1. What I've noticed is that a lot of the questions have answers in the images on the slides, at least in Delaney's class, so it wont show up on a ctrl-f.

  2. That is the cost of having the benefits of an exotic weapon.

  3. At least 450 Fahrenheit, depends if convection is on or not.

  4. Any kind of experience helps with uni cs. At least here at Waterloo, they level the playing field by making the first year cs course in racket, a language no one uses outside of teaching. But any kind of cs experience will help you with the logical and thought process side of things.

  5. Its very doable, just the first few semesters or even years might be rough. Make sure you enjoy it however, math as well, as your next 4-5 years are going to be filled with that.

  6. Top two images are not even remotely similar, one is a special GL, other is a pulse.

  7. That's the point they're not the same because we don't even know if the reskins are neomoona weapons or if the neomoona weapons will be unique

  8. But no one said specifically that GL looked like a reskin, you are arguing against no one?

  9. They have hakke symbols on them, related to either exotic weapon quest or armour hidden on the database.

  10. So called “free-thinkers” when Atzecross drops a new video.

  11. I’ll take “Things established long ago” for 100 please

  12. I’m currently in CS at UW, both my roommates are in SE. I’d say honestly apply to both CS and SE and maybe CFM. However they changed the rules this year so transferring from CFM to CS is very difficult so make sure you like it.

  13. Academically really tough. Hard to understate the leap between high school and university math. This is not to say start stressing but basically no matter where you go, any decent cs program will be tough on the math side. Otherwise, UW has a pretty bad community feel to it in comparison to other schools so if that’s what important to you, don’t go here.

  14. Basically there is nothing more to Titan skating than choosing strafe and binding jump to you scroll wheel for maximum jump amount.

  15. You cannot get exotics for expansions you do not own.

  16. There is no master list of what to keep or not. But the general rule is don’t keep armour if it has under 60 base roll. For weapons it’s really subjective but you can go on and see the most popular perk combinations. This is not to say whatever roll is bad, but more often than not there is an objectively better roll and said roll is popular.

  17. Have you completed rank 17, not just reached it? If you have, check if your golf balls are full.

  18. You can put whatever courses you want on your application, each is independent from each other (excluding some schools that limit you to so many applications per faculty)

  19. Well, it's normally a full set of armor, though IDK if it's always the same style. Oct 19th 2022 @ 3am here, in case it's already gone or hasn't refreshed yet for you.

  20. I have arguably a weaker gpu than yours (RX 5700) but I have a i9 12900 and I’m locked out at 144fps in everything but the most clustered PvE environments.

  21. Yup, I have turned off dynamic shadows in game however (you can do that in the config files only).

  22. Bro really called throwing knives and 140 handcannons off meta

  23. Was there any update when it came to your gpu\cpu drivers? If so roll them back to the version you know to be stable.

  24. Wolfenstein basically did this to ww2 guns but people are losing their shit regardless.

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