Meowza's helpful Elden Ring tips pt 3

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  1. I disagree strongly. P5 was a breeze. It was difficult, but the only part I struggled on was Sly and Radiance, and Radiance was only made hard by the fact it took about 40 mins to get there and I got nervous about messing up. Bindings changes that story, I’m nothing without quickslash

  2. Everyone has their own experiences on every game. I spent 2 hours trying to find hornet after dying once before i quit for half a year, spent 13 hours straight getting through Path of Pain, and another 13 before I finally killed NKG. It’s just by the time I got to P5 I was good enough at the game to make it not that much of a challenge outside of about 5 bosses.

  3. Yeah but cmon. It’s a long challenge and the difficulty is back end loaded. Even if you play perfectly and abs rad takes you five tries, that’s already like 3.5 hours

  4. My favorite part of xc3 was when Noah said “It’s moebin’ time!” and moebed all over those turkins

  5. Gotcha, I like delayed attacks personally because it adds a window to attack that you can use if you know the timing. So it’s a layer of depth for the combat.

  6. I absolutely despise fire giant kills any desire for me to replay the game absolutely awful boss

  7. Not trying to change your mind but he was my least favorite boss in my first playthrough but really grew on me after subsequent playthroughs. and in my level 1 run. He is the only fight in the game where I found horse useful so I appreciate that

  8. There’s a Runebear boss at the end of a cave in Weeping Peninsula

  9. Lol actually disagree the talisman you get from that turns the entire next area into a joke

  10. I thought Draconic was the lightning spell guy outside Leyndell? Isn’t the intro area guy just Tree Sentinel?

  11. You can run right past tree sentinel. Draconic Tree Sentinel will be most player’s first boss that they actually have to kill to progress

  12. You still have to kill two bosses before you can even reach him, don’t you?

  13. I disagree. Ocarina is a great game, however it has not aged nearly as well as people seem to think it has.

  14. Nothing is objectively perfect lol. The discussion is objective masterpiece

  15. This is actually Dark Donald, a replica of Donald that was built when Roxas was in the data version of twilight town and his memories that were actually sora’s memories were harnessed by the real version of Pence who was in cahoots with the data version of Olette in order to bring about a new age for twilight town. You see, Eeyore

  16. “Too much anime”…it’s as if…the game was made in Japan.

  17. Lol to be fair XC2 and even 3 is about as anime as it gets when it comes to games. There are so many tropes present. So many video games are made an Japan that don’t have that

  18. I mainly dislike the fact that it’s incapable of being reliably dodged if you’re too close when she starts it. It’s fairly simple if she just misses the first part.

  19. Idk why people still say that it can’t be reliably dodged at close range. Simply not true

  20. It just takes practice like anything else. Personally I appreciate a boss fight with a lot of skill expression

  21. Holy shit walmart’s implied lines to the shopping carts are an insane design choice

  22. I've dropped elden ring a while ago so I don't know how terrible some metas have gotten, I hate that people complain about shield builds when they become the last viable thing to win. the entire pvp is a one shot cheese fest with the single worst pvp scene I've seen by fromsoft, and I'd love the game a little more if it had better replayability, but it doesnt.

  23. starting a new character is the biggest slog ever in Elden Ring and can't even start to compare to how quickly you were able to get going in previous games, dude. maybe if they balance rune acquisition in the future it'll be better but as of rn it's awful. the least grinding way to start a new character right now is

  24. You can get to altus plateau with a +6 somber weapon in 25 mins. I don’t agree with you at all. Elden Ring is the fastest of all the games from an overall leveling perspective

  25. No, the topic is ER doing “things that have never been done before” which is utter bullshit.

  26. Elden Ring’s achievement is that it does so many things at the highest level. Enemy/boss design, world/level design, combat and variety, are truly all best in class. Yes, all of these things have been done before but there are very, very few games that can say they have all of it.

  27. What exactly has Elden Ring brought to gaming that didnt exist before?

  28. A lot of these responses are silly, but In my opinion the only other game that has been best-in-class in level/world design, enemy/boss design, and action oriented combat was Ocarina of Time. It may seem corny but Elden Ring is a genre defining game. A true “Adventure” game like we haven’t seen in a long time

  29. Are we really going to post every negative comment on the game? Xenoblade games are always a slow burn and make some polarizing design choices. That’s part of the charm of the series. Xenoblade is never trying to be a 10/10 game, they are limited in too many ways.

  30. I can never understand how people can hate on a game for how long it is. Paying $60 for a game that only lasts 10-15 hours to me isn’t worth it. By the time I’m fully invested in it, it’s almost over. Complaining about how much content a game has( especially when a lot of it is optional) is crazy to me, I get not everyone has time to invest 100 hours in a game but that’s a you problem not the games problem.

  31. I disagree. There is a such thing as a game being too long, where it impacts the pacing of the story. But I think you’re spot on, that as long as it’s optional that it doesn’t matter at all

  32. The summoning system in Elden Ring is the compromise the devs came to, when Sekiro's sales were harmed by the fact that there was no way to cheat the game out of a kill. No multiplayer meant no friends either. So what they did in Elden Ring was make a system to make the game completable by most people.

  33. I fought Malenia solo, she is very hard, and an amazing boss. What do you think about that

  34. That you had a favorable build for her, or you are not used to defeating bosses fast, but only after learning all the moves by heart... Since you asked.

  35. It's not a formerly great series that dumbed down it's gameplay to button mash-y action 'appeal to the west', and became about style over substance. I don't mean any offence to the people that like the more recent games by the way, but personally I hate what Squeenix have done with the franchise for the last 10 years other than 14, and even then and that's only because YoshiP actually listens to feedback and takes it on board. Hoping that 16 will be good as he's involved.

  36. I don’t really agree. They just served as a confirmation that the story was going to be different but also the same, otherwise they had absolutely zero impact on what happened save for the last chapter

  37. Sure the content is cringe but not as cringe as anyone who comments hateful things on it

  38. FromSoftware admitted it themselves when they put it in the patch notes. Are you saying the devs are lying about their own game being buggy and unfinished?

  39. Fromsoftware fixes bugs so the game must be buggy, I can tell you didn’t even play the game so I’m not going to waste my breath lol. Just know you sound like an enormous idiot. At least educate yourself on the things you like to shit on. The PvP works perfectly fine, the absolute last thing that people say about the game is “buggy and unfinished” so you might want to read up on some new buzzwords

  40. You must be a troll or something. The reason devs have to fix bugs is because the game is buggy. I pre-ordered and started playing day 1, I've played every Soulsborne. Your calling me and idiot yet you're trying to say a game that released with unfinished quest lines wasn't unfinished on release. The PvP does not work fine, hence why PvP players shit on it for being buggy. I've never see the PvP for a Soulsborne game die this fast, players that played Dark Souls 3 PvP for years have already dropped it, I'm one of them.

  41. No you have not played every soulsborne and no you didn’t play elden ring day 1 or else you wouldn't be peddling this misinformation. not only an idiot but a lying idiot. So every single video game is released buggy? Because every single video game gets patched with bugfixes. In fact, Elden Ring has had less patches and less bugs to fix than most multiplayer games out there. PvP is not shit on for being buggy. Nobody even says that, which is how I know you’re just looking for reasons to hate the game. The reason the community is unhappy with Elden Ring PvP is the balancing. Has nothing to do with it being “buggy” it’s working exactly as intended which is how I can tell you haven’t played the game

  42. This is extreme levels of copium. Infinite isn’t bad because the community is mad lol, the community is mad because infinite is bad. It’s that simple. Don’t release a shitty cash grab and expect unilateral praise. Don’t forget for the first month we were forced to play fucking oddball

  43. Yeah can’t believe they didn’t give him a 1:1 replica of rivers of blood complete with a corpse piler weapon art

  44. Why are you being extreme to make a point? A katana or a RoB replica would've been more fitting. This is just generic shit

  45. KH3 doesn’t belong on this list lol. I get be disappointed considering KH2.5 is one of the best games of all time but it wasn’t “removed from the playstation store” or “abandoned by the playerbase” levels of bad. Halo Infinite is a much better example

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