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  1. Arrested for handling salmon in suspicious circumstances.

  2. You are on the subreddit for the game. What do you think we will say? P. S. Don’t buy H3VR it has replaced my life with meaty destruction send help

  3. I forgot the name of it, but the mission where you go back to Valentine to rob the bank.

  4. I like the E60, not because it’s good with Amtrak, but the Black Mesa and Lake Powell railroad used to use them and I spent a lot of time near Page and Lake Powell

  5. No, because that's a big ass tripod mounted thing. Let's get the M18 recoilless rifle, which is smaller at 57mm, but also handheld and thus actually fitting for this game.

  6. I named myself after one of my cats, He’s a black cat and his name is Bruce Wayne. Kind of more of a joke than anything

  7. Well that's disappointing. I can't even imagine my fav peanut butter ones.

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