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  1. My partner couldn’t fit an iron into his bag. Am I able to post him one?

  2. Honestly not sure if you could, but you shouldn't stress, when I got there pretty much every room had an iron. I barely used the iron I brought anyway because I shared my room mates one. He should be right.

  3. Bring nothing; pineapples provided upon entry

  4. Aight, gonna need all the cc you used to make coke and fanta and the gallery link

  5. I've found the easiest way is to download the base game on Steam (Free) -

  6. Hey thanks for this, just tried it and its now downloading all of my dlc through the ea play launcher, is it just the mods, tray and saves folder i have to copy over?

  7. It’s quite the journey on the Deck (also unhide hidden folders). I installed by Steam and then logged in with Origin to claim the DLCs.

  8. Hey man me too, leaving next week so im doing my last campaign right now, goodluck bro!

  9. !etam kcul doog, keew siht fo dne akoopak rof dedaeh mi haey, wollef detacude na hha!

  10. Hey so not sure if this is the right place to ask but im wondering if jailbreaking my switch is worth it and what games I could play on it? I'm personally extremely disappointed and bored with the switch, my whole life ive wanted the perfect handheld console that would allow me to play my favourite console level games on the go, the PSP and PSVITA were childhood favourites that almost made this a reality, and the Steamdeck looks like my dream has finally arrived however im Australian meaning I won't be able to get one until the Steamdeck 2 is announced.

  11. I don’t know what the PRTC is, but it comes down to a few factors.

  12. The PTRC is kapooka for reserve recruits. I haven't meet anyone at my current parade location that has nominated September, hopefully that means its not full but its full enough to not be cancelled.

  13. Personally, I just did the PFA with the adf app every day for a month. If you keep at it by the end of the month you'll be fit enough to pass, I went from hitting 4.5 to level 8.5 after a month of doing it 5 days a week. Just remember if the army is something you really want thats all the motivation you need, think about proving yourself by smashing out the PFA, the best feeling ever for me was the first time I passed it, felt on top of the world. There were many times I didn't feel like training that day but I just had to remind myself it took only half an hour out of my day and you'll feel much better having done it that day instead of missing it. Goodluck bro.

  14. On your letter of offer it should say when they expect you to have your NV1. iirc for mine it was 2 years after signing on the dotted line

  15. Thats the problem, I was offered an enlistment date but they never sent me a letter of offer, no email, no hard copy, nothing. Im trying to get in contact with my enlistment coordinator but I've consistently had this issue when I call up the line they aren't available and its sent straight to the automated voice, last time I asked a case manager to leave them a message for me they never even replied.

  16. AGSVA is significantly backlogged and I've heard people waiting half a year for NV1

  17. Yeah I heard it was pretty busy at the moment, i don't hold it against them or anything I just want to get everything cleared up

  18. I got it but it was quite confusing, I emailed my enlistment coordinator asking the next steps and she told me to submit my clearance and referee form which i did, emailed back and thought everything is sorted, I emailed again after a week or so and asked my next step and no response since. Got another call from another staff and informed me I need to submit my form which I already sent off to my enlistment coordinator few days ago. Nevertheless submitted again to them. Just strange because after than when I called no response, Hopefully I can hear something next week.

  19. Yeah dfr can seem a but confusing sometimes, there's been multiple times during my application process that I do whatever is asked of me immediately then dont hear from anyone for a few weeks, then when I try to call up I have trouble getting through to someone, only for them to finally tell me it was approved weeks ago but someone forgot to push my allocation to the next stage. I'm gonna try and get my enlistment coordinators email next week by the sounds of it your having a much easier time communicating with yours through their email.

  20. DFR and the ECs have a bit of a communication gap so that can be why, the DFR call line is to get you to your You/assessment day sessions and after that it's pretty much exclusively the EC. Good luck friendo

  21. Oh really? That makes a lot of sense but makes it a bit odd too why I've never been given my enlistment coordinators email or even been directly contacted by him. Hopefully I can get his email this week then. Thanks mate!

  22. Its cool but itd be cooler if we still had the little dudes on the map fighting, even if we can't control them itd just be cool to see them atleast

  23. Did my PFA a few years ago now - they’re really not too worried about form. Just the number you get. I did one shit push-up during mine, so the raafie fella wanted me to do one more and I couldn’t for the life of me. Gave me the look and gave me the 15 I needed (thanks man). Passed sit-ups and beep test pretty easily. Have a half decent form and get what you need. I was shitting myself when I did mine as well. I had everything done apart from the PFA & it took me 3 attempts. You’ll do heaps of PT, and since you said you’re doing push-ups, I assume you’re joining Army. So they do heaps of that at pooky 😂😂.

  24. Hahahaha thanks man, im honestly so keen for kapooka so ill be sure to keep my fitness in check after the PFA. Thanks for the advice, ill just give it my best and be sure to reach the minimum.

  25. Is there any benefit to scoring higher?

  26. Well I was told by my interviewer to shoot for higher than the minimum because its a competitive roll, so that's why im nervous of just hitting the minimum alone.

  27. Chill man, this is by design that painting map doesn't end struggle. Your options now are spliting your realm for detente or status quo endinds

  28. Fair enough, I finally ended it by splitting my kingdom and taking over them again. I like that the dlc adds depth but whats with the hate against map painting? Sometimes i like painting the map my colour, its therapeutic.

  29. Hmm, that’s odd. Maybe select another option to get to a human voice and explain the problem?

  30. Yeah I'll give that a try and hopefully I'll get through this time, it is pretty odd though as I have called and spoken to my enlistment coordinator in the past but as of the last 2 weeks they just haven't been answering.

  31. Call up and ask. You should have an enlistment coordinator as a point of contact who you can ask - check your emails - the call centre can look it up too and put you through to them it’s their job to help with this question so don’t worry about making an enquiry. They’ll be able to tell you pretty quick where you’re at.

  32. Unfortunately I have called the centre a few times already, I just get an automated message when I select an option to talk to my enlistment coordinator, it tells me to call back later or leave a message, which I have but haven't had any luck of getting a response, I even sent my enlistment coordinator an email and haven't had a response for almost a week.

  33. It can really vary. It took 2 months for me to go from calling DFR to getting enlisted, but other people on my enlistment date had been in the system for 4-5 months.

  34. Hey sorry for the off topic question, I've been trying to ask this on the thread but the bot keeps taking my posts down, how long was your reserve recruitment process? I completed my blood test a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything since, im expecting to do the PFA next but haven't set a date or been called to set it as of yet. So far I've been in the process for almost 3 months is that normal?

  35. As far I im aware, you won't find an oceana breakthrough server, just conquest, tactical and strategic. I don't think we have the server population for such variety.

  36. Damn that sucks, oh well guess I'll just wait for the next battlefield

  37. This is why im so baffled by the switch from BFV customisation to BF2042 customisation. BFV let the weirdos who want to play as elites/specialists have that and it let the weirdos who want to create their own soldier mixing and matching outfits have their fun, like me, I won't lie I have spent more money than I would like to admit on the more historically accurate outfit packs in BFV to make my own soldier.

  38. I kind of meant fantasy as in classic fantasy like orcs, elves, dragons etc, except their all thrown into a historical type setting other than the dark ages. For example the industrial revolution, imagine a show that explores an alternate 1800s filled with magical races in different social classes, magic has gone underground, and we follow a sherlock Holmes type detective following the trail of Jack the ripper type murders only to discover a magic worshipping cult on a mission to destroy the modern world. Or my favourite, the age of exploration, with alternate European style nations setting out to explore and conquer the new world only to encounter mystical native peoples, horrific magical creatures, you know that kind of thing? There's some media that touches on these subjects but only fainlty, id love to see a whole netflix series dedicated to something like this or even better an rpg video game.

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