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  1. Sounds more like the media isn’t over Abu Dhabi. Not enough juicy drama to stir things up yet.

  2. it’s not downvoted. You can go into the users history and see the comment is neutral, no upvotes or downvotes right now. I’m using Apollo so it may be different for me though.

  3. My brother in Christ, you need to actually know what you’re talking about before you “teach” others. This is written like an elementary school show and tell story about their first trip to go watch “NASCAR cars” race.

  4. Pretty sure this was when Coulthard wouldn’t move out of the way when being lapped. When he finally did move aside, it created a bunch of spray and Schumacher ran into the back of him ruining his race in which he had like a 40 second lead.

  5. Nah, there’s an M60 AOS few meters away, but everyone’s seen an M60 before so I didn’t bother putting it in.

  6. Haha fair enough, it’s pretty unremarkable

  7. Hey, I’m a Michigander if you’re willing to drive a little further there is an M60A3 in Otsego Michigan in the Veterans memorial park.

  8. I know it sounds stupid, but if that trash can was next to the park bench there probably wouldn’t be a litter problem. It’s also not just the homeless and panhandlers that do this. People are just lazy. Props to those who try to keep it looking nice.

  9. He probably asked those two to fight for his entertainment.

  10. Nice of Xerxes to check on the loser, he is a generous god though so not super surprising.

  11. Guy was throwing the same hook every time he should’ve read that and gave him a nice uppercut as he Came in

  12. Time and training will correct that, he’ll definitely have a lot of time on his hands, training probably not so much.

  13. Lewis was trying to force something that wasn't on, the barrier naturally comes out there so it's always going into a wedge.

  14. That’s the new rules, if you get along side you technically have a right to that space. The other driver has to give you the space. Even if the driver divebombs in there, they have the right to that space now.

  15. Not cheating at all, just a decent player who knows the map and has good shooting lanes. I bet you’re the type that screams HACKING every time you get killed in your Tiger.

  16. I don't know how I got to the point of cheering for KyBu over Hamlin but it's depressing as fuck

  17. I was rooting fire him to win so he could be the leader of backed into wins this year.

  18. Monaco and Q3 Red Flags, name a more iconic duo.

  19. Does this mean that Mercedes has the least amount of porpoising now ?

  20. Yes, Mercedes had the lowest occurrence of porpoising.

  21. Background: He had told my family that it was an “honorable” discharge for years, it wasn’t until after his death that we had found this paper to find the truth behind his departure.

  22. I don’t know if it’s the same for the Army, but you can request a copy of all the documentation for a soldier from the USMC to be pulled from the archives to find out more information. I pulled my Grandfather’s after he passed away to learn more about his service in the Pacific during WWII. He was honorably discharged for injuries sustained from what he told us was a bombing on the island he was stationed at.

  23. That is wild. Are you somehow wiser for the knowledge?

  24. Definitely not, I do think it’s funny though and don’t think any less of my granddad after finding out the truth.

  25. That was the last time that day George let Max pass that easily.

  26. Was Checo upset they would not swap them back when they were both behind Russel?

  27. The main reason was teams orders costing Bottas points in the form of blown engines so Mercedes could intentionally break engine limit rules so Lewis could have a chance.

  28. Man, you really gotta look at the rules for like 10 seconds before making dumb comments like this.

  29. Kevin sounds like a guy who always drives wherever he goes. He is not a fan of being a passenger lol

  30. There’s really no way of them knowing so even if it’s against their TOS, you’re fine. Also your bro is a real one for helping you while you’re out of commission.

  31. A little surprising considering how far into the season we are and still don’t have an answer to solve the W13 given their talents and resources. Although it took all the way until the end of the 2021 season to fully understand the W12 and unlock its true capabilities so I guess they are on par?

  32. ESPN basically only discusses things they have TV rights for, which doesn't include NASCAR

  33. Same for NHL. They wouldn’t speak of anything NHL related for years. Now they are back with the NHL they have some discussion, still pretty terrible since it’s ESPN but they do discuss it often.

  34. Not everyone, there was some Ferrari truther posting yesterday about a cover up and demanded a tear down of the car to prove it was an actual brake failure.

  35. WT mechanics they implemented to prevent climbing to places outside of the map decreased traction/ friction on slopes. So if you carry enough speed into a slope and turn into a slide, the reduced friction will allow you to slide further. Thus sliding up a hill. I feel that in these examples you would make it up anyways because of the amount of speed going into the slope, would be cool to see if it works going slower where you would likely not make it to just going forward.

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