I will always be furious on behalf of “ugly” women.

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  1. You're not the only one making that choice. Piv is not the only option for sex, but abstaining is absolutely valid and the best prevention of any unplanned "happy accidents".

  2. Isn’t that what I keep seeing these men saying, “if she didn’t wanna get pregnant, she should’ve kept her legs closed.”? Fine. Let’s keep our legs closed and see how they like that! Problems solved.

  3. Yes, let me run out and divorce my husband who is 100% on my team for this. Lol Reddit is wild.

  4. why should go through the more complex procedure. if he wants to nut in you make him get a damn vasectomy, it's literally a 15 minute procedure.

  5. Because it’s my choice? If anything were to happen and we ended up not together at some point, I would still be protected? I mean, this seems pretty cut and dry to me. Not sure why you’re so adamant about this. If that’s what you want for you and your partner, go get it! Once again, my choice.

  6. My Gran already said that: ugly women know things about the world other people don't. I am relieved by now to be invisible until I speak up and make people notice me - it's so much nicer to move through the world unbothered. But there was a lot of suffering and anger involved to come to terms with it.

  7. I was once an attractive woman, and even though sometimes I enjoyed the perks of that, I also remember there were lots of times the unwanted attention felt scary and dangerous. I’ve put on a quite a few pounds now that I’m nearing 40, and people don’t seem to find me attractive anymore…which sounds sad, but I’ve come to somewhat enjoy it. Men don’t approach me, offer unwanted advice or invitations, they simply don’t seem to notice me anymore. It is more comfortable for me to just exist in a space, unnoticed.

  8. What's super annoying to me, as a Christian, are the "Christians" who follow falsehoods. One of the main ones is to hate LGBTQ+ because they're an "abomination". When Jesus clearly loves EVERYONE, and commanded us to love everyone. They focus on what they think is sin, and seem to forget that they're a sinner, too, and nobody is better than anyone else.

  9. Do not share the videos, that is revenge porn and could get you in trouble. What she is doing is sexual harassment though, and I think you should keep all the messages, and take it to the police. Show them the message where you clearly asked her to stop, and show that she continued to send them. Do not delete anything, you’ll need all the messages/emails/videos as evidence.

  10. There is 1 (ONE!) Pokestop within 10 miles of me. And even in the nearest towns, the number of stops and gyms are super limited and very far apart, so walking (as the game was intended, I know) is pretty much a crapshoot. I live in a super rural area. I relied on remote raid passes to have access to certain cool Pokémon that I otherwise will never be able to get…but fuck me, right? And with this inflation, I can’t afford to spend much on raid passes or anything else for that matter.

  11. I had never seen the original and I LOVED the new one. Tried to watch the original a couple days later and thought it was awful. Also, I am not a fan of Tom Cruise. The new one rocked though

  12. Mom likely had a single comb since it's looking like your roo is developing a buttercup comb. So my guess would be one of your girls who doesn't have a peacomb or v-comb, which may rule out your easter eggers and polish.

  13. Omg I think you’re on to something! I think I have a legbar that was sold as an EE at Tractor Supply. That would explain his coloring, but doesn’t explain how he came out of a pale cream colored egg

  14. Hm, if you're certain it was a cream colored egg it could have been a light buff orpington egg. The only difference between brown and white eggs is the bloom, which can sometimes vary in thickness or thin as a bird ages and cause eggs to look lighter in color. We say the "printer ran out of ink" when that happens haha. Games of course also have more cream colored eggs and single combs, and I see you mentioned you have one. Know what color she is? Crele is a barred pattern.

  15. Definitely a cream colored egg, I hatched them in my incubator. Maybe it did come from my buff orphington. She’s older

  16. My friend and I got several goldfish when we were teenagers and named every one of them Kyle. I like your style

  17. I'm not saying it is for sure in your situation, but my youngest does this, and it's definitely a dominance thing. I've had to have a trainer come out to work with us, because there's other things going on like guarding, growling and the occasional fighting. I'm just saying watch for other little signs and nip it in the bud if you notice anything

  18. Luckily we haven’t had any of the other behaviors. They get along really well. If anything, she’s the one to nip at him when she’s grumpy! Hopefully you can find a solution for your babies!

  19. I have no idea. But it definitely wasn’t a dominance thing for ours that were litter mates. He would do this all the time, or sit on her. And she was 1000% the dominant one. Even when we were living with other dogs; she was dominant over all of them. And he could not care less, the goofball. But she let him get away with this constantly, and let him sit on her (like if your boy just decided to plant his butt on her where he’s standing in this photo). No clue.

  20. I’d definitely say she’s the dominant one in our house as well. He’s such a weirdo.

  21. So, do you just sneak them under the broody hen at night? Does she protect them from the other hens? I have 2 broody hens and want to get them a few babies but I’m afraid the other hens will not be so nice.

  22. I love them both BUT I’ve never seen a dress like the first one and though I’d never wear it, it looks freaking awesome on you!!!!

  23. If you’re afraid of the pecking, just gently grab her head with one hand and retrieve the eggs out from under her with the other. That’s what I do. They come out to eat and drink, just probably not when you’re around

  24. i have a camera on her and she definitely hasn’t come out :((((((

  25. Ah, goodness! Well, I’m with the other commenters, just haul her little ass outta there. I’ve got one that pecks me but it honestly doesn’t hurt.

  26. Genuinely curious, how would anyone know if you had 3? I mean they already hear the crowing from the other 2, so how would they know there's a third?

  27. It’s not because of that…I live out in the country on several acres so nobody cares if I have roosters, it’s just that my coop only has 20 hens and I don’t want to overtax them with eager roosters, if you know what I mean. The recommended ratio of roosters to hens is 1:10 and I’d like to keep that!

  28. I have mild UC and can pretty much eat what I want. Only had one flare so far. I am a lucky one who (so far, knock on wood) lives very normally.

  29. I can’t believe no one has mentioned Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I read that book and watched the movie and still don’t know what the hell was going on

  30. Idk if this helps or not…but my bf and I were together having unprotected sex for 5 years before I finally got pregnant. I started taking Ashwagandha a few months before we conceived, and I’m CONVINCED it’s what did it. It might not hurt to just google it and do your own research. It’s completely natural, not expensive, and worth a shot? Also made my periods much easier and anxiety a lot less harsh.

  31. I’ve actually gotten ashwagandha, I just gotta remember to take it regularly

  32. I’m 35, have pcos, and haven’t used protection in at least 3 years, but got pregnant in November without any help from doctors. Hubby and I tried on an off for those years and it became increasingly frustrating when my periods weren’t regular. We kind of stopped actively trying for a while and just ignored the idea of wanting to get pregnant. From June to October I was exercising regularly and lost about 30 pounds. My periods started to come more frequently and then I magically became pregnant. Take my story for what it is, but I’m convinced that me losing that weight and being healthier was the reason I got pregnant. I don’t know your story, but living a healthier lifestyle is my advice.

  33. Thank you. I do have an appointment in a couple weeks with my doctor. I was in pretty good shape when we first got married, but have gained a few pounds. And though I do have a history of PCOS, my periods have regulated in the past 3-4 years. We haven’t really actively tried to get pregnant but I do track my cycles and we’ve definitely gotten busy plenty of times when I should have been ovulating so…idk. Hopefully it works itself out!

  34. I’m a dental hygienist, and while I do everything I can…I’m sick A LOT

  35. Def my concern. Some of the patients I see, Covid and Flu are small fry infections. Clostridium spores just have their way of spreading and lingering 👀. Then there’s the super bugs that my rehab patients just bring with them. Sometimes we know and sometimes toes fall off 🤣. Might be time to retire at 34. If the MD doesn’t kill me with meds it’s gonna be a nosocomial death by my nasty patients 😆

  36. I work in a correctional facility, so yeah…I feel ya. There are definitely scarier things to me than covid lol

  37. I think the right matches the style of the ring better. Beautiful ring!!!

  38. She calls me 10 times a day already. If I call her we won’t have anything else to talk about.

  39. You should check to see if there are any dental schools nearby. Even if they could only do a portion of your treatment plan, it could save you a ton of money and you’d be receiving top-notch care. Yes, it will be a student but they are closely monitored by licensed dentists, and dental schools typically have very modern equipment on which to teach their students.

  40. Trust those gut feelings. He hasn’t forgotten the entire text exchange that led to him answering “sure.” It may have been something completely innocent, but him lying about it makes it seem really bad. I would stand my ground and not proceed with any wedding planning until he can figure out what they were talking about.

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