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  1. How come when I shoot someone a lot and they shoot me once I die first?

  2. The fact that he’s using the words “advantage” and “winning” to describe his religion should tell you everything about his religion.

  3. It’d be cool if you could get mods like how you get exotic armor from lost sectors. I would def grind some lost sectors if I knew a certain mod was available that day.

  4. respectfully, absolutely not. mods should be sold like fragments at the very least.

  5. I getcha. It wouldn’t be a perfect solution, but at least I could see when they’re available. If mods were sold like fragments, people would acquire the entire collection in one day. It would be nice, but I don’t think Bungie wants that to happen.

  6. Why does Assparino look like a Denzel mini me? 😂

  7. Republicans are always ready to have conversations about porn and abortion, but it’s never a good time to bring up the gun debate.

  8. celeb simps at the end thinking they're homies with Tom Hanks

  9. Nah that armor is ugly. Really thrilled I never have to wear it again, actually.

  10. I had no idea transmog existed, Ive just been doing Ada bounties for the last year without ever asking questions or wondering what the heck Synthweave was. Surely we didnt go on a mission to fetch her 3d Printer at the beginning of S14.

  11. That dude obviously does not know how to handle a gun preoperly

  12. Next he’s gonna say he barely knows who she is. Maybe heard her name mentioned once or twice.

  13. I wish their was some indicator for the hammer, sometimes it seems to just disappear lmao

  14. FFS can you guys please stop saying “Title.” It doesn’t add anything, and it definitely doesn’t make you sound cool.

  15. Anyone know if wearing the Eris armor affects your chances of getting opulent keys?

  16. Considering it says literally nothing about it, as such there is no reason to think there is a connection, ergo the answer is a definite no.

  17. Righteo, didn't know if there was some hidden thing that Bungie didn't mention.

  18. Spoiler Alert: No matter what is said or changed, retail will get fucked more than ever. Whether its by design or the big boys exploiting the new rules without worry of punishment

  19. No. Do not be left holding the bag. You sell when you want to sell. Downvote me.

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