1000 days

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  1. I made it to three digits!! So excited for this journey. I had a drinking dream last night, which scared me to death, then woke up to this wonderful day.

  2. Of course you made it to triple digits! You’re awesome! 👏💪🏼 and you don’t want to drink, and I don’t want to either because hanging out with you is way better. Love you dear friend 💞 and congratulations on being awesome 👏 what treats you got planned? Something worthy of amazing YOU I hope 🎉🥳

  3. Thank you, dear friend! My whole stepfamily AND Bunny are coming for the weekend.

  4. Yay 😀 Bunny’s coming! I’m so pleased for you, that’s going to be a great treat weekend 💞

  5. This is a great post, exactly what I needed to hear, thank you Alex! I’ve been struggling to know if I should push myself a bit harder or listen to my need to rest and practice patience, accept that this is a slow path that will lead me there eventually. I’m grateful to have this message confirmed, I choose turtle 🐢 the hare approach will only lead me to burn out 😀🙏🏻💞

  6. Rest is essential to growth 💕A day spent lying around doing nothing, and not drinking…Is more successful and productive than a jam packed day, and an evening drinking wine while cleaning.

  7. That’s a really good point! Can’t believe now that my days always ended with drinking! It feels like a world away. I’ll be grateful for not drinking and accept that all the other self improvement is a slow journey. Well done on 10 sober days in a row 💪🏼💞

  8. I hope you had a swell day of work. I hope you are relaxing now or close to it 💗😊

  9. Aw thank you Dizbetty, swell is a great description for my day! And when I finished it was a choice, either stuff my face or do some yoga, the jaw exercise won! I hope you’re having fun today 💞🌟💞

  10. It's off to a good start! I git so distracted by SD that I was 20 minutes late to work! Thank goodness it doesn't matter😁💕

  11. This place is so addictive! But it’s a good addiction that feeds us so let’s enjoy 😀💞

  12. Hello sober lovelies, sober role model? Not a one! And still none irl. But I was lucky to find this place the first day or 2 of quitting so I got thousands of you all in one go!

  13. And when you found SD, you became a sober role model as well😊. Glad we are all here together 💕

  14. That’s so sweet Dizbetty, kind and generous as always, which is why you’re a super role model for me. So grateful 🙏🏻 have a great day 💞

  15. Congratulations on 1000 days, your baby and the progress you’ve made. Thank you for sharing these reflections, they give me hope. I too find not drinking easier than I thought but I’m still building a sober life so this is encouraging 💞

  16. Thank you so much. I actually think the fear of giving up drinking is worse than not drinking in practice. I worried about how I would cope in particular situations without being drunk but, when those situations (e.g. a wedding) arose, it was far easier than the anxiety would have suggested. Good luck on your journey!

  17. Completely agree, way easier than I imagined. I’m finding improvements slow though so needing to be patient and accepting my body needs longer to repair. Have a lovely 1000 day celebration 🎉

  18. Im going to my first dharma recovery meeting tonight! Thank you for the resource and the reassurance it’s okay for me to go.

  19. Ooh how great, how did it go? Did you do zoom or in person?

  20. I did zoom. I’m still trying to get over the anxiety of sharing but it’s nice to make a habit of going to meetings. I think the spirituality of the dharma meetings are helping me get over the block I have towards AAs 12 steps

  21. Oh yes me too at first, I didn’t put my camera on for the first couple of weeks and felt really overwhelmed about sharing for the first few weeks. In fact only did my first proper share without shaking this last week. But right from the start even without my camera on people were so welcoming to see me go back each week. My group has a few regulars and then some different people drop in each week. Some don’t put their camera on and some don’t speak at all. Some put “listening” on there screen or in the chat so they’re not asked to speak. I too love the spiritual side but it’s also practical about being. I love going, feel a part of it already, it’s an anchor in my week. So glad you went and hope it becomes important to you too 💞

  22. Hello lovely sober friends, and thank FC for your share. I do regularly laugh at myself but certainly could do more, especially on a Monday morning!

  23. Thank you ok. How’s you doing? Still running every day? I’m really low energy today so having to be lazy, how do you do it every day?

  24. Hi, I can relate in some ways but I also feel for you, lonely is hard, especially if you’re ambivalent. I too am quite a loner but I do enjoy my own company so I’m alone a lot but not lonely. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t benefit from more connection though.

  25. Good to see you dear brighter. I hope your day continued well since your check-in. Glad you are feeling better than yesterday. Life can be so filled with ups and downs. Getting on here can be so helpful. Thank goodness for sober support💕🤗💗

  26. Thank goodness indeed! It’s been a good day on balance, if also slightly odd, but that’s life sometimes! I hope your day is going well and that you’re in an up phase. Big love dear friend 💞

  27. Thank you!!! Treating myself to some homemade Mac and cheese to celebrate!

  28. For me not drinking makes navigating dark places much simpler. Not always easier but certainly simpler.

  29. Completely, drinking for me was just a way to postpone facing anything

  30. Excellent point, it’s a much darker place, thank you for this reminder as I often feel recovery is hard, and it is, but hard is relative 🙏🏻

  31. I needed a cry - I feel like 1000 per cent better and thank you for the wisdom and your care to this group generally. I remember you from months ago. You are one of those genuine “givers” as are many others on here. I am filled with Hope now and all the feeling from overnight just melted - being allowed / giving myself permission to be afraid and jealous - also the realization that I should just lose 3 stone - get strong and go home and woo my wife back for the next 20 years - because if I am honest she has fallen a little out of love with me - try anyhow to be better but manage my feelings with some authenticity and work on me and us will get better.

  32. I too now have cried… giving always gives back 🙏🏻

  33. Tears are a wonderful thing, they are such a wonderful cleaner of not only the eyes, but the soul too.

  34. Beautifully said refresh, I feel blessed to know you 💞

  35. Wow! So proud of you and grateful for you being here with hope 🙏🏻

  36. That was really helpful as I’m working towards quitting smoking and have been feeling hopeless, but now realise I’m in the same place I was before I quit drinking, so I have hope again 🙏🏻

  37. Withdrawals and DT's are hard. Life's hard. I wasted 30 years of my life being drunk. I've been sober now 15 years. The Withdrawals and DT's were worth it. THIRTY YEARS. Good luck.

  38. 30+ years drinking here. The day I decided wasn’t my hardest day, it was a relief. My hardest days and years were getting past the shame to face it. Quitting has been relatively easy, but that’s just how it happened for me, I did the hard work first. Thank you for sharing this thought provoking post

  39. Today is my full 6 months of sobriety. I am so grateful for SD and the support and camaraderie I get here each day. I had thought about a special celebration and that is not exactly happening but I do have a good line-up of events. First off, a funeral which isn't exactly fun but the lady was around 99 so I think that's a full life. In my small community this will be a chance for friends and family to gather and I like that. Then meeting up with a friend I haven't seen for a bit. Afterwards I think I will grab a take and bake pizza because I love pizza and then I don't have to cook. Then after that, a friend and I will go to a play. I am happy to have a full day of friends. It may not be exactly what I originally thought of but it is perfect. Being fully present with time and energy for friends is a blessing of sobriety for me. I hope everyone here finds something good in their life today. IWNDWYT 💕💕

  40. 6 MONTHS! That’s awesome Dizbetty, I’m so thrilled for you and super proud of you you! I’m also really grateful for you friendship and all the support, encouragement and inspiration you give me 🙏🏻

  41. Thanks dear brighter. I am heading to bed, finally! Way past my bedtime 😂. It was a super day. Thanks for all your encouragement. It means a lot to me💕

  42. Sweet dreams Dizbetty, see you tomorrow 💞

  43. I am new here so my opinion may not matter (or even be posted) but we all stumble... until we don't. I think that if you can use this and learn from it, preventing the same action in the future can be avoided. For what it's worth, I support you and I will not drink with you today. :)

  44. Your opinion really matters and is very valuable and welcome, thank you for sharing your insight and encouragement 🙏🏻

  45. Thanks! I feel that this time around - there is no question. That feeling you get when you've finally "cracked the code." It becomes effortless. Like that scene at the end of the first Matrix - where Neo fought off the bad guys with one hand behind his back.

  46. Glad your bodyworker is seeing improvement. I'm still doing mine and it's helping. I'm thinking I've got to take some time off from it due to end of year business and the expense but I've got appointments booked into November. My exercise is a problem. My schedule has changed and been unpredictable plus my little getaway. I need to look at the schedule of classes. I think there's one I can do that starts at 8am. Not great but I need to make the commitment😁

  47. Oh I hear you about finding the time and the expense. I don’t go to classes so I’m not tied to other peoples times. I do stuff on YouTube or just do my own thing. So today I did 20 minutes before work and 20 minutes after, instead of the 40 minutes I’d rather do in the morning, and on Tuesday I had a gap in work so did a half hour run on the treadmill. And the money I pay for the bodywork is no more than I would have spent on alcohol. Yes it’s about commitment to ourselves, and something clicked with that when I did the detox, but it still takes effort, which is why I need to see it’s benefits. For me it’s also about a low bar so I stick with it. I hope you can find small things for yourself 💞🤗💞

  48. Thanks pal!! I am doing well. The daily booze cruise is a distant memory with occasional twinges at shit I pulled 😬 How are you? Are you on a stable flight path or ascending? Not descending I hope! Your dad is still good?

  49. Definitely not descending, steady upwards trajectory I think, though it doesn’t always feel that way. I hardly think about drinking now. Dad still doing well, thank you for asking. I’m thrilled you’re doing well friend. Recovery and all we achieve on this journey of self improvement is how we make amends I think. Let’s forget the past and keep doing our best right now, because all these best now’s take care of tomorrow 💞🤗💞🤗💞

  50. When I started self medicating, that's when I realized I was unable to moderate. When I wasn't doing it to an enjoy a drink or two, which I never really did anyway, but was using it as a coping mechanism, it was time to fucking quit.

  51. Exactly, it stopped being for enjoyment! Thank goodness we fucking quit! Love you friend 💞

  52. Hello! I survived my "vacation" 😊 the smoke cleared up enough not to be a problem, so thanks for your blowing effort😆. Your story sounds a lot like mine. Glad to join you in another sober day, brighter💕💕💕

  53. Ooh 😮 just noticed your amazing 180! Congratulations Dizbetty, you’re doing so well, I hope you’re having a well deserved celebratory treat today 🍰 🥳💞

  54. Nice on the gardening work. I have been light on that part, the vegetable garden I have going is paying off with cucumbers and squash, time to harvest and prune the vines.

  55. Thank you 🙏🏻 you inspired me and I found the energy to do a run, so glad I did 😀🙏🏻

  56. “Big Yikes” 😳 exactly, that’s where I was in February, 1 relapse in April and here I am. Grateful my body is giving me yet another chance 🙏🏻

  57. Sorry, I didn’t manage to keep my streak going (codeine), but, good news, I’m now on Day 11. Taking that one day at a time.

  58. As you know, a streak is only a streak, days off count and what you’re doing is really hard. Well done on all your days 💪🏼

  59. Be gentle with yourself friend, that’s a lot to deal with, regardless of “others have worse!” Moving is up there in the hall of stress fame! And all those memories need processing.

  60. Deciding to get serious about being sober. I’m on day two. It feels both empowering and terrifying to start this journey. No alcohol in the house now, my partner doesn’t drink so that was easy. Got myself LOTS of NA beverages, some candy, and lots of snacks. Working on getting back into therapy. Showing up, focusing on just today. IWNDWYT.

  61. Great choice and well done on your preps 💪🏼

  62. Hey guys I could really use your support. I'm going to a concert tonight because I paid for it back in April and don't want to be a flake. I really don't want to drink because it's been about a week now and I'm proud of myself. I just feel awkward going and telling my friends I'm not drinking. Any advice?

  63. Well done on a week. Could you tell them you’ve got a tummy upset. I understand not wanting to discuss quitting until you’re ready

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