outer lashes at all. I’ll have to give the heated one a try!

  12. I know this isn’t even close to touching on the point of the video, but she looks so different without heavy eye makeup that I wouldn’t have recognized her if her name wasn’t in the title.

  13. I picked the eye cream because I’ve absolutely loved everything I’ve tried by Byroe (that carrot mask in flash is amazing), and their products are so expensive Ipsy is pretty much my only option to get Byroe on my budget.

  14. I love the angled brush. I ordered it and the Laruce Beauty angled shader. They are both so good

  15. I got that Firma angled brush in my GB and was blown away. It fits my eye perfectly. I need a dozen of them so I always have a replacement.

  16. I can’t speak to the quality of their eyeliner, but the 2 LES eyeshadow quads I’ve gotten have been very low quality. LES seems to be a beauty box brand which means they probably buy in bulk from places like Alibaba and slap their name on it. I think it would be perfect for a 10 year old just getting into playing with makeup.

  17. Just FYI, the Skylar Vanilla Orchid description is still wrong. The description is for Vanilla SKY.

  18. I bought Vanilla Orchid a few sales ago and I absolutely love it. One of the best perfumes I’ve gotten from Ipsy.

  19. I’ve had a good few months after a long period of nothingness. Perricone MD face oil, Lancome primer, dpHUE color depositing hair mask, Ryka training shoes, TruSens humidifier, Finn allergy bites for dogs, and a Sealy mattress.

  20. Also not a lawyer, but my understanding is that yes, the defendant and defense have access to the affidavit. It's just sealed from the public.

  21. Something in the Fluer & Bee serum broke me out horribly, and my skin isn’t normally acne prone. I seem to be in the minority because it’s gotten a lot of good reviews on this sub, but I thought I’d share my experience in case the info helps anyone.

  22. For anyone else wondering like I did: the 10,000 kroner Espen spent making his bird box equals $976 (US) dollars.

  23. Idk, I’m from a pretty religious background. My brother was with his partner 10y and my whole community acted like they were newly dating the whole time until they got engaged/married. People are weird about marriage for some goddamn meaning.

  24. Same here. My super religious family referred to my boyfriend of years as “your friend” and made us sleep apart when we’d visit because we weren’t married.

  25. This happened to me in August with a set that had the Glow Recipe plum serum, Aceology gua sha, and some random eye masks. I finally got it near the end of September and the Glow Recipe was missing. I didn’t care about the gua sha or eye masks-I bought the set for the GR. They only gave me a $6 refund.

  26. I’m pretty sure Purlisse changed their packaging for this years ago, so no wonder it’s gone rancid. Same thing goes with some of the watermelon Purlisse line with pink and white packaging I’ve seen on Ipsy and Boxy.

  27. Agreed! Any suggestions? Especially budget-friendly pics?

  28. Fenty Match Stix in the shade Amber is an HG contour for many fair neutral skinned people (including me). You can get a mini size (still with a ton of product in it) for $14.

  29. I love empties reviews more than anything else on Reddit! This was an awesome one. I also have been using the Park Avenue Blow Out Balm. I actually bought a full size from Boxy (I think -could have been Ipsy) and it does NOTHING. Even when I use it to heat style my hair. NOTHING.

  30. I have to ask, are you in your late 30’s/early 40’s and did you mom watch QVC?

  31. I’m 37 and I still have the kabuki, concealer, and blush brush I got in an OG BareMinerals kit from 2005. Those things were made to last for life 😂

  32. This is fake, there are mispellings in the article and that would NEVER pass AP approval.

  33. In the 70s the AP articles would have been wired to local news offices, but the article still had to be typeset by someone working in that local office which allowed for all kinds of typos and missed words to make it to print. It’s not that far fetched to think a small paper might make a mistake in printing a small story.

  34. Not a mod, but personally I love seeing pictures of all the types of boxes people get, and I especially love swatches because it helps me figure out how a product might look/perform on me.

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