1. I want her to be the vengeful surviving sister of Jennifer Cookidge’s Tanya in the next season of White Lotus.

  2. Ken-L-Ration was made mainly of horse meat!

  3. I thought it was part of their drive to get people to upgrade to the exec membership. Doesnt make much sense in line ... you need it to check out. Plus you can go into a warehouse without a card because some products have to be sold to non-members too (where I live, you don't need a membership to buy alcohol at Costco).

  4. Botulism is much rarer these days than 50 years ago. (Also egg expiration dates in the United States are ridiculously short - eggs are good for weeks after the sell-by date of kept in the fridge)

  5. Ah man... I'm absolutely crushed. I've not eaten there in a few years but I use to be a regular all the time. Most of all in high school and my college days. That whole Watt/El Camino area was a prime hang out area for suburb kids back in the day.

  6. Ooh yeah double rainbow was right there too!

  7. I won't shut up about it, mainly because my friends and I are all equally outraged that we got here only to realize no one warned us and our doctors are only sometimes useful about it. Gen X - lets be the last generation that is surprised and unprepared for menopause!

  8. Get your cat fixed! She’ll be happier and healthier and there will be fewer euthanized kitties!

  9. Please get your cat a bigger litter box and preferably two. And clean them. Poor guy.

  10. That’s trumps huge tax cut for the rich coming for your money this year.

  11. Frozen herbs and frozen garlic and ginger

  12. Some people do and some don’t. Do it how you like it!

  13. They can tell you worked for TJs but said you didn’t on the application. Even if it is an accident - they can draw two conclusions: you’re dishonest or you lack attention to detail. Either way you won’t get hired. Now there’s probably a Do Not Hire flag in your file.

  14. I have! At least someone tried to buy it and didn’t have an ID on them so I couldnt sell it to them. We’ve had a lot of sting attempts recently by cops sending underage shoppers in. Im on high alert!

  15. But not a paid holiday - a bonus pay day.

  16. It was the 90s! Finished college, got a series of jobs that led me back to my hometown of San Francisco, did a fellowship at Harvard, then landed my dream job at a magazine. It was after the Cold War anded and before the War on Terror started. The music was incredible. I hadn't quite figured out how to be an adult with friends, though. I didn't start socializing with people I wasn't dating until I hit 30. Wish I'd started sooner.

  17. Shingles can cause chicken pox. Chicken pox is dangerous for adults.

  18. Shingles is chicken pox - same virus. But the second time around it attacks nerves. Not transmissible unless you put fluid from sores directly onto another person who has a) never had chicken pox ad/or b) never been vaccinated against chickenpox.

  19. Yes, transmittable, just like the comment mentioned - passed between spouses.

  20. You cannot contract shingles from someone who has shingles. You can contract chicken po from them, though.

  21. I've never dared to try it. In Nor Cal we have Casa Sanchez in a twin pack.

  22. Same, but I'm curious if anyone has done a taste test?

  23. I was 100% sure her name was Sharon.

  24. There’s something called weather pay?! We’ve been able to leave an hour or so early but also the mate let us know IF we wanted to finish out our shift they would stay, granted no one yet chooses to stay during inclement weather.

  25. Sounds like a way to avoid paying weather pay


  27. Evidently this was bigger news in Japan since she was sponsored by the founder of UNIQLO?

  28. As a good dog owner, this is infuriating. I even grouchily pick up other dogs' poops because I don't want it reflecting on all of us!

  29. I'm guessing its no customers and no CE. Headphones on, just jamming it out. Also, you're free during business hours to get your life stuff done. I like the 4am or 5m shifts because I have some of that and an hour or two CE max. CE wears me out faster than anything else, even though I sort of enjoy it.

  30. Oh I don't think any stores do, technically. It's just that some stores' management is less hardass about it. It's a workplace safety regulation.

  31. Yeah it’s a bit economic as well as habitual. Everything costs more which is limiting. For me a lot of friends moved during the pandemic. And frankly I don’t love being in tight quarters with a lot of people anymore. Still a pandemic going on, and I don’t want to get sick and miss work and feel even poorer.

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