Went Hiking for the first time in over a year. Depression fucking sucks.

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  1. My heart wants Sturt but my mind says treacy 😭

  2. PLEASE. Come back to this post in 5 years and let me know how you’re doing <3

  3. Also on Facebook there’s a page called Perth house share/flat share it’s pretty good but always be careful :)

  4. The average nurse salary is close to six figures already. I'd love for someone to explain to me why I'm meant to support them holding the public health system to ransom for a pay rise when McGowan's already tried to meet them in the middle?

  5. Only at 6 figures after overtime, night shifts, weekend work and on call. That’s what the 6 figures comes from. Strip that away with a 38 hour week and you’re looking at a top of 80k for a senior level 8 nurse

  6. Guys the way to get around it is by all of your party scrolling through to operators in game lobby and not touching anything once you’re there

  7. Try this fix: when searching for a game, sit on the operators tab until you’re loading into the game. The entire squad has to do this.

  8. Absolute cleanout by the Roos here. Look after our loguy bear 😭

  9. Thanks bud, be proud of your boys tonight, much respect :)

  10. Palace arcade sounds cool! thankyou for good suggestions !

  11. You can buy the packages, about $1600 when the AFL release them for 100% certainty

  12. Hey there, Yeah they sure can, I’m thinking anything from the mouth, say melksham hit may in the face and got cut with a tooth these things can flair up very quickly. Bacteria from the mouth + open wound can get nasty prettyyyyy quickly :(

  13. Mundy mayyyyyy be throwing them numbers out a bit


  15. Whole lotta leaving the ground early from the supporters who say they don't leave the ground early tonight.

  16. says the eagle fan who wouldn’t even make it to half time

  17. WOO HOO YA DID IT THOUGH!!! GREAT EFFORT MATE! It’s the 1%’rs that make the difference!!

  18. I’m sorry but Logue in for Pearce at this point in time

  19. Rage cleaned and threw the remote across the room. Come back 15 minutes later and we’re a point up. Freo doing Freo things <3

  20. Jesus Christ I hate supporting Freo

  21. The writing style sounded Australian. Aussie?

  22. You’re clearly in the wrong line of work.

  23. You should see how I write up patient assessments XD

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