1. Not really. They have some common strategic interests such as Assad maintaining power in Syria, and being adversarial with the US, but don't really trust each other. Russia also doesn't particularly like support for violent radical Muslim groups.

  2. Will these be replacing the horizontal teak ATs? One of those in blue is my dream watch. I've been saving up and was planning on purchasing for a particular occasion, but if they're disappearing Ill definitely scoop one before they're gone

  3. The blue, white and black teak 38's are still listed and seemingly available. In fact, I believe these three are still marketed as "men's", while the new colors more women/unisex.

  4. Is Ken Loach gonna dedicate his next film to the brave fighters of the Mujahideen

  5. Nah, the film will be about how the medieval-level persecution of women and girls in Afghanistan is really the fault of the Jews, and Corbyn and McDonnell will effusiively praise his work as inspirational for Labour from a good comrade.

  6. Everything outside of London or other major cities is not rural.

  7. So, you want to prioritize urban voters over everyone else, a problem that already exists and would be aggravated by PR.

  8. They were losing election with the left on side, including Labour's worst showing since the 1930's under left hero Corbyn.

  9. Israel only approves a certain set of work permit types for Palestinians working in Israel, agriculture, construction, and hospitality.

  10. Palestinian from across the professional spectrum worked in Israel and the economies of Israel and the Palestinians were strongly linked before the Second Intifada. However, that series of constant terrorism unsurprisingly decimated the political left in Israel which never recovered, and with it saw the rise of right of center policies such as the proven effective security barrier and near total separation of the people.

  11. What are your thoughts on moving forward? Palestinians suffered tremendously over the second intifadah too. Over 4,000 Palestinians were killed, over 2,000 of them civilians. That is just an astonishing number and very likely helped fuel the terrorist attacks against Israel over the coming years.

  12. They're either Randolph Aviators or American Optical Original Pilots (or cheaper copies). The styles or nearly identical, and are usually referred to as a "navigator" shape.

  13. Its definitely possible in the west bank, the problem is the Israeli side. You would need a new Olmert, but it doesnt seem as though well get another Olmert anytime soon. First, Netanyahu needs to be thrown out though.

  14. Israelis already proved they would removed settlers as there are no Israelis in Gaza. In fact, it was Ariel Sharon who removed the settlers with much controversy, not a left wing Israeli leader.

  15. They pulled out of Gaza, not out of the kindness of their heart, but because it required too many resources to maintain, and there wasn't much benefit to it. Thats why Sharon did it.

  16. Abbas is a corrupt Holocaust-denying kleptocrat without the popular support of the Palestinians in his 17th year of a 4 year term in office..

  17. Ultimately the left needs to form coalitions with Israeli-Arabs if they don't want to be permanently shut out of power. Israeli-Arabs need to realize they are perpetrators not the victims of the war against Gaza and stop talking like they are on the other side.

  18. The left and Arab/Muslim parties do not remotely have enough Knesset seats to form a ruling coalition. They need the center, and any coalition with the Muslim parties were extremely controversial before the Gaza rockets and Israeli-Arab riots, and will remain political for the foreseeable future. Even if the center could be induced to join left-center coalition, the concessions to the center would necessarily continue most of the security / Palestinian policies that exist now. Any attempt to do something like split Jerusalem would immediately split the coalition.

  19. The ceasefire will probably not affect Netanyahu's individual circumstances, including the criminal case against him.

  20. if you had to choose one single person most responsible for the problems in Israel-Palestine right now

  21. Yeah except that Israel isn’t actually interested in targeting missle bases but housing and schools and hospitals which they ‘claim’ are Hamas based. What a pathetic response.

  22. Dude go preach to some ignorant, racist, childish site your propaganda. Some of us are just too smart to buy into your bullshit. Blame it on Hamas when you deprive the Palestine any form of self defence. You guys are more delusions that I thought.

  23. Hamas are definitely firing missiles, and you claim "Israel isn’t actually interested in targeting missile bases".

  24. Depending on the specifics, I wouldn't be opposed to available and regulated public sites.

  25. Of course, but the west is also hoarding the intellectual property rights of the vaccines, not just the vaccines themselves.

  26. You mean they're following the intellectual property framework that existed long before anyone heard of covid, and that has fostered global rapid innovation that has benefited most everyone, rich and poor, for many decades, including incentivizing the development of the covid vaccines?

  27. I think there are quite a lot of people who'll make off colour jokes about the royals etc with people they know but wouldn't actively project themselves that way on e.g. social media and think people who do are weird. In fact I saw this a fair bit around the death of prince Philip.

  28. It was. But the odd thing is I think some of the people it turned off would laugh if the person sitting next to them said it.

  29. Possibly, but, fairly or not, and double standard or not, people hold elected leaders and political parties to a much higher standard of decorum and discretion.

  30. Or, the Labour Party can indeed have a problem with Islamophobia and it shouldn't be listening to or taking advice from 5Pillars.

  31. Don't be willfully daft on the use of charged language on a highly polarizing political topic. It's little different than pro-life vs. anti-abortion.

  32. Do you ever wonder why polls consistently indicate that voters believe the far left doesn't actually like Britain, and thus they will not vote for such candidates?

  33. When Corbyn finds a Jew willing to downplay antisemitism, that person is publicly accused of being a 'token'.

  34. Why is Butler being held to account for the JVL? She has engaged other Jewish groups in Labour as well, she has not rejected the findings of the EHRC report, and wants them implemented. You're also saying elsewhere she is an example of the importance of the IHRA definition, but that's another thing she endorsed the adoption of in Labour contrary to some in JVL

  35. Her support of JVL is just an example of hypocrisy about tokenism / racial gatekeeping (and how Jews are just treated differently across the political spectrum).

  36. 2 world wars, places so polluted by human blood that only poppies grow, enitre towns and small cities abandoned to this day. That is the legacy of patriotism and its brother; nationalism.

  37. You are of course free to hold those opinions, but those who don't very openly and explicitly embrace their own country and prioritize its interests above others rarely win elections in western democracies. You don't run for MP or councillor of Earth.

  38. Labour needs to find a way to reclaim Scotland, or its seats are effectively capped. If Scotland goes independent, Labour may not ever be able to form a coalition or even with with PR.

  39. “Netanyahu, Madoff, and Weinstein no more represent all Jews that Bin-Laden represents all Muslims and Arabs. It also ignores the scores of Jews accomplishments in science, medicine, law, commerce and politics. If associations are to be made, it has to work both ways.”

  40. I know that! That’s why it’s become a foundational text for me and my Jewish leftist politically homeless friends.

  41. Patriotism is just a nice word for nationalism isn't it?

  42. To state the obvious, the UK isn't Germany (or the US, France, etc.), and the cultural mores and expectations of its voters are very, very different.

  43. Mitigating climate change requires action from corporations. You're never going to get the entire planet of individuals to stop driving SUVs and taking planes. Granted, the SUV isn't justified, but if he needs to get to Scotland in less than 6 hours to do his job, which includes work on climate change, then he's done nothing wrong. Starmer taking the train rather than air to Scotland changes nothing.

  44. Tons of celebrities with multiple huge homes, private planes, and innumerable of big and sporty cars, constantly flying to climate conferences in exotic luxury locales, proclaiming how people need to immediately change their habits before the planet dies in 10 years are a lot worse for climate action than anything Kier might do.

  45. Labour's losses, particularly after 2019 and its near extincting in Scotland, renders virtually impossible the possibility of winning a majority in parliament or even sufficient numbers to form a coalition in the next election. It would require a bigger landslide than Tony Blair. Actual politicians, left, center or right, can't say this truth out loud.

  46. Honestly, I fear that unless there's a leadership challenge at some point we're stuck with Starmer until 2029 at least. Cause what'll probably happen in 2024 is that he'll get more seats than 2019 because the bar was set so low and that will be spun as a success by his team and followers. Exactly the same as what happened with Neil Kinnock in the 80s and with ultimately the same outcome; Kinnock never became PM and neither will Starmer (but he'll certainly be happy to waste nearly a whole decade trying).

  47. They'll find a way to delay it again next month for the same reasons why they didn't raise the caps for months already.

  48. The UK is also a model of vaccination procurement and distribution, and looks all the better because the EU is doing so badly. Whether Boris can claim sole credit is immaterial, as the Tories are in charge and are reaping the political benefits. The deaths from the virus in the pandemic are indeed tragic, but voters tend to focus on the now, and the UK is doing very well both independently and compared to much of the west except the US. Simply, it's a shock that Boris isn't even higher in the polls. The pandemic has also made it difficult for opposition politicians most everywhere to get noticed at all during these tragic time.

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