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When laughter meets percussion

*Lowers face into palm*

  1. Peace. Cooperation. Peace. Loving affection. Did I mention peace?

  2. Polypropylene base layer with Marino wool second layer.

  3. San Juan looks like a blood worm. Their natural food source. So, they’ll hit it.

  4. It may not be American made. Looking at it may show Moroccan manufactured.

  5. Bourbon. Good bourbon straight. Okay bourbon I will occasionally make a high ball.

  6. Blood sausage is or was popular with Eastern European immigrants. I worked with an older gentleman, I think he was Polish, that ate it regularly.

  7. You’re 20. Make your plans and follow through.

  8. Did you tell the birth lady to go fuck right off?

  9. Each area has their own school district. If you home falls with a established boundary, most times you go to that specific school district.

  10. 1st. Let out 2 rod lengths of line before you start casting. Second, take your time. Pause a second at the 10 then the 2 o’clock positions. Let the rod load so it’s doing the work.

  11. I use rag wool gloves while fly fishing in freezing weather.

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