[Postgame Thread] Michigan Defeats Ohio State 45-23

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  1. Tommy Tuberville can rest easy that he will retain the title of Dumbest Senator for at least another 2 years

  2. What makes you say that? Or are you just being comical?

  3. Warnock is absolutely blowing his November early vote margins out of the water in both red and blue counties

  4. Lmao. Are there really bruins fans that are offended by the Aves injury report? That’s an impressive thing to be upset about

  5. It was more like anytime you mentioned anything positive about the bruins, you got brigaded with comments about how it was only because the Avs were injured. We got it. We weren’t talking about that. We were talking about the Bruins’ play. Not every post needed 74 qualifiers forms Avs fans.

  6. You must have missed the comments about the Bruins fans along the lines of, "Did you guys hear, the Avs have only AHL players lololol" when we were literally talking about AHL players.

  7. I was in both threads and all I say was fans of both teams saying they want to see them play healthy. But if someone commented “Frederic looked great tonight” it was met with 7-8 avs fans saying “yeah against AHL players lolol let’s see what happens when he isn’t playing the Colorado Eagles”

  8. He's obviously not going to win MVP, but he's no worse than solidly 3rd Team All-NBA right now and 2nd Team is not unreasonable either.

  9. Idk about solidly 3rd team. He’s playing at that level, but the math might not be mathing there. First question is what position does he gets votes for? Because he could get Tatum’d and have a vote split issue. Second… current competition for guard: Luka, Steph, Booker, Mitchell, Ja, SGA, Trae, DeRozan (if he’s a G). Current competition for forward: Tatum, Giannis, KD, AD, Zion, LeBron, Siakam, DeRozan (F last season). Probably better odds at F and IMO he should be an F but it’s going to be a bloodbath for 3rd team in either spot.

  10. Surely Jaylen makes it as forward over Zion, Lebron, Siakam and Demar just based on games played alone. Maybe even AD by end of the season.

  11. That’s basically what fucked Tatum over 2 years ago, splitting votes… so who knows. I don’t think he makes it over Zion right now. Definitely better odds there though.

  12. Lol please. If you don’t think they’ve moved rate over the past decade you have been asleep. The left has moved left too.

  13. Much, much more antagonistic towards private businesses. By a significant margin. Education. Immigration (compared to W). I honestly don’t even understand what the foreign policy is but whatever the anti-Ukraine sentiment is would absolutely not have existed 15-20 years ago. Idk, pretty much everything.

  14. Absolutely loving watch the NHL as a collective just decide "Fuck Jack Edwards" all at once.

  15. It’s gone way too far, though. The shit people have been saying about Jack Edwards the last few days is gross and crosses the line way more than what he said. This sub has been ridiculously hypocritical.

  16. Someone should do a thread on all the outrageous and offensive shit everyone says about Jack Edwards like… every damn day. Glass houses.

  17. I have no problem with him winning MVP currently but I do wonder if some of his defensive impact is getting a bit overblown. The Celtics sit 20th in drtg after yesterday at 112.4 and Tatum himself sits at 111.9.

  18. Tatum’s drtg is what it is, but I think that is a little bit unfair to him to my eye. I think the bigger issue is that Jaylen and Marcus’ defense have both been really underwhelming this season and that’s hurting the entire team’s defense. Jaylen’s drtg is 114 and Smart’s is a shockingly high 115. Jaylen in particular seems like he’s struggling on that end much more than usual. With the Celts switch-heavy defense, one player struggling has big knock on effects. When you watch Tatum on the defensive end, he still seems like a matchup nightmare most of the time. He’s averaging a career high in blocks and matching his career high in DREB. Not first team good right now, but still a plus defender.

  19. See that is why I’m legitimately asking. I appreciate your insight. I have seen maybe 8-10 Celtics games this year so I don’t know who precisely is struggling and who isn’t. I agree he’s a plus defender and pretty much always has been so I wasn’t trying to downplay him or anything

  20. At the same time, I think it’s very difficult to grade defense in general. With the way the Celts operate, it’s not always obvious to figure out where the weak link was. Reality is total team defense hasn’t been that great. I’d suspect that everyone’s individual ratings improve when Rob is back, which kind of underscores that point.

  21. Tatum starts slow every single season. Imagine if this is his slow start though?

  22. Zacha: totally fine, great middle six option, can’t score to save his life but everything else is there.

  23. While I think Hall on the 2nd creates a better scoring 2nd line… Pasta and Krejci work so well together that the other winger is fairly replaceable.

  24. He's typically rating out as a pretty good blocker these days at least by PFF.

  25. He’s grading out at a little above average but Gronk rated out in the same category as pure blocking TE’s like old friend Dwayne Allen. I think there’s a good debate over the better reviving TE (still think Gronk wins, as show with the above) but if you introduce blocking into the equation it’s a no contest.

  26. He deserves it after converting to the position from being a WR. Really didn't miss a beat. I hope someone drafts him, that was an NFL play right there.

  27. 1000 games 1000 points and a cup? 0.96 points per game for his career? Olympic silver and World Championship Gold? Yeah, he’s a lock lol

  28. A lock??? Holy fuck you have no clue lmao I'm almost insulted. And then you proceed to list all team awards. He has zero individual awards

  29. Well Datsyuk will get in. You’re got to be insane to think Brind Amour has a stronger case as a player, though. It’s also the hockey hall of fame and his international career matters.

  30. Fuck, I was wondering if he lost his + streak today. The price we pay to see saint patrice get his 1000th I suppose

  31. And all because of a dumbass turnover he had no part of

  32. Post-trade deadline 2011 is the only team that even sniffs this team and that team was fucking awesome (obviously)

  33. Went to Puttshack in the seaport yesterday and Krejci, Wags, and Swayman we’re all there playing and having a few beers. From my entirely untrained eye, Sway was looking pretty good to me

  34. Was there a security detail specifically around Sway’s knee?

  35. I’m just gonna assume that if he was drinking and playing mini golf on an off day in Boston that his rehab is not super serious at this point but totally guessing

  36. Is the Peltola Seat in Alaska considered a seat that dems were supposed to lose and Republican pick up?

  37. Glad I actually fell asleep instead of waiting up all night to know which party had congress.

  38. All about mail votes at this point. CCM basically needs to win them 2:1. Possible. But total coin flip.

  39. Think that would make R’s pull out more than Dems to be honest

  40. Bullshit. They want to win that seat for six years.

  41. Obviously both will. But I think R’s were holding their nose to support Walker to begin with and might be less incentive for some to continue that.

  42. Why are people happy the Jets won? Buffalo is winning the division. Jets are wild card competition…

  43. Beat the Jets after the bye and we don’t have to worry about the Jets

  44. Maybe Matt Ryan wasn’t the problem?

  45. Booooo! Yards and first downs! Boooooooo

  46. I’ve never felt more “meh” about a Pats team before in my life

  47. Love the defense. Watching the offense feels like a chore and the punting game being this bad is annoying AF

  48. He was still doing this shit up until 2 years ago and only apologized once he was cut. Dude showed no remorse and didn’t apologize to the victim for 6 years. Classic “sorry he got caught” and not actually sorry. Kids a piece shit and should never see the NHL. That’s entirely too old to be doing that stuff.

  49. Have not been watching any of their games but can anyone ELI5 HOW have The bruins do such a turnaround off-season ? i was thinking Cassidy But hes been pretty damn good so far with VGK.

  50. Ullmark and Lindholm are the easiest answers. Lindholm is playing Norris level hockey and Ullmark has been fantastic. Foligno has also turned back the clock a few years which is giving us great scoring depth. DeBrusk is a new player without Cassidy. Krejci is still a legit 2C. Mix of things but those are the key areas.

  51. Lindholm is playing out of his mind. He’s at “Top 10 D man in the NHL” level right now.

  52. Foligno has turned the clock back 7 years and it is so much fun

  53. This is the most consistently exciting hockey the Bruins have played in over a decade. Winning is great, but the hockey is beautiful.

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