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  1. How to blend terpenes to make a profile - John Brown Terpene Profile Recipe

  2. Just realised who I’m talking to! Your a legend my friend, been helping me out since 2019. Your channel has a lot of in-depth knowledge I need to spend few days wrapping my head around. Do you recommend different temps decarbing different extracts i.e. rosin, live resin, shatter, diamonds etc in hopes of preserving the terps? I don’t have a vacuum chamber so just using foil over a beaker atm. End product is still a bit cloudy atm but hopefully if I decarb a bit longer than current 40 mins and use a syringe filter I should have product with clarity. I have made lots of clear carts with shatter without syringe filters but i decarbed for an hour + and I feel a lot of the terps evaporated which I’d like to prevent.

  3. Decarb everything at 250, I have a great video on. Decarbing that breaks all the myths and lies people put out there

  4. That’s an interesting video! So the degradation of thc is so minute for the recommend time that it’s basically not noticeable. Doesn’t cover the terp question but I guess it seems it’s inevitable for the terps to degrade. I just watched your video on extracting terps from cannabis flower using a distilling type setup. Could you use a similar method to heat the extract at a low temp for the terps to evaporate and collect them after separating from the water? Then I could decarb the extract fully and reintroduce the extracted terps at a temp suitable for mixing?

  5. That toilet roll holder is so off level and is the worst thing here

  6. Why is some wrapping different? And what is the stuff on the table used for?

  7. One got foil to stop it sweating in a hot condition maybe. Far left got vac seal and wrapping to stop it looking like a brick of perico

  8. Buds like this are so weird to me, what do they look like inside when broken up? They seem so dense and solid lol. Never had weed like this personally but I see a lot of folk with it on this sub

  9. Full of trichomes and normally better quality due to genetics/import packaging which makes it dense

  10. I’m only holding this shitcoin until coinbase can release my loss shackles.

  11. Check #polydoge out! Biggest Meme coin on Polygon, dev is dead, 13 liquidity burned, loads of airdrops and staking/LP rewards. This is the improved dogecoin Elon wants with 1000 transactions for 2.5 dollars 😅💎

  12. My funds to buy 1500$ more unlock in 2 hours. I'm missing the dip. REEEE

  13. The improved Dogecoin elon wants so badly 💎🐕 serious moonshot with how polygon is blowing up right now seems like easy 20x

  14. The listing on CoinEx is what prompted me to do it. Prior to that I thought about it, but it was pretty painful to trade Banano. Mercatox was okay, but the spread was wide and it would take forever for my orders to go through. The other options were too expensive for my taste.

  15. Nice choice, a popular exchange is definitely a indicator of price movement. I had banano 2 years ago but didn’t think anything of it. Now I’m subbed here again my entire homepage is FILLED with this subs posts. Reddit’s algos definitely helping in the spread of awareness

  16. I’ve been holding it since the beginning. I figured it could only go up in value from there.

  17. Cuz I like exotic In a swisher, if I called your mother a fine bitch would you agree?

  18. Given that dVPN is barely on any exchanges I imagine currently a few whales could control the price with relative ease.

  19. A lot of the developments are behind closed doors. Once DVPN is more widely accessible I’m sure announcements will be made. Purely speculating though

  20. Isn’t it a decentralized exchange where people trade tokens?

  21. Has a lot more features to earn coins than that but in short, yes!

  22. Not don’t mix with hardly anything liquid, i doubt he used that 🤢 i hope not

  23. Which democracy are you talking about? Would be news to me if there was one in the US.

  24. Sentinel DVPN will be live in 7 days and is half the price of most VPNs as well as not keeping logs of your data

  25. What makes a decentralised vpn so good. You haven’t even looked at service and your talking out your ass like it’s facts

  26. That's the thing. In regards to your identity, VPN's are meaningless if a debrid service goes down. I was thinking of Bitcoin as well, but with RD, that's Coinbase, which links to your name. As far as I can see, no matter how you pay, you're linked.

  27. Use a Decentralised VPN like Sentinel dvpn and fund your debrid membership with bitcoin

  28. Not to highjack your question, but is there anyway to buy it without paying $50 in eth fees?

  29. When l decarb l usually don’t even spin. Just put the product in a heat safe glass container and heat on the tray until it stops bubbling (30-45 minutes in my experience).

  30. Dunno why ur getting downvoted, so u decarb till clear then spin ? Thanks for reply

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