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  2. What do you see when you receive a code? I got a link but it says it’s not working. I assume it has too many people now

  3. Requesting! Please and thank you 😊

  4. I actually love the mix of items in these boxes. There’s enough full size items of products I know I love to make up for the cost, and plenty new items to try!

  5. Amazing. I got a sample of it directly from V&R and ordered it from Sephora the next day.

  6. I picked one up from TJ MAxx years and years ago, and It ended up falling out of the compact & I had to toss it. It was my all time favorite bronzer. I can’t seem to find a good replacement for it.

  7. I never used the too faced one, so I’m not sure of the texture. However, I’m currently using the nars cream bronzer and really enjoy it

  8. I've seen comments from some people that they were able to buy both (confirmation emails might not both come in quickly though). Apparently the trick is to use a different credit card for each, not sure if it works to buy both on the same card.

  9. It works with both on the same credit card! I ordered two of box 2 (because of the no confirmation email situation) and reached out to have them cancel one of them when I realized. They confirmed that both boxes were being shipped.

  10. Perricone no blush blush I loved when it came out but now many years later (maybe 10?) there are much better products on the market even in the drugstore! There are tons of $15 cream and liquid blushes that I think are much better for the price. Also the Perricone lipstick is not great. It was an Ulta diamond gift one year and I was so excited to try it but ended up tossing it bc I never wore it. It doesn't have much pigment - very meh. Also I'm not a big fan of Frank Body stuff. I had this scrub and it was a mess... and if I remember correctly it was super oily too...

  11. Living proof has a bundle for 3 of the individual items you have! I would favorite it to track and if it comes back in stock the next few days swap to that if you do want the items.

  12. I’m wondering if anyone ended up getting the toddler bed voxbox?

  13. I haven’t seen anything on it, but it could be up to a month before they release a box

  14. I have high hopes! Just got another survey about it and they asked for my phone number this time!

  15. Read up on the Birthday Rule. When you both have coverage, that’s how it’s determined who automatically gets the baby as a dependent (and all of baby’s hospital charges). We learned that one the hard way!

  16. I think that only applies if the baby is eligible for her insurance, since she’s on her parents insurance there is a good chance they don’t allow grandkids. (This was the case with my daughter)

  17. Ok. You’ll have to come back to update tomorrow. I will if I receive mine. I don’t think it’s hair dye though only cuz I’ve gotten that before and it never required an adult signature. That’s the thing that’s puzzling me: the adult signature required

  18. Did you get the nicotine replacement survey recently? That would require a signature

  19. I’m sorry, I thought SNAP, WIC, and other social programs already existed. I didn’t know they wouldn’t apply to former PC women.

  20. As a single mom who applied for snap and should have been eligible, I was denied. The WIC office I was given access to was 20 minutes away and I had no transportation. Section 8 waitlists in my area were closed, I couldn’t even apply to get on a waitlist. Sure programs are “available” that doesn’t mean they are useable.

  21. I can’t find it anywhere online but the campaign expires quick & I don’t wanna miss it!!

  22. I was in a campaign for an unreleased item before. Influenster told us that if it was not available to review on Sephora before the campaign ended, we would not be penalized.

  23. Curious on the resources you want added.

  24. I’m an online student with a high medical needs daughter(1 yo), so I don’t usually lose points for abscesses, but I’ve had to communicate when I expect to spend a week in the hospital. I have pushed for online classes to not have scheduled exams times. Set times can make it difficult to plan my daughters day if I only have two times I can take a test, I might miss it.

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