1. Ugh he’s such a creepy fuck. And Jenelle looks terrified. She won’t even look him in the eye.

  2. I know!! ugh , she just loves getting obsessed with stuff and animals for a week and then she’s over it lmao

  3. like I love how she pushed the hotel manager off the railing but pls don’t take fez from us or his drugs ugh she’s a mess waiting to happen and I love her <4 #its just heroine (joke pls don’t do that)

  4. nate is just weird overall nobody would look his way if he wasn’t a “ hot” football player because without that look at him and his personality there is nothing there … no way is anybody talking to that creep especially the way he’s so obsessed w/ everybody and the way he talks

  5. I personally like tripping at night cuz it’s kinda like the entire world is turned off. It’s so peaceful and you know you’re not missing out on anything or should he doing something. Like during the day there’s a bunch of shit going on and if I’m tripping I’m like totally separated from it and that freaks me out.

  6. watching your favorite animation kids movie together and cuddling ,the lorax is my fav or the bee movie. another good idea is wait till it’s warm like summer time and go on a walk in the woods on a trail with some good music

  7. i’ve wanted these for so long but they’re so expensive

  8. the video itself is sending me though does anyone know which kuwtk season it's from?

  9. I just looked it up for u took forever but “ junk in the trunk” episode and it is season 2 episode 11 (:

  10. make a playlist of all my favorite songs to trip too and have a good comfort show ready to watch if I get scared

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