Last photograph of the last run of Ladder 118 as it crosses the Brooklyn Bridge... none of the firefighters would survive

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  1. This was exactly my reaction, but my derm warned me about it and reassured me my skin would get used to it. After a few days, it did.

  2. Former professor currently transitioning into clinical mental health counseling here. I think you've gotten solid advice so far.

  3. Have you talked to your doctor about this? Your hands turning purple is troubling. You may have raynauds. You may also have a thyroid condition. Great advice here about layering, but maybe ask your doctor too!

  4. Checking in with a doctor was my first reaction, too. I'd also describe myself as "running cold," but I've never experienced the symptoms that OP describes.

  5. I'm with you here. This would never fly at any of the institutions I've taught.

  6. You mentioned supervision--are you getting a degree in clinical counseling? And are you currently practicing at all, like via practicum/internship?

  7. 35F. Just to encourage others--No. I think I look the same or better than ever. I credit

  8. hi! i know this is an old post but did you figure anything out? i’m just sat 2 but i’m bleeding fairly significantly (think open wound) but initially straight up had clots like a normal period. i’m frustrated. lol

  9. Hi! I got better and nothing ever came of the "infection" (if I even was infected, which I probably wasn't.) I think the bleeding was normal and my clinician overreacted. I won't be going back to them.

  10. I honestly don't believe you need any urgent clinical care. But if the bleeding continues past the usual duration of your period, do get a consult.

  11. All vaccinations including the latest booster. Even better, my wife is immuno-compromised and we’re together 24/7 and she didn’t get it. Crazy disease.

  12. Thank you for your data point. Although they don't seem to want to listen, people need to hear these stories. The pandemic is not "over."

  13. 35F. I got the booster Friday 9/9 at a CVS. The last booster I had was Moderna in Nov 2021. Two-dose Pfizer vax before that. Omicron infection Jan 2022.

  14. Could be remnants of omicron. Just keep a log on how you feel. Glad you still got a shot after your infection.

  15. Wouldn't miss it! I know people who have had Omicron 2 and 3 times over the past 9 months. I'm not signing myself up for that.

  16. Just a full heads up - it's heavy. This was on another level. They don't hold back, it's done really respectfully, but there's also just a layer of... surreal? It's hard to say. Not only is there a 'gift shop' of sorts, but it's also in the heart of the city. So you literally go from one of the most consumer heavy locations in the world, to just being swallowed literally into the caverns of a museum that's a total time capsule of something that happened in my life.

  17. This description reminds me of visiting the Peace Dome in Hiroshima. Totally vibrant city, then bam--the dome and the museum. I remember some particularly harrowing parts of the exhibit, like a concrete stoop where the shadow of a person had been burnt into it when they were vaporized and a life-sized diorama with wax figures of people with their skin hanging off.

  18. Due to the despicably low pay in helping professions and the absurd cost of entry to careers/obligatory grad school, I've been carrying around $30k of debt for the past 11 years that I've had no means to put a dent in. Knocking out even a third of that would be meaningful to me.

  19. I have no idea what makes Streisand so attractive, but I could look at her all day! She has this sensual lushness that seems half personality, half looks.

  20. I find that even sites that appear to allow you to filter by fabric aren't effective.

  21. Hey! Bit late to the post but really need your advice D: I have an order from Cider and some of the items were a bit small and I want to return them but I’m a bit scared if I do so, the refund might take forever and I might not even get it back. Although it’s my first time shopping from them (so returns will be free) and the items are perfectly fine.

  22. Hello! I don't recall it taking too long to get the money back? I might not have gotten the shipping refunded, but it sounds like that's not your situation. They took everything back no problem.

  23. i made the mistake and ordered from cider because i was obsessed with a dress i saw and after that looked at reviews online.. was the return expensive? i am super bummed cause i liked thoss dresses a lot and they were more expensive than shein so i thought it was gonna be better quality. im so dumb bruh. the dresses havent arrived yet but i suspect the quality wont be good..

  24. I don't remember how much I had to pay, maybe just shipping? I don't think it was overly expensive.

  25. I'm starting to wonder if misunderstanding around Salinger comes down to identity. I think the Salinger universe of characters consistently speak from a white, educated, upper-middle class, traumatized, neurotic POV--and if readers can't relate to those conditions, there might be a gap in relating.

  26. How long do borrowers have to claim this forgiveness? What if a household is currently above the income threshold, but the financial situation changes?

  27. I just finished this book and went looking for someone who felt as devastated as I do. It's been a long time (like you, maybe since Harry Potter days!) that I've felt so sad for a character.

  28. I'm so inspired by this! It seems like you have some networking contacts that helped--but when I get back into the classroom, I want to try something like this.

  29. I have nothing productive to add other than thank you for keeping it!

  30. Currently doing an MA to become a therapist and one of my professors was lamenting how our program doesn't do enough to train us on suicide. I might send this video around.

  31. My response: "Oh, yeah? And how are you feeling about the work you did?"

  32. This is a very lovely way to look at it. I often fear that I am becoming jaded as time goes by and sentiments like this help. Thank you for sharing!

  33. It's hard! I'm saying this from my "break" from higher ed while I get an MA in clinical mental health counseling, so it's easier for me to say.

  34. Agnostic prof here who used to work at an Evangelical Christian college because $$$

  35. This would have seemed terribly invasive as an undergrad and I would have been very self conscious about my writing. I couldn't imagine a reviewer now having access to the entire edit history of a paper and all the placeholder text and comments to myself in the process of preparing an article.

  36. I've actually done this for 5 years with never a complaint.

  37. That makes sense. It sounds like navigating normative writing expectations in academia has been harrowing for you. I'm sorry academia wasn't more welcoming and supportive.

  38. Mild case gave me tinnitus in one ear, caught 4th December and it was still there this morning, it does go away sometimes so still hoping one day it'll get better!

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