1. Yeah but sadly vapes have cals 🥲🥲🥲

  2. I googled it and google said they do 🥲🥲🥲

  3. Say you felt caught up and surprised that he asked for exclusivity on a second date but after thinking more about it you’d like to get to know him more to see how things go and walk it back for now. Then maybe take a few days of time apart so both of you can settle the emotions and awkwardness and tension.

  4. Thank you this is really helpful

  5. Thank you this is really helpful

  6. Thank you this is really helpful

  7. You have the most beautiful writing I ever saw? Could you write all letters out, both capitalized and small? I wanna see how exactly you write each letter! 😍

  8. I never manage to get any sauce on it that doesn’t just slip below it like I heard ppl saying soy sauce works but?? What else

  9. Ooh I can’t wait for it to be accessible for iPhones as well then I can test it too 💚

  10. That actually looks pretty good! Imma make myself that

  11. I think I’m gonna try this tomorrow omg

  12. Malignant! Idk why ppl hate it sm but I absolutely LOVED it

  13. Hoarding food! If I find something safe to eat I‘ll buy a ton of it

  14. Gimme, like rn grabby hands

  15. That looks amazing! I just watched it yesterday and I feel like you really capture it perfectly, especially with the shadowing

  16. Thinking about posting a screenshot of the results on my dating profile just to stop the questions

  17. As a german I must say, this is more of a joke around here and shouldnt be taken so seriously. Same goes for "Loch is Loch", which somewhat translates to "a hole is still a hole".

  18. I do know an alarming number of guys who do mean it seriously and they have serious incel vibes going on

  19. I’m from Germany and we refer to a nice guy(tm) as a nice guy ein netter Typ would just be a genuinely nice guy

  20. Omg 🤢 Who actually thinks they’re having a chance with that incel quote

  21. I do engage in dirty jokes, I have extremely kinky fantasies (I’m Aegosexual), I do like to dress sexy and I’m not some robot genius

  22. Pre-Ed, Post-ed, binge stage, restrict stage, ana, mia, recovery, relapse - the only thing that stays consistent is that I am hydrated as FUCK 😎

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