1. why isnt he considering other people buying plane tickets, its not just the 40$ nor him buying plane tickets.

  2. woods’ verse on sauvage is in my top 5, funny and hella memorable

  3. no shot no one is getting the vinyljerk reference here ,this sub is becoming as lame as the Griselda sub

  4. flight simulator 2020? beam ng cities skylines

  5. but you didn’t cop salami. i did, move along and good luck next time

  6. bro you are a weirdo please get an actual personality that isnt vinyl 😂😂

  7. I hear you. Double pain with the roast beef version as well

  8. DUDE I KNOW i was defeated by this only to get the same prompt with the roast beef. ended up getting black, hopefully a pop up or something for those other 100

  9. I cannot comprehend Red Death oh my actual god

  10. I hope we reach the point sometime in the future when an AI like program can pull street and architecture data from Google maps and fill it with GTA 5 level details to rebuild a GTA based map on whatever city you like.

  11. flight simulator 2020 is basically doing that with bing maps

  12. soulseek… shitty attempt at removing an uncleared sample i assume

  13. noise kandy 3……. my ultimate grail

  14. rappers best friend series from uncle al

  15. yeah its like in n out kids get free hot cocoa on rainy days 🙄

  16. same here for spotify US. i got all of gunns albums and most griselda albums locally downloaded, for some reason they cannot be left alone on streaming services

  17. submit their number to a bunch of dealerships under the dogs name lol. its labor day, reps at my store are definitely going to attempt to contact any lead multiple times today :)

  18. i now need to hear a sean paul acapella over a nasty daringer beat

  19. nah bro streeter was reminiscing on the old days while writing this, this ain’t a coincidence

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