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  1. Damn, they photoshopped those knees so bad in the first pic. Plastic-looking barbie legs.

  2. I'm pretty sure nobody thinks Ranveer is not from a wealthy family. I'm sure he must be self-aware enough (?)

  3. As far as I remember, Stardust or some magazine from the early 2000s did a write up on Rakesh Roshan. Apparently he took a huge loss on his wealth in regards to his films that he acted in and made. I wouldn’t say struggle to pay rent wala middle class but yes compared to other child actors like ABjr and all. Thoda kam tha.

  4. I am SN and I have sexy curves how's that possible? :/

  5. Kareena seems to be more friendly and smitten with Katrina than Alia. She even wished to see her as her sister-in-law.

  6. Does anyone have the SS or the message she wrote for her?

  7. Only the rich areas get street trees 🌳

  8. I’ve never done this much research for my school projects 😰

  9. L’Oréal Paris rouge liquid lipstick has formula that feels like water on lips. Very comfortable imo

  10. Nykaa Matte crayons have amazing formulation and glides like butter.

  11. I'm short and feel like a romantic fridge with a slight waist. Is that possible ?

  12. Ask yourself this- do I feel like a sexy dainty fridge? Or a broad athletic fridge?

  13. But without the mini fridge where will I store my basement drinks? 🤔

  14. Disha’s styling right now is every high school going girl’s dream.

  15. He’s petty. Also made HR super uncomfortable on K3G sets.

  16. He was fixing his hair when AB Sr walked past him and said something snarky like instead Of concentrating on his acting he’s more bothered about his looks. Apparently he was miffed that HR was doing better than AB jr.

  17. Bro??? Wtf I thought they all liked each other. Oh my childhood 💔

  18. And he wonders why Bwood doesn't cater to pan indian audiences .

  19. Funny I was about to make this post. In parallel universe they are together.

  20. Hmm I see the blunt bones. The bones are damn blunt. Bones blunt. So blunt. Definitely N family. /s

  21. Bhai mai second time watch hi nahi kar paayi itna zyada cringe hua

  22. Complain to them on LinkedIn. They are very image conscious there.

  23. I finally went ahead and bought a tangle teezer brush, let's see what the hype is about

  24. Varun grover chahie tha fir to lyrics ko

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