1. Do I think it is OK for the UK taxpayer to essentially subsidise young people watching a sport (that not all pupils follow) being held in a country with dreadful human rights (essentially spitting in the face of any female or LGBTQ pupils) when pupils have already lost effectively a year of their education? No...

  2. No you don’t rewrite the curriculum. You teach what’s there and if it fails you make it clear you aren’t experienced to do more

  3. As an old timer of 20 years, it DOES get easier. After a year or two you build up a bank of lessons. You learn to deal with behaviour. And you can learn to cut corners. Don’t agree to do something that you didn’t already want to do, or haven’t already started. As long as everything gets done eventually (and by deadlines if they’re important), don’t make yourself ill trying to do everything by tomorrow. And occasionally, a video and some colouring in is welcome relief to everyone, from fractious year 7s to knackered and stressed year 11s.

  4. Without trying to be rude, the world were living in now is so different from twenty years ago. I can’t afford a house on a teachers salary anymore. The job now just doesn’t match up with what it offered the

  5. Because teaching is not comparable to an office job, although it should be. I’ve seen so many ECTs complain and from what I’ve heard of the ECF they’re sustained complaints. Is the issue the ECT programme or teaching?

  6. I’m a career changer from a different educational field. I’d worked in education and youth disadvantage charities before. My issue with teaching is how restrictive it is, how there’s no flexibility and how exhausting/busy it is. There’s too much work to do at all times. I don’t get to be my vibrant self outside of the holidays. Those are my issues

  7. I like to just stare at them like it’s really cringe, because it is

  8. You are speaking about this man like he’s a child. That might have something to do with your relationship in all honesty

  9. As a former researcher, so much educational research is literal bullshit. Deeply poor research methodologies, run in strictly controlled settings, no account for the actual work lives of teachers and our pressures and the manner in which children work.

  10. I agree so much about educational reaearch, total pseudo-science. I agree 100% with a nurture class being needed if you mix classes (but disagree you need a top set)

  11. I think it depends what school you’re at maybe? I have Year 9s who get a C/B at A Level with ease. They would be nowhere need challenges enough in a mixed set

  12. I know this isn’t what you asked for but as a person who used to work in another very similar field (academia), I do need to stress that individual instances of good behaviour cannot account for/makeup for the loss you feel at work. Especially other peoples joy. If you are unhappy, really do consider switching it up or leaving the profession. That’s totally fine.

  13. I can teach an hour lesson with one PowerPoint slide of starter questions, an extract from a book and a visualier

  14. Ours don’t have that pattern at all. I wish they did because it sounds like you’ve got something you can work with there?

  15. Yeah, possibly. All the kids I teach in my inner London school do use terms like this, but I didn’t think it was quite so widespread.

  16. Love the phrases they use ‘wallahi’ when you’re not Muslim lmfaoooo

  17. The nudist beach - luckily it was a work colleague about a week before I started my PGCE, but it drove home the fact that I wouldn't be able to go there anymore.

  18. I hadn't recognised her until she called me "sir". In the UK it's usually only used in a student - teacher context.

  19. Feel completely awful reading the wildlife report. Have very little hope atm. Don’t see how we can ever recover from this.

  20. Yes. I’m in English. Was posted as an average school for a few weeks then a scraping the barrel requires improvement school where I got nothing in the way of learning mark schemes. I still feel like I don’t know how to mark properly.

  21. A bit confused at the article saying that he allegedly assaulted someone “aged over 16”. Is the age of consent in the UK 16?

  22. I think this is the first cracks in the dam if I’m honest. Once we face this winter, teachers will be next. Either to other, less stressful careers or abroad.

  23. Im definitely indifferent, though i haven’t been to one in a while. Look ill see, if i wanna stay longer in a museum i will, its my trip after all, but ill see how im feeling. I dont wanna travel with a strict itinerary i have to stick to, you know?

  24. Why have you posted this if you’re just going to argue with every suggestion in the comments?

  25. There appears to be a culture of "not wanting to label my child." No one is trying to give children labels, but to support their needs.

  26. This is more a cultural thing. It’s about community shame. “If I don’t get a diagnosis I can pretend my child isn’t disabled”

  27. This is exactly the most frustrating aspect of my job too.

  28. It’s got to a point where I don’t bother differentiating for them because that would mean giving 12 year olds work from Y1. They do what they can with the TA

  29. This is so dystopian. Obvs not your fault but it’s a joke that teacher’s can’t have lives

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