1. Needs a quarter panel and a door. The way the quarter rolling at the B-pillar (where it meets the door) doesn't look good. Good luck with parts availability!

  2. First comment has bundle dibs via PM. Hit u up if it falla thru

  3. Congrats and fuck you. Lol, jk.. these are bad ass

  4. Poison ivy so bad that it's eating the steering wheel

  5. Some poor fuck found it at the range and was immediately required to start a new build around it.

  6. Do everything I can. Takes no time and it's free money.

  7. Reddit always coming through. Thank you, thank you!

  8. Thanks, I already checked their website, and you’re right

  9. Well first are the copies you own the latest with expansions?

  10. My bad, I misunderstood. I was thinking u just meant keeping ur disc's.

  11. Naw. The disk art is different and thus worth more as a complete package

  12. Makes sense. Yeah, I collect physical as well so that'd leave a hole in my collection. Looking to add the steelbook.

  13. I have a .625 or two kicking around from some m16 parts kits.

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